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Today Joann Mae Spotted Bear, Lakota, was arrested outside Scott Pruitt's, Oklahoma Attorney General, confirmation hearing in Washington D.C.
Pruitt is Trump's nominee to lead the Environmental Protection Agency, the very agency he's sued 14 times. Pruitt also has deep financial ties to fossil fuel companies that would win big if he is charge of one of the agencies that hold them...
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Going to D.C. for the Women's March? Please join the Indigenous Women Rise Bloc and sign up here! [ Bit.ly Link ]

Indigenous Women Rise: Women's March on Washington

The complaint asks federal pipeline safety administrators “to launch an investigation into VT DPS’s handling of probable violations.”
The administration must investigate for possible safety violations when asked, Kirkwood said.
“If a citizen is concerned that a pipeline is not safe, for whatever reason, we’ll investigate,” he said. “We’re not going to say, ‘It’s not our jurisdiction.’ Safety...
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Federal regulators review state inspections of Vermont Gas pipeline construction - VTDigger

At this point, it’s unclear whether any of these measures stand a chance, and there’s no committee hearing set for HB1203. It might be crazy to think they’re anything more than posturing, dissenters say. [ Huffingtonpost.com Link ]

North Dakota Bill Would Protect Drivers Who 'Accidentally' Hit And Kill Protesters

These pipelines DAPL, Bayou Bridge, etc. are all connected - for export to the highest bidder and WE will be the victims of destroyed biodiversity, fouled waters, poisoned air....!!!!

If the Dakota Access pipeline is completed, fracked oil from North Dakota will flow to Patoka, Illinois. From there, it will connect to existing pipelines that lead to Nederland, Texas, and pass through a newly...
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Battle Against the Bayou Bridge Pipeline Threatens to Become the Standing Rock of Louisiana’s Atchafalaya Basin

The multimillion dollar fracked gas pipeline being built through the Florida springs has finally gotten some attention from the media in the last few weeks, as activists have demonstrated their opposition all across Florida. Now the fight has reached a whole new level, with the announcement that the Seminole Nation will build four indigenous-led camps in the Levy, Marion, Citrus and Alachua...
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Seminole Nation rises against Sabal Trail Pipeline

From Dayuma to Sarayuku, President Correa’s government has deployed its overwhelming military might against rural and indigenous communities that oppose the nation’s booming mining industry before; but the current mobilization of state security forces inside Morona Santiago is unprecedented in terms of scale and scope in the country’s modern history. Not since 1995, during the Cenepa War...
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By Blood and Fire: Mining and Militarization in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Beginning in the Fall of 2016, the Indigenous Peoples Climate Change Working Group (IPCCWG) is producing a series of 18 monthly training webinars exploring the application of place-based indigenous insights, knowledge, perspectives and practices (“indigenuity’) to climate mitigation and adaptation with a focus on water, coasts, shorelines and oceans.

The IPCCWG aims to disseminate a...
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Join us Wed. Jan 18 for: Applying Indigenuity: Native Communities Adapting to Weather Extremes and Climate Variability

"... after considering the Trump factor, it may seem that taking action through the regulatory process is a waste of time, that the Army Corps will make whatever decision it wants regardless of the evidence and public comments received on the EIS. To be sure, there is no guarantee that such action will be effective — but there was also no guarantee that the water protectors at Standing Rock...
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Here’s a new way to fight the Dakota Access Pipeline

An oil and gas lease sale that would auction off about 840 acres near Chaco Culture National Historical Park will proceed on Jan. 25 after five...

Oil and gas lease sale near Chaco Canyon scheduled

In an official ceremony, the sacred fire of the Seven Councils was extinguished and the area is to be cleaned up. While a small number of protesters are expected to stay on to camp, possibly moving to Sacred Stone, most will be moving to other Native American reservations and will be spreading their message to others.

“The Oceti Sakowin will then be moving to the various reservations, it'll...
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DAPL Protestors Start to Move Camp Amid Safety Concerns

We need you to contact the US Army Corps ASAP to demand they start a full Environmental Impact Statement on the entire Dakota Access pipeline route BEFORE Obama leaves office.

Information for phone calls is under "About"

Moria Kelley:

Colonial John Henderson Omaha District:
(888) 835-5971

US Army Corps of Engineers comment line...
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Submit Your Message Online

On January 12th the Headsmen of the Horn allowed the Sacred Fire to sleep. The decision was made as the camp will need to eventually transition out of its current space due to being located in a floodplain. In addition, the Headsmen have recognized that the Sacred Fire is needed in their respective nations, to uplift and support their own communities, while they face unprecedented threats by...
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"It isn't right what [ETP] is doing," Hagans, who is Cherokee, told Truthout as she sat, locked to a sideboom (a machine used to lay pipe) during the frigid morning hours on January 7 before police arrested her and Glover. "It isn't right that they're able to take the land from people. It's not right that they're able to run these pipelines, contaminate the water with their fracking. It's not...
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Lockdown at Trans-Pecos Pipeline Site in West Texas Consecrates New Indigenous-Led Resistance Camp

Dallas Goldtooth, Keep it in the Ground Organizer, Indigenous Environmental Network said: “As a movement to stop this dirty Bakken oil pipeline, we are demonstrating the inherent power of organized communities and mobilized citizens. We are showing Big Oil and government leaders that we know the power of our capital, and as such we collectively choose to invest in life and water, not death and...
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10 Banks Financing Dakota Access Pipeline Decline Meeting with Tribal Leaders | | Indigenous Environmental Network

Indigenous leader and celebrated author Arthur Manuel has passed away suddenly at the age of 66 years old.

His lifetime of fighting for Indigenous rights began when he first became president of the Native Youth Association in the 1970’s.

He then became chief of the Neskonlith Indian Band, chair of the Shuswap Nation Tribal Council and leader and Spokesperson for the Interior Alliance.

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Trudeau and now Trump will play a huge part in the expansion of tar sands production - export - pipelines etc.... this information is KEY to our opposition.... Please read and share far and wide, please....

[ Desmog.ca Link ]

Secrecy Around Composition of Oilsands Dilbit Makes Effective Spill Response, Research Impossible: New Study

Via Chairman Dave Archambault and Standing Rock Sioux Tribe:

Dear Water Protectors + Standing Rock Supporters,

On December 5, I announced to the world that the US Army Corps would not grant the the final easement necessary for the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline. You made that happen.

Now we need your help again.
The easement was not granted with the understanding that the Army Corps would...
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A Chippewa tribe in Wisconsin is calling for 20 kilometres of pipeline to be removed from its reservation after 64 years of operation, saying they want to protect their land and water from oil spills.

The Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa’s tribal council approved a resolution Wednesday refusing to renew easements for 11 parcels of land along a section of Enbridge’s Line 5 pipeline,...
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Wisconsin tribe wants Enbridge pipeline removed from its reservation

The legal concept of rights of nature signal the influence of Indigenous Peoples as political actors in state-making, fundamentally reimagining law and how the natural world is conceived. These ideas present a revolutionary rupture in the conventional anthropocentric understanding of sovereignty, and a realignment of how the natural world is valued. In fact, they could chart the path forward...
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The Rights of Nature: Indigenous Philosophies Reframing Law