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IndiaProperty.com presents MySquareFeet - Hyderabad. Amazing offers on properties of your choice, 100% verified properties, expert guidance from property consultants & more! Pre-registrations open now!

MySquareFeet 2016 - Hyderabad

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Is this the right time to buy a property in Bengaluru? Or should you wait? We tell you how the Real Estate market in Bengaluru is shaping up post demonetization.

What demonetization has in store for real estate in Bengaluru

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A lot of Home Buyers have been asking us about the impact of Demonetization on different property types like ready to move in, under construction, resale properties & land. To answer all your questions, we have put together the below snapshot. Hope you find it useful.
"Will real estate prices come down due to currency ban?"
"Will there be a Price correction?"

We have answered the 7 frequently asked questions that are on the minds of every property buyer!

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7 things about Demonetization & Real Estate no one told you about!

Pune being on the list of the 100 Smart Cities in India has added to its allure as a real estate investment destination. The city has witnessed continuous appreciation in home prices in the last year.

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Tips to buy a property with your better half even before the wedding

All of us have come across neighbours who have turned into our friends or those who have left a bad taste in our mouth. Here is a look at the different types of neighbours we come across at some point or another in our life.

6 Types of Neighbours

In this edition of 'Know your Neighborhood', we cover OMR, the major IT corridor of Chennai. We give you an overview of OMR in terms of it's accessibility, social infrastructure and real estate market.

Know your neighbourhood: OMR