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Rare Philippine mouse deer is first one born in the UK
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A traffic cam in caught this shot of a snowy owl in flight
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Alec Baldwin impersonates Donald Trump on SNL
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Halfway through talking to two of Nintendo’s most high-powered executives, one of them pulls a playing card from his pocket. It’s a strangely low-tech demonstration – especially given that they are here to talk about the Nintendo Switch, perhaps the company’s most important console ever made.

Nintendo is about to launch the riskiest console ever made. Here's how it happened
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India has been Polio-free for six years. Meet the people fighting to keep it that way
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Adorable penguin chicks pampered at London Zoo
Sean Spicer repeatedly gets Australian Prime Minister's name wrong
Donald J. Trump fits in scarily well to Game of Thrones
14-year-old Kyra Poh is the world's fastest indoor skydiver
Wedding proposal goes horribly wrong
Donald Trump's Mexico wall: At what cost, and how long?
Shia LaBeouf arrested live on camera at anti-Trump installation
Inside the world's first underwater art museum