SU-30 MKI in tri-colour
Well, the new craze has caught up with us too!

This is how we do it..Gotta shoot em' all !
कुछ तो बात है मेरे देश कि मिट्टी मे गालीब...
सरहद कूद के आते है
आतंकी यहाँ दफन होने के लिए
Late Col.M.N.Rai's daughter saluting men of 19 RR and SoG for eliminating Burhan Wani who was involved in her father's death.
The relative performance characteristics of the LCA versus the Lockheed-Martin F-16A/B aircraft operated as the premier frontline fighter by the Pakistani Air Force. This analysis is based on computationally evaluated performance characteristics models developed by the author of the blog. The aerody...

PAF F-16 pilots are advised to stay away from the LCA in the horizontal plane at high Mach numbers

The IN Harriers will fly one last time at Dabolim tomorrow before being retired for good.
Truly the end of an era - The Harriers and the Virat
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Seems that just like their pilot buddies they too started mastering the art of flying.. :D
RIP Major Amit Deswal (21 Para SF) who was martyred yesterday in an encounter with Zeliangrong United Front (ZUF) militants in Manipur .
Initially he belonged to the ultra covert 'Special Group' ,who are drawn from the best of Special Forces and whose actions are always classified and even their existence is not acknowledged .
Helicopter Lives Matter !
-#PETAH -People for Ethical Treatment of Attack Helicopters.

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12 Indian Air Force (IAF) aircraft, including the Russian origin Sukhoi-30MKI (Su-30MKI),are enroute Alaska to take part in the prestigious Red Flag air exercise that will see them in action alongside the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) forces during the war games.

Time to show the Metal and Mettle of Indian Air Force!
Lets see how many of you can identify this fighter :-)