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Mr. & Mrs. Joshi expressed their Love towards eachother by taking Health Checkups at SSH Karad, on the occasion of Valentine's Day
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Yes.. We are healthy! You should go for Preventive Health Checkup because your body is the only place where you live. - Mr. Chirag Senma & Miss Maryana Lobo.
Mr. & Mrs.Vithal Nalawade availed Preventive #Health Checkup on the occasion of #ValentinesDay
More the Healthy a Couple, more Happy Life! Mr. Amol & Ms. Kanchan Naikawadi and Mr. Parnal & Ms. Himani Dekhane also availed the checkup on Valentine’s Day
A great Valentine's Gift we have gifted to eachother. Everyone should take Preventive Health Checkup. - Mr & Mrs. Surve
On the occasion of Valentines Day Mr. & Mrs. Dixit has share their experiences about Preventive Health Checkup
Prevention is only key to Live Long. We Have Taken #Preventive #Health Checkup Today. - Mr. & Mrs. Ghule
Perfect Balance between #Health and #Love. Got #Family Checked by Varma Family
Mr. Wangane #Gifted Couple Checkup to their #loved ones on the occasion of #ValentinesDay.
#Health is #Wealth. Everyone should go for #Preventive Health Checkup. - Mr. & Mrs. Karwa
Mr. and Mrs. Balkawade availed Preventive Health Checkup. The first step to live long..
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#Quiz : ☛ How Prevention is Better than Cure. ☚ 1st 100 winner will get valentine's Special Discount on Couple Checkup.
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