"Digital is business and business is digital."

11 Leadership Guidelines for the Digital Age

"Culture eats strategy." Professor Erin Meyer discusses why it’s vital to understand how corporate and regional cultures will work together.

Don't get lost in culture translation

Starting May 5, 2017. Apply now: [ Insead.edu Link ]
"Next time you need a boost in concentration, try listening to music at a very low volume as you work."

In Defence of Multitasking

Our Blue Ocean Strategy programme in Miami, USA just wrapped up last week. Here’s a snap of the participants with Programme Director Fares Boulos. The next session will be in Fontainebleau, France from 29 May to 01 June: [ Insead.edu Link ]
"As tough as it is for talented women to climb the corporate ladder as compared to men, female entrepreneurs may have it even harder."

Tackling the Gender Gap in Entrepreneurship

We are very pleased to share the news that the Financial Times (FT) has ranked INSEAD’s MBA programme #1 in the world again this year.
This recognition is a testimony to the efforts and accomplishments of our entire INSEAD community.
In 2016, INSEAD became the first school with a one-year MBA programme to place #1 in the history of the FT rankings. INSEAD is one of only five schools to...
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"As food portions and packages have grown, so has the weight of many consumers. To reverse this trend, and preserve their margins when costs go up, some food makers have tried downsizing their product sizes."

Why It’s So Hard to Reverse Food Supersizing

"All three generations share an increasing enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, but differ globally in their fears about the future of work."

Making the Workplace Work for Gens X, Y and Z

Construct, Rehearse and Execute Your Strategy. Learn more: [ Insead.edu Link ]
"Become someone else’s unpredictable competition."

Three Ways to Get Ahead of the Digital Competition

Building on three views of digital - the strategic view, the organisational view and the innovation view - Leading Digital Transformation and Innovation provides a comprehensive suite of tools to understand and lead your way through a digital transformation. Learn more: [ Inse.ad Link ]
"It’s hard to “lean in” when you feel you’re being pushed out." [ Inse.ad Link ]

Stop Blaming Women for Gender Inequality

"An INSEAD alumnus takes on the global beverage business." [ Inse.ad Link ]

Disrupting a Traditional Industry by Breaking its Rules

Wishing you warm holidays and a joyous new year! [ Inse.ad Link ]

Happy Holidays | INSEAD

In our last video from the series, find out what to expect from the Miami session of Blue Ocean Strategy. To learn more: [ Insead.edu Link ]

INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy Programme in Miami, USA - YouTube