When it comes to corporate redwashing, the problem isn't just with the companies that sponsor our cultural institutions, while simultaneously contaminating our lands and waters; the problem is also with the thought leaders in our community who let this happen. [ Cbc.ca Link ]

We need to start calling out corporate 'redwashing': Opinion

Researchers Alexander Sokolov and Dorothee Ehrich discovered the first 15 of these bulges last summer. When Sokolov and Ehrich punctured one of the spots, the air that escaped contained 200 times more methane and 20 times more carbon dioxide than the surrounding air. [ Ecowatch.com Link ]

7,000 Gas Bubbles Expected to 'Explode' in Siberia

"This isn't hunting—it's slaughter," said Brett Hartl, government affairs director at the Center for Biological Diversity. "Killing wolves and bears in this cruel, unsportsmanlike fashion is outrageous, especially in national wildlife refuges that belong to all Americans. Repealing these protections also undermines the critical role predators play in healthy ecosystems." [ Ecowatch.com Link ]

Senate Approves Legislation to Kill Wolves, Bears in Alaska Wildlife Refuges

REPORTING FROM CHILE: On Thursday, March 23rd, the Campaign to STOP GE Trees delegation visited a region outside of Concepción that was hit badly by this summer’s wildfires. The fires swept through rural communities in this area, which is dominated by pine and eucalyptus plantations. It is understood there that these highly flammable plantations made the fires significantly worse.

We met...
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Interview with family impacted by Chile's 2017 plantation fires

On March 23rd, 2017, a delegation from the Campaign to STOP GE Trees visited a community outside of Concepcion impacted by this summer's plantation fires.

Across the swampy woodlands the beeping and rumbling of excavators are audible as they search for oil to prop up Russia’s slumping economy. Environmental protection for indigenous lands has recently been abandoned.

Kechimov, who has been appointed by his community as the guardian of holy Lake Imlor, remembers the lakes and rivers being so packed with fish that he could catch them by hand, but...
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The reindeer herder struggling to take on oil excavators in Siberia

Join us July 3rd on the coast and by boat of the Great Lakes as we link hands at 10A.M. to bring awareness to the Great Lake environmental concerns! If you would like to host an All Hands On Deck Event on your community Great Lakes beach, or adopt a community to do one, send me a message and I will send you the organizing materials! [ Facebook.com Link ]

All Hands On Deck

West Virginia one of many epicenters of extreme energy extraction economy - what will be left when the coal / gas is gone?

Yesterday thousands of gallons of toxic coal slurry spilled into a tributary of the Coal River. This is aerial footage of the spill site.

This spill is not an isolated incident. This is the daily reality of living in an extraction economy.

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The spill is the second-largest crude spill in the state in more than 15 years, behind a 20,600-barrel leak by a Tesoro Logistics LP pipeline in 2013, according to data from the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration. [ Reuters.com Link ]

December North Dakota crude spill larger than initially estimated

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Today President Trump announced the revival of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, a move welcomed by the Prime Minister Trudeau and Natural Resource Minister Jim Carr who were both “very pleased” with the announcement. The actions of both governments are a direct assault on the rights of Indigenous peoples, our waterways and the safe guarding of the ecosystems...
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Statement from Indigenous Climate Action on Revival of Keystone XL Pipeline | Home | Indigenous Climate Action

"This strategy to asphyxiate civil society has been implemented through two decrees - 16 and 739 - that give the authorities power to unilaterally dissolve any kind of organisation."

This exceptionally harsh criticism was triggered by the Ecuadorian government's attempt to shut down the country's oldest environmental organisation; Acción Ecológica.

The organisation was falsely charged with...
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Ecuador's 'progressive' extractivism - mining, ecocide and the silencing of dissent

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President Trump just approved the Keystone XL pipeline, a dangerous and destructive project that threatens our climate and communities. New Yorkers will unite tonight against Trump’s agenda on the environment, which runs counter to public health, justice and science. We are calling on Gov. Cuomo and other New York elected officials to step up in this moment of crisis, stand up to Trump’s...
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EcoWatch Facebook Live: Rally at Trump Tower Protesting KXL

EVENT - facebook.com
Despite repeated safety assurances from the industry, breaks happen. EcoWatch mentioned in October that 220 significant pipeline incidents occurred in 2016 and 3,032 since 2006.

"Pipelines spill; it's not if, it's when," Dallas Goldtooth, an organizer with Standing Rock and the Indigenous Environmental Network, said in reaction to the Belle Fourche spill in December. "And the state-of-the-art...
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North Dakota Oil Spill Vastly Underestimated as Trump Approves KXL

This week’s Earth Watch guest on the Sojourner Truth Radio show is Elizabeth Díaz of World Rainforest Movement, who is currently on local in Chile with a coalition united against genetically engineered trees.

For the past 20 years Elizabeth has been working to support struggles of indigenous peoples, and traditional and peasant communities for the recognition and respect of their role in and...
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Listen: World Rainforest Movement's Elizabeth Díaz on Genetically Engineered Trees -

"The staggering uptick in clean energy and reduction in the new coal plant pipeline is even more proof that coal isn't just bad for public health and the environment—it's bad for the bottom line," said Nicole Ghio, senior campaigner for the Sierra Club's International Climate and Energy Campaign, in a statement. "Markets are demanding clean energy, and no amount of rhetoric from [President]...
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Coal in 'Freefall' Worldwide, Report Finds

Indigenous Environmental Network:
The Fight To Kill Keystone Begins Anew

Bemidji, MN -- The Indigenous Environmental Network today issued a response to Donald Trump’s announcement that the Keystone XL Pipeline will move forward. The announcement comes on the heels of a flawed state department review greenlighting the project this week.

Dallas Goldtooth, lead organizer for the Indigenous...
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We stopped the toxic Keystone XL Pipeline once, and we will do it again

Tom Goldtooth, the Executive Director of the Indigenous Environmental Network shares a statement on the announcement from the U.S. State Department approving the KXL Pipeline.

"We stopped it before and we're going to stop it again".


Dallas Goldtooth, Keep It In The Ground Campaign Organizer, Indigenous Environmental Network - more speakers below

UPDATED TIME: PRESS CALL: Legal Experts, Landowners, Tribal Organizations and Green Groups Vow To Stop KXL Again

Washington, DC – On the heels of the Trump administration’s...
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Keystone XL pipeline gets OK from U.S. State Department


U.S. State Department gives OK to proceed with Keystone XL pipeline