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Kandi Mossett said her and other camp organizers are honoring Archambault's request and working to help people transition out of the camp, but she said it's complicated by numbers who need transportation and getting vehicles started in the cold.

“It’s not chaotic. It’s organized, people are pulling together and assessing needs. Some people want to leave, some can’t, some don’t. We can’t...
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Transition at protest camps as people start to leave

Oceti Sakowin Camp update Friday December 9th #NoDAPL
Be part of the generation that ends oil

Let's take Arctic oil to court together!

Statoil, an oil company owned by the Norwegian state, plans to aggressively expand oil drilling in the melting Arctic. This oil puts our homes and families in grave danger as our planet simply can’t take new oil. That’s why we’re taking Arctic oil to court. In a historic court case, we’re suing the Norwegian...
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Let’s take Arctic oil to court – Be part of the generation that ends oil

We do not have sufficient words to express the gratitude and love we have for all the people who have come to Standing Rock to protect the water. We have traveled far, given up much, and taken extraordinary risks. We have endured serious hardships and physical violence, and shown courage, passion, and determination in the face of impossible odds. We have come together across the lines that...
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What’s Next for the Water Protectors at Standing Rock?

It’s not an exaggeration or flattery or romanticism to say that women built the Standing Rock movement, and will sustain it through whatever fight is yet to come. [ Jezebel.com Link ]

Meet the Brave, Audacious, Astonishing Women Who Built the Standing Rock Movement

On Monday, veternans kneeled in front of Indigenous Elders and asked for their forgiveness for the how the U.S. military has treated Native peoples.

#StandingRock has awakened the world.

While documenting the Sabal Trail Pipeline in Florida on Sunday, immersed in nature, hiking trails, following the river and beautiful springs and found where the Sabal pipeline will be crossing the Suwannee River. The Sabal Trail Pipeline is threatening the Floridan aquifer, water quality, and ecology. Families are being forced to sell their homes through eminent domain granted by FERC to a...
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December 8, 2016 [Cannon Ball, ND] - Following blizzard-like conditions and plummeting temperatures at Standing Rock, Chairman David Archambault released a letter respectfully asking visiting Water Protectors to develop exit strategies and to return home once the current storm passes.

The following is a statement from the Indigenous Environmental Network responding to the Chairman’s request...
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IEN Responds to Request for Water Protectors to Return Home and Comments on the Fight Ahead

When a governmental effort to encourage cash crops threatened their food security and native land, India’s indigenous families came together to revive their traditional food systems. #saveourroots

[ Globaljusticeecology.org Link ]

They Lost Their Jungles to Plantations, But These Indigenous Women Grew Them Back - Global Justice Ecology Project

Protestors in Iowa fought against the pipeline construction for months, as they have in North Dakota, with some of the same protestors going back and forth between locations. "The resistance in Iowa has been as ferocious, in some ways," says Raffensperger, who was also the first attorney on the ground at Standing Rock. "Not as visible. We've had well over 400 arrestees. Between Standing Rock...
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While Eyes Were On Standing Rock, The Dakota Pipeline Was Being Drilled Under Another Water Source

In just a few weeks Bayer and Monsanto are getting ready to file their merger with antitrust authorities in Europe and the U.S..
If they succeed, we are facing a nightmare scenario: more bee-killing neonics in our fields, more toxic glyphosate on our plates, and more corporate control over our food supply.

Regulators can still stop this merger, but they’re already getting hammered by...
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These two CEOs are about to control $26B of the world's food supply unless we stop them

Andrew Jackson? Yes... too many parallels for us to be comfortable with... this is not exactly kid friendly - she doesn't get a "G" rating.... so place your ear buds - slip on your padded headset - or send the kids out to play and WATCH - share too....

Trump's been compared to Andrew Jackson, a president infamous for brutality against Native Americans. And that's not good for Standing Rock.
So what is happening is FOUR MILES of the waterway is now polluted - fish, animals, land, water ALL at risk - polluted.... it's winter and "weather was affecting the company's ability to estimate" Next steps? No, haven't figured that out yet? And pipeline supporters tell us all will be well - no worries - pipelines are safe! yes, we call BS! Now and always! Read more:

"It is a significant...
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ND oil pipeline shut down after 'significant' spill in creek

Tom Goldtooth LIVE now.... Listen here to today's show - reports from Oceti Sakowin - Standing Rock with Margaret Prescod, host of Sojourner Truth on Pacifica Radio now: [ Mainstreamnetwork.com Link ]

KPFK 90.7 FM - Audio Stream

Clayton Thomas- Muller of the Mathais Colomb Cree Nation of Manitoba on how the North Dakota protests might affect pipeline opposition north of the border.

[ Cbc.ca Link ]

What does Standing Rock mean for anti-pipeline protesters in Canada?

Chief Leonard Crow Dog offered forgiveness and urged for world peace: “We do not own the land, the land owns us.”

Despite the positive news, there is more work to do. “The black snake has never stopped and if they didn’t stop at desecrating our graves of our ancestors, they’ll stop at nothing.” Young said. “So there will be a motion filed by the Energy Transfer today to continue the pipeline...
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“We beg for your forgiveness”: Veterans join Native elders in celebration ceremony

Simon is one of the co-founders of the Treaty Alliance Against Tar Sands Expansion, an anti-pipeline group that now comprises 115 chiefs from First Nations across Canada and the United States. He helped start the group in the summer of 2015 to protest the proposed Energy East pipeline.

Members of the Treaty Alliance met last Tuesday in Winnipeg after the Liberal government approved Kinder...
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Quebec Mohawk chief vows civil unrest if B.C. pipeline moves forward

From London, UK relatives to Oceti Sakowin Camp Sacred Stone Camp -
On this day a historic victory was achieved through the brave and fearless actions of those at the Standing Rock Dakota Access Pipeline Opposition.
Life in resistance to white settlers has taught us to be vigilant to false promises, Nothing this Administration has done today changes that in any way. The long battle for...
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