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#ThrowbackThursday to having skate sessions in class!
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The best selling mobile phone of all time was the Nokia 1100, made in Finland and selling a staggering 250 million units. This also makes the phone the top selling electrical gadget in history, slightly ahead of the PlayStation 2.
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WIN tech worth up to R40 000! Just because you can’t spoil yourself this January, doesn’t mean we can’t. All you have to do is comment below with your Incredible wish list and you stand a chance to walk away with it. Competition closes 5 February. T&Cs Apply. Find your items here - [ Link ]
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Take to the skies! Get one of these - [ Link ]
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Those were the days…
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We're thinking of a film. Which one is it?
What is the term "Wi-Fi" short for?

A. Wireless Fidelity
B. Wireless Finder
C. Wireless Frequency Intelligence
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Can you find them all?
Keep it cool. Tell us what you see!
Oh, how times have changed…
Solve the tech-puzzle and tell us what you see…
Curved or Flat?
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Do you know what this tech-item does?
How do you like them Apples?
Can you solve the puzzle? Tell us what you see!
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We have a film in mind. Solve the riddle!