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What are the 3 questions you need to tackle when leading digital transformation in an organisation?

A Framework for Driving Digital Transformation

Rajesh Sheshadri, Head of Sponsorships and Premium Content Sales APAC at Google, discusses his key takeaways from Leadership For Results: [ Insead.edu Link ]
Are the results of the US Elections really surprising?

Hail the Populist Counter-Revolution!

"How do people who aren’t passionate about networking survive?"

How to Get Ahead When You Hate Networking

Disruption is one of the most popular terms in management today. Discover our new online programme 'Strategy in the Age of Digital Disruption': [ Youtube.com Link ] #INSEADExecEd

Strategy in the Age of Digital Disruption

Strategy in the Age of Digital Disruption is a 5 week online programme providing the strategic tools, concepts and perspectives that will allow you to develo...

We are pleased to announce that our INSEAD-Microsoft online programme has won the Gold Award in the EFMD 2016 Excellence in Practice awards for the category ‘Professional Development’. This highly regarded award recognises outstanding and impactful Learning & Development partnerships in the domains of Leadership, Professional, Talent and Organisation Development. The awards were presented on...
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Read our full interview with Yassin Tag to find out why: [ Inse.ad Link ]
When does an obsession with digital technology become a serious health problem?

Addressing Digital Addiction

"The new environment is a social space for collaboration, emotion, creation and change."

Eight Inc. and INSEAD collaborate to create a new space for a new way to learn - Eight Inc.

"App developers, on the other hand, get feedback from active users and strive to achieve the coveted 5-star ratings, which push their apps to the top of the store. But does this rapid feedback and learning lead to more innovation?"

How Collective Learning Improves Innovation

"Why do different product types have different status rankings and how much does that change over time?"

How Products Can Climb the Social Ladder

"It’s high time we lost the wire, but the removal of the audio jack is about more than the elimination of a humble analogue technology. It’s also a lesson in making innovations succeed by changing the market, instead of trying to responding to it."

Why Forcing Market Change Is Good Strategy

"Much has been written about the need for various experimental mechanisms and different designs in this process. What is often overlooked, however, is how the different challenges and biases entrepreneurs face have the potential to limit their chance of success."

Finding Your Space on the Entrepreneurial Map

The rising role of female social entrepreneurs in the Middle East and North Africa mirrors the rising role and impact of women across emerging growth markets. However, balancing innovation and impact with financial sustainability is a formidable challenge.

Fortunately, the Soraya Salti Social Impact Scholarship Fund offers a unique opportunity for the continued development of young women...
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How Women Are Changing the World

"The success of customer-driven innovation depends on who’s invited to participate."

Three Essential Elements of Customer Co-Creation

Meet the latest recipient of the INSEAD Certificate in Global Management:
Julio Jose Francisco Jimenez Ruiz (left)- Director of Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific - together with Professor Karel Cool , Programme Director of our Competitive Strategy programme. To learn more about our certificate: [ Ow.ly Link ]
Can you guess which is the most innovative country for 2016?

The World’s Most Innovative Countries, 2016

A genuine and sincere attitude can break down the most complex of cross-cultural barriers.

Authentic Liaisons: Creating Bridges across Cultures