Arun Krishnan, our PGPMAX alumnus leads n! Factorial - a company that leverages technology to help organisations understand their employees better. Know how his company is a value add to organisations and employees alike. #ISBalumnisuccess

n!Factorial Analytical Sciences in business of providing actionable feedback to employees
Given the dynamic market and informed competition, authors in this research article argue that to reveal or not to reveal quantity decisions to competitors becomes a critical supply chain management decision for electronic firms. #ISBinsight [ Link ]
With appraisal time around the corner Professor Amit Nandkeolyar recommends companies use a two-fold approach and not just focus on bonus, promotions and payouts but also help employees develop their potential. #ISBfaculty

Reviewing the employee? Do it more often
The sixth edition of Australia India Youth Dialogue starts today. We are proud of our association with this important youth engagement initiative between two vibrant democracies. We wish the delegates a very good learning experience. #IndAus

Australia India Youth Dialogue
Discussion on ‘Smart Future and Connected Life’ held at San Jose, US as a part of #ISBat15
Celebrating Alumni Success #ISBat15 #ISBalumni
Join Sakshi Agarwal from PGP co2017 as she tells us how she single-handedly built an apparel business from scratch with zero capital #ISBpride #lifeatISB

Sakshi Agarwal ~ Entrepreneurs of ISB

Aravindh Kamashinadha takes our South Bombay Entrepreneur, Sakshi Agarwal, through her entrepreneurial journey where she tells how she single handedly built ...

The #LAMPFellowship of PRS Legislative Research is a unique opportunity for youngsters to work at the intersection of policy, politics and be mentored by an MP. We are delighted that some of the LAMP Fellows have chosen ISB as their next step to chase their dreams. Do visit the link for more details

Legislative Assistant to Member of Parliament Fellowship | LAMP Fellowship
The author, an ISB professor, presents a study on a firm’s inclination for hiring novice employees against hiring experienced employees. He investigates the internal attributes of a firm that dictate the two options. #ISBinsight [ Link ]
Professor Krishnamurthy V. Subramanian feels a large economy such as ours can shift away from export-oriented growth to domestic-consumption-based growth. However, for this to happen, rural demand and demand among the poorer sections of society has to be increased significantly. #ISBfaculty #ISBexpertspeak

Focusing on domestic growth - Mint | DailyHunt
Digital media explosion - web, social, mobile marks a departure from practices in the past and it’s both a threat and an opportunity for many businesses. Business analytics can be leveraged to process data, sentiment, aspects of business interest etc., for performance and impact. Use-cases in this online course from ISB and Coursera, showcase the potential and impact of analytics on business...
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A metro should be conceived as an urban transformation project and not just a transport project, said OP Agarwal Executive Director of the Punj Lloyd Institute at ISB, during a post #Budget2017 discussion. Hear his views here.


A metro should be conceived as an urban transformation project and not just a transport project, said OPAgarwal Executive Director of the Punj Lloyd Institut...

Glimpses: Sixth Asian Invitational Conference on Family Business, ISB
In order to transform family businesses into lasting institutions, business leadership must adopt long-term perspective while maintaining strategic freshness, according to Prof Kavil Ramachandran and his co-author. #ISBInsight [ Link ]
It's going to be an action packed weekend with the Who's Who of prominent family business groups converging at the ISB campus. View the speakers list here. [ Link ]
ISB’s first off campus programme PGPpro commenced earlier this week. The weekend management programme is designed for professionals with 5-12 years of experience and entrepreneurs. At present, it is being offered at Hyderabad and Gurgaon. #ISBPGPpro
ISB students analysing #Budget2017 on CNN IBN’s Budget on Campus Show
Banking sector is the heart of the economy and if the heart is clogged, the economy can’t return to vitality, comments #ISBFaculty Prof Subbu, raising a concern on the peripheral attention given to reviving the banking sector in #Budget2017 in The Economic Times today #ISBexpertspeak
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