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Looking inward to re-calibrate personal ambitions is an inevitable part of the holiday season. This election served to remind us that what happens in Washington can and will have a bearing on all Americans. It is incumbent on each citizen to be ever vigilant about the new changes.

What Can You Do Outside of “You?” – India Currents

Raj Panjabi, doctor and founder of Last Mile Health, wins $1 million reward.

The 2017 TED Prize Winner Is Raj Panjabi

India Currents Magazine
12/05/2016 at 19:19. Facebook
RIP Amma Jayaram Jayalalitha. 68 year old Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu dies.
India Currents Magazine
12/03/2016 at 02:04. Facebook
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12/02/2016 at 15:05. Facebook
Meet the Indian gurus behind the brands challenging some of the planet’s biggest companies.

These Yogis Are Giving Global Brands a Run for Their Money

India Currents Magazine
11/30/2016 at 21:20. Facebook
India Currents Magazine
11/30/2016 at 06:33. Facebook
"I am pleased to nominate (Dr) Seema Verma to serve as Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services," Trump said in a statement.

Donald Trump nominates Seema Verma to head Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services - Times of India

E Pluribus Unum: Meera Prahlad authored and shared this poem in the San Jose City Council when accepting a Proclamation on behalf of the community, in her role as Indiaspora’s Diwali Stamp Ambassador. The poem is a universal message of unity and brotherhood, and a hope for world peace.

An Ode to Peace – India Currents.

For all its inconvenience, it is hard not to applaud a policy that will strangle the ugly head of corruption, and set the country on a path towards greater transparency. Irrespective of political affiliation and inconvenience, for every honest Indian, this is a time to stand and applaud.

Hail to the Chief! – India Currents

Indian food and wine, is like a Hindu Muslim wedding—complex and very often, it is not a match made in heaven. The complexity of Indian spices and pungency clashes with every wine bouquet and aroma.

Draksha Rasa – Grape Essence: The Art of Wine Pairing With Indian Food – India Currents

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Right on time for the holidays, a recipe for savory stuffed pumpkin. Delicious and nourishing, the baked stuffed pumpkin looks very festive!

Savory Stuffed Pumpkin With Tamarind Rice – India Currents

The elections are over. Where do we go from here? Let's consider the challenges ahead for the nation.

Campaign Rhetoric Revisited – India Currents

"It's interesting that on the same day Donald Trump was elected as president of the US, I as a hijabi Muslim young woman was also elected to serve in a public office. I think that speaks volumes about the diversity of American opinion, and that American dream is still well and alive."

23-year-old Indian-origin woman wins local election in US - Times of India

One of the reasons that Donald Trump won the election was because of his use of technology. He mastered social media and the ability to spread misinformation. Before, we had government propaganda; now we have social media. Vivek Wadhwa's new Washington Post column explains why this is just the beginning of the disruptions that will happen and how the tech industry is pleading ignorance while...
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Fake news is just the beginning

Looking for something to read? Here's a list of 12 books by Indian authors we think you shouldn't miss.

12 Books By Indian Authors You Need To Read Now