Indian Ocean
01/18/2017 at 16:00. Facebook
looking forward to Taalbelia festival 28th January 2017 for a very special set featuring legends Pt. Vishwanmohan Bhatt and George Brooks. See you there!
Indian ocean live at Presidency University Kolkata 200 years of heritage. Some amazing people have walked these halls over the decades. The crowd looks beautiful let's do this !
We are excited to play a special set at Taalbelia festival, 28th January featuring the legendary Pandit Vishwanmohan Bhatt and George Brooks
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Each year I've been the kind who has new year resolutions which are generally lots and lots of expectations from yourself, from the world to change, to be better, to work harder, to do more. 2016 has been a roller coaster ride that made me realize that nothing comes easy and you just dont know whats coming your way. #2017 for me is about ACCEPTANCE. Liking yourself for who you are NOW at this...
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January 28th ! Taalbelia Mandawa Rajasthan !
Today is a day of great significance for our band. Every year, this day proves our strength and passion together as a team, a family of friends who have soared through momentous experiences in life together.
We celebrate our laughters and commemorate our tears. We wish a joyous birthday to our friend and bandmate Amit Kilam while also offering deep condolences to the loss of our brother,...
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Here's saying bye bye 2016 we are off till the new year's
We had an amazing time at Palava - City of Opportunity #Tarang2016 #LiveAtTarang #Palava alongside Swarathma Niladri Kumar
What a beautiful setting and an amazing festival. Surpassed all our expectations !
We are headed to Sula Vineyards for SulaFest '17 follow the page for all the updates !


Sula Vineyards
Up Next Tarang 2016 Palava - City of Opportunity 18th December 2016. got your tickets yet?

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Tarang 2016

#mumbai #bombay we are back on the 18th to play at Palava - City of Opportunity Palava Tarang follow the page for details

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Waiting room at the Kanpur railway station!! 1000 shows or not, some things remain the same... Musicians spend hours waiting for Godot!
And that is number 1000. We would love to thank everyone that has been part of this wonderful journey. Ashim.. Susmit... Himanshu .. Tuheen and Nikhil. Thank you Gyan singh and Sudhir for filling in when the band was going through a difficult period.

Dhruv, without you we would not have reached this number so soon.
Anurag, without you we would not have reached this number in one...
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After a brilliant concert last night at The Lil Flea we are headed to IIT Kanpur to play at the 51st Inter IIT Sports meet.

Today's Show will be our 1000th Concert, it's a happy coincidence that we are playing at Rahul Ram's alma mater !
Great Line up, Fun vibe, The Lil Flea is back this weekend at BKC ! new venue, so see post below for details. We are playing tomorrow i.e. the 11th of December at 8.30 pm. Come say hi.
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Know what bands are performing at The Lil Flea
Write your best verse and watch us play it live on stage at Tarang 2016 Palava - City of Opportunity on 18th December 2016

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