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India Against Corruption
1 hours 19 minutes ago. Facebook
A family of 4 from Mumbai have declared Rs 2 Lakh Crores under the Income Declaration Scheme. The family consisting of Abdul Razzaque Mohammed Sayed (self), Mohammed Aarif Abdul Razzaque Sayed (son), Shrimati Rukhsana Abdul Razzaque Sayed (wife) and Noorjahan Mohammed Sayed (sister) from Mumbai, fil...

FLASH NEWS! Family from Mumbai Declares 2 Lakh Crores....Read The Inside Story!

Looks like those people who called themselves the most tolerant, formed a Mahaghat-Bandhan and gave a call to unite all anti BJP parties are now unable to tolerate their own people. Mamata Banerjee who had called all Anti BJP parties to unite and form a 3rd front to attack Modi has now started targe...

Nitish Kumar Thrashes Mamata Banerjee with a 'Royal Punch Line' for Mocking Him!

Smriti Irani thrashes Rajdeep for 'stalking' her!!
For all those who said our previous post on a businessman declaring more than 13,000 crores cash was fake!!
A case of misplaced priorities?
Ingenious method to launder unaccounted money? #Demonetisation
NCP meeting in Mumbai :D
This is from Rahul Gandhi's verified Twitter handle after it was hacked! It can happen to you, secure your social media accounts now!
Govts come and go. Its the bureaucrats who are in power always. So, who will bell these Babus?

Is Bureaucracy Proving to be the Biggest Hurdle in India's Development...The Inside Story!

Pakistan's state broadcaster PTV quotes NDTV video to further its anti-India propaganda. Well played NDTV!

Tweet link: [ Twitter.com Link ]
The engineer, despite his initial panic, said he did manage to find a way to launder his savings. What was it? He won’t say

Corrupt UP babu rattled by currency ban

Another surgical strike required? What do you think?

When Will India Put an End To Proxy War of Pakistan ??