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The DNA profile obtained from the evidence in David Jones’s case matched that of a serial murderer already in prison for attacking women in the Los Angeles area.

DNA testing leads to freedom of one man, matches serial murderer
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"In the past, Dallas prosecutors have concealed exculpatory evidence and resorted to sloppy forensics, leading to the conviction of dozens of innocent people. Since 1989, 53 people have been exonerated of serious crimes in Dallas; 65% of these exonerees are African American. I am one of them."

-Christopher Scott, Exoneree + Founder of House of Renewed Hope

Exoneree argues that Dallas DA should drop death penalty against black man
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“I’m here to tell you it doesn’t matter if you’re highly intelligent or if you’re of low intelligence, everybody has their breaking point and ... can be made to falsely confess under the right circumstances.”

-Steven Drizin, Brendan Dassey's lawyer

Brendan Dassey's atty. breaks down police tactics used to extract false confessions
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What is ... [any guesses]?

Jeopardy! showing love for a whole $2,000 in double jeopardy!

[ Link ]
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"What is ... the Innocence Project."

Way to go Lilly! [ Link ]
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RSVP: #Voices4Innocence panel on wrongful conviction and advocacy, hosted by Katie Couric in New York City. [ Link ]
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As an intern you'll support research in racial bias, the growing crisis in indigent defense, and how the system forces the innocent to plead guilty to misdemeanors.

Innocence Project research internship for summer '17
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The New York State Justice Task Force urges judges to issue formal orders to all criminal prosecutors to turn over any evidence pointing to innocence or mitigating the offense.

Justice Task Force Recommends that Judges Order Prosecutors to Fulfill Discovery Obligations
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Three bills that would prevent and rectify wrongful convictions in Florida came one step closer to becoming law this week.

Three Wrongful Conviction Reform Bills Advance in Florida
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This morning, #SCOTUS ruled in favor of death row inmate, Duane Buck, whose own lawyers introduced evidence at trial that he was more likely to be dangerous in the future because he is black via CNN.

Supreme Court rules in favor of death row inmate
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In a majority of the 349 DNA exoneration cases, eyewitness misidentification played a role in the wrongful conviction:

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Judge Rakoff shares the striking statistics behind America's #GuiltyPleaProblem:
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Tonight is your last chance to see the Due Process interview with Rodney Roberts.

Guilty Plea exoneree Rodney Roberts on Due Process
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This is how the current state of the #guiltypleaproblem came to be:
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Did you catch the latest top stories in wrongful conviction news?

Brendan Dassey case goes before appeals court
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Join the conversation today at 1 p.m. using #CLOSErikers via CLOSErikers.
"I was told by a forensic psychiatrist that they didn’t expect me to live past 40 cause I was going to kill myself. That’s how damaged I am."

-Chris Ochoa on the impact of his #GuiltyPleaProblem

[ Link ]

(Ochoa was represented by Wisconsin Innocence Project)
"As an immigrant, as a woman of color, as a mother of a child with special needs, things carry different weight with me. I don’t have the option to turn my head and not see difficult things that are happening ... I can’t look away.”

-Valencia Craig, Innocence Project Case Management Database Administrator

Black History Month: A Personal Poem Calls On Us to Open Our Eyes
Pick up your TIME magazine special edition of the innocence movement today! [ Link ]
Yesterday, Cook County prosecutors dropped the charges against four men who were convicted in connection with a 1995 double-murder.

Center on Wrongful Convictions

New Cook County State's Attorney exonerates 4 men