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An awesome illustration of me, from my boy Travis Borrman, aka @travyshreds, for my birthday today. Thanks bud! Just another year floating by... glad I got my beard to keep me above the waves.
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100% yup!
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The real story behind Beauty and the Beast was actually quite simple...
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Science + Math = Indisputable Facts
Ladies be like...
Be exceptional!
As the famous Bryanuhil Nelrix puts it, Facial Hair is Forever. Give your special person what they really want... a beard.
It's national beard love day. Show the beard in your life some lovin.
MRW a buddy asks me why I still have a beard after I borrowed his trimmer. LOL
Relationship goals
I'm dying! This might happen to you if you wear one of our "Born to Beard" shirts. You can find them at . Love my Incredibeardos!
The definition of a win-win situation.
Me after using beard oil! that beard oil yo!!!!
Yosemite Sam understood!
Now THAT'S one smokin beard! Eh... eh... see what I did there? Will post other behind-the-scenes videos later on what we used for the smoke effect.
Now THAT's one smokin beard! Eh? Eh? See what I did there? Soon we'll post some behind-the-scene videos on how we go the beard smokin without vape or actual smoke.
Happy Monbeardday Everyone! This week we created a sea captain's Pipe Beard. Yes, it is functional. No, I don't smoke or vape. Yes, I will post a video on how we made it smoke without any negative effects. :) If you didn't get the chance, you can watch our last live video on how we made this design. Stay tuned for the video we post.
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