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The term "unicorn" is used to describe start-ups that have been valued at more than 1 billion dollars.

With five current unicorns founded by INSEAD MBAs (TransferWise, BlaBlaCar, MongoDB, Apttus and Global Fashion Group), INSEAD is among the top universities worldwide for producing unicorn founders.

Which Universities Did These Unicorn Founders Go to?
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INSEAD’s Mark Lee Hunter talks to the American Press Institute about how "stakeholder-driven media" is changing the media landscape.

Journalism driven by stakeholders
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So, you're a boss. But are you a leader?

Through the Leadership Development Programme, our EMBA participants gain the experience of a lifetime to uncover new insights about themselves, so they can better helm teams and organisations to navigate uncertainty and create lasting impact.

Learn more about INSEAD's LDP for Executive MBA: [ Link ]
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Current MBA student Jad Saleh discusses how the entrepreneurship resources at INSEAD are helping him bring his start-up idea to life.

When You Want Something, the Universe Conspires to Help You | The INSEAD MBA Experience
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We hope you get as much love today as our global salamander ambassadors have received on their round-the-world trip so far!

Happy Valentine's Day from Sami, Sally, Sadie and Lenny!

[ Link ]

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An awakening led Professor Andre Calmon to the idea of applying analytical models to questions of sustainability and economic development. Now through his popular elective he is awakening MBA students to the reality that positive social and environmental impact is compatible with financial growth and profit.

Meet the professor of extreme operations | INSEAD Alumni Magazine
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A new research centre at INSEAD aims to study the causes and consequences of wealth inequality on a global scale, underscoring the important role of business and government in addressing these issues.

The cost of wealth inequality
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Our global salamander ambassadors have already visited six continents in the 3 weeks since starting the Salamander Challenge – helped along the way by the welcoming INSEAD community.

The Challenge will culminate in INSEAD’s first ever Giving Day on 21 February.

Follow their travels and learn how you can participate:...
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We asked our Executive MBA alumni to sum up their experience of the programme in one word. If you could use only one word to convince others to join the school, what word would you use to describe the INSEAD experience?

Learn more about the INSEAD EMBA: [ Link ]
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Congratulations to professors Nils Rudi and Noah Askin for being featured on the 2017 Thinkers50 Radar list, among management thinkers most likely to shape the future of business.

Read more: [ Link ]
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Cutting-edge research in neuroscience is revealing the reasons we become stuck in detrimental patterns of behaviour, but it is also showing us how we can free ourselves from these patterns and approach problems in new ways.

Hidden Neural Patterns Could Be Limiting Your Performance
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Office fools are today's version of the court jester: providing important checks and balances to leadership.

Smart leaders would do well to surround themselves with people willing to take on this role.

Why Every Workplace Needs a Fool
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A high level of diversity won’t lead a business to any kind of growth unless an effort is made to be inclusive of this diversity.

Read more at: [ Link ]
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Groups with diverse individual competencies are better at solving complex issues than homogenous groups. Research shows that this is also the case with groups that are diverse in social terms…

How Diversity Makes Us Smarter
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Poets & Quants analyses the recent Financial Times MBA Ranking.

INSEAD Repeats As No. 1 In New 2017 Financial Times Ranking
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Would we allow a female leader to speak like Donald Trump?

This question inspired professors Maria Guadalupe (INSEAD) and Joe Salvatore (NYU Steinhart) to create a new play that restages parts of the three 2016 presidential debates word-for-word and gesture-for-gesture – but with a woman depicting Donald Trump and a man playing Hillary Clinton.

If Trump were a woman: play swaps presidential candidates' genders
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We are proud to announce that for the second consecutive year, our MBA programme has been ranked #1 in the world by the Financial Times.

This outstanding result is reflected in very high scores across several of the FT ranking categories, including international diversity, alumni career progress and idea generation.

For the FT's full article: [ Link ]
To learn more about the INSEAD...
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恭喜发财 to all our followers celebrating the Chinese New Year!

We wish you good fortune, happiness, wealth and longevity.
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MBA’09J Harleen Kaur is the CEO and co-founder of UCIC ('you see I see'), a mobile app that lets users see anywhere in the world in real-time. uCiC has been used over 2 million times in 180 countries to get live photos and videos of events including the Syrian conflict, Rio Olympics and many more. The venture also recently acquired its first corporate customer: The Weather Channel.

Prior to...
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As more members of Generations X, Y and Z join the workforce –with sometimes different priorities and attitudes towards work– what are organisations and leaders doing to accommodate them?

Making the Workplace Work for Gens X, Y and Z