Indian aviation industry is ready for take-off. In his article Amber Dubey explains how the Indian aviation sector could grow manifold if the National Civil Aviation Policy (NCAP 2016) is implemented in letter and spirit. #ISBinsight

Indian Aviation Industry in 2016: Ready for Takeoff - ISBInsight
Professor Kavil Ramachandran talks passionately of the excitement, the challenges and the phenomenal growth of the Thomas Schmidheiny Centre for Family Enterprise. In a stimulating chat he shares his journey at ISB, as its first faculty. #ISBat15
Indian Family Businesses form the ‘backbone’ of the Indian economy and the controlling family’s shared beliefs, practices, policies, philosophies and doctrines are crucial family inputs that shape the ‘familiness’ of the firm. #ISBinsight
Safety trust! Our Operations team organises regular safety drills on campus to prepare for any eventualities
As part of the "Go Green" initiative, ISB Community participates in nurturing an Organic Garden on campus.
Holi celebrations in ISB signature style at both campuses #Holi2017
Rarely do policy makers venture into the measurement and assessment of outputs, surely a critical exercise to understand the effectiveness of government programmes and policies. #ISBinsight [ Link ]

Impact Assessment: Data Analysis for Better Decision Making - ISBInsight
What do men at ISB think of women? #IWD2017 #BeBoldForChange
Starting a bubble tea venture taught Zahabiya Khorakiwala Nabee, some invaluable lessons that prepared her to take charge and be at the helm of a complex business with annual revenues of over INR 5 billion today. Currently MD of the Wockhardt Hospitals, this ISB alumnus believes in developing her perspective of things and has a clear vision of the impact she wants her business to have on...
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Women at ISB. #IWD2017 #BeBoldForChange
A risk taker and firm believer in her passion is what describes ISB alumnus Varsha Bhawnani. Quitting a corporate job, she chose to become a fashion designer and despite challenges, is currently focussing on consolidating her business. ‘Work at a pace you can sustain and don’t lose out on family and friends as that’s what gives you energy’, she says. Read her story here [ Link ]...
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'Have clarity about your expectations and look at a career as a marathon with intervals of high intervals and rest', says Simrana Khara on how she managed her exciting and fast-track ride to the top. This ISB alumnus is Senior VP of Product & Revenue Strategy Hindi GE, the youngest ever at Star India. Read on to know more about her [ Link ] #ISBalumnisuccess #BeBoldForChange #womensday2017
'Trust life to hold your hand because when the worst we fear actually happens, we realise living it was better than fearing it', says Shikha Bagai, ISB alumnus and CFO Aditya Birla Health Insurance. This calm & tenacious CFO has always focused on the bigger picture, capacity building, the goals of the organisation and the role she could play in achieving them. Read her interesting story here....
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Ruchi Kalra enjoys pushing boundaries and testing limits. 'Believe in yourself and think beyond what people tell you', she says. An Ex-Mckinsey partner turned entrepreneur Ruchi is passionate about her new venture OfBusiness, envisioning that it will become the largest network for SME’s in India. Read what makes her going here. [ Link ] #ISBalumnisuccess #womensday2017
Women at ISB. #WorkatISB #BeBoldForChange #IWD2017
On #IWD2017, we are organising a free health check up camp for our women support staff. #BeBoldForChange
From an investment banker to a full time novelist ISB alumnus Reshma Krishnan Barshikar has always relied upon her independent personality to traverse her own path to success and self fulfilment. Know more about her interesting journey here [ Link ] #ISBalumnisuccess #womensday2017
An accomplished IT professional Meher Afroz, Chief of Staff, SES IT at Microsoft and ISB alumnus is deeply committed to giving back to society and has been a champion of diversity and inclusion. She has launched and implemented several initiatives to encourage women to join the technology sector. Know more about her efforts here [ Link ] #ISBalumnisuccess #womensday2017
'The route to success is making the right choices and quitting paths that don’t take you to where you want to be' is how Ester Martinez, ISB alumnus, describes her journey from being a HR manager in Spain to CEO & Editor-in-Chief at People Matters, a HR focused magazine. Read what’s next on her agenda here. [ Link ] #ISBalumnisuccess #womensday2017
Ayeleen Ajanee Saleh has founded Amar Dhaka in Bangladesh, whose mission is to revive public spaces through art, to create a vibrant and responsible community. An ISB alumnus, Ayleen’s every decision has been driven by a need to get out of her comfort zone and acquire a world view that answers the question, 'What you will you leave behind that is greater than you?' Click here [ Link ]...
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