Guarding our planet at all costs. #NationalSpaceDay
Guarding our planet at all costs NationalSpaceDay
Reda Strickland
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Kendricko Branch
The only thing more American than blowing up aliens on the 4th of July? #ElectionDay #Vote
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Director Roland Emmerich and VFX Supervisor Volker Engel talk the magic of Brent Spiner's Dr. Okun. [ Link ]
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How do you follow up a sci-fi classic like Independence Day? Roland Emmerich & VFX Supervisor Volker Engel weigh in. [ Link ]
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You had questions, they have answers. Watch Director Roland Emmerich and VFX Supervisor Volker Engel in the first of a 3-part exclusive Q&A. [ Link ]
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Explore the cost of war on mankind's greatest hero in this exclusive clip from Independence Day: Resurgence Blu-ray special features. [ Link ]
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Fill in the gaps of the last 20 years with Independence Day: Resurgence Blu-ray special features ... like this! [ Link ]
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Trick or treat, alien style. #HappyHalloween from Independence Day: Resurgence [ Link ]
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Dr. Okun-ese for "How YOOOUUU doin?" [ Link ]
Αντώνης Κούλης
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We've learned: Always attack them from behind. Independence Day: Resurgence is available on Blu-ray at [ Link ]
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They've had this ass-kicking coming for 20 years. [ Link ]
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20 years since the War of '96 and it's a whole new ballgame. #WorldSeries
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Luke Malone
Own Independence Day: Resurgence on Blu-ray with a (Limited Edition) 48-Page Ultimate Guide Book now at Target

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That does it for #GoldblumWeek. If you, too, are a Jeff, we salute you.
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The world has only now finally caught up to him. #GoldblumWeek
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Has Jeff Goldblum ever been wrong about anything? (Sit down, Geena). #GoldblumWeek [ Link ]
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No judging if you play this on a loop. #GoldblumWeek
[ Link ]
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It's got a beat you can dance to. #GoldblumWeek
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Happy birthday to you, Jeff Goldblum! #GoldblumWeek
Happy birthday to you Jeff Goldblum GoldblumWeek
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Did you know Jeff Goldblum’s son was born on July 4? Find out more about the original cast now!
Did you know Jeff Goldblums son was born on July 4 Find

See What the 'Independence Day' Cast Looks Like 20 Years Later!
Joe Turner
David Meyers
Andrew James Bleidner