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Are you always picking up pebbles and shells on your holiday as mementos? We love this cute idea on how to display them! Don’t leave your memories in a draw somewhere – make art #InspiredByCaltrate!
Easy food swaps can increase your calcium intake! Try this one below #InspiredByCaltrate
Tofu is a great way to get the calcium you need – and you can always supplement your intake of Calcium with Caltrate! Try this Tofu Kebab recipe for #VeganMonth!
We love inspired gifting, fresh new recipes and clever crafts! Have a look at an #inspired idea below! If you would like your idea to be featured, comment on this post with your idea, recipe or picture and you might be featured in our next post!
Exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous to benefit your bones. Try these simple exercises to boost your bone health – and don’t forget to take Caltrate daily to supplement your Calcium intake! #InspiredByCaltrate : bit.ly/2ggr5Ae
Think you know your Calcium facts? Try our quiz and find out:
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Did you know? November is Vegan Month. There are many ways to get the Calcium you need without animal products. Try this vegan recipe for seed bars filled with Calcium rich almonds. #InspiredByCaltrate
Although treatable, the prevention of Osteoporosis is much more effective. Here are some fast facts about osteoporosis
If it feels like you never have time for a healthy, Calcium rich breakfast, this recipe is for you! #InspiredByCaltrate
Men and women require different amounts of Calcium at different life stages. Men require 1000mg of Calcium daily until the age of 71, whereas women over 50 require 1200mg daily. Caltrate Plus supplements can help fill the nutritional calcium gap at any age!
There's never a better season to kick-start a new fitness regime to get you fitter and leaner - and build strong, healthy bones to boot! #InspiredByCaltrate : [ Bit.ly Link ]
Stressed out after a long day? Try our DIY Lavender Bath Salts! They also make a wonderful gift #InspiredByCaltrate
Can you spot what's odd about this paragraph? Try to do so without any hints!
Did you know that calcium is the most common mineral in our bodies? It is important not only for bone health, but also for muscle contraction.
#Inspired gifting starts at home! Make good use of your old pepper grinders or glass bottles and create your own spice mixes at home. Here are some of our favourite recipes to get you started:
Calcium carbonate is one of nature's most concentrated form of calcium, and the form of calcium found in Caltrate Plus!
“Ultimately being true to yourself, that is success”. Gaby shares her #SourceOfStrength and motivation to run her own online business in bustling Johannesburg as we salute the every day heroes that make South African women our foundation for success! Share your #SourceOfStrength with us in the comments or on the @InspiredByCaltrate page.
“That little bit of love and kindness that you give someone else is so empowering”. Find out how Marion finds strength in her family and passions as she shares her #SourceOfStrength. Share your #SourceOfStrength in the comments and help us honour the women of South Africa!
In the toughest times your #SourceOfStrength becomes more important than ever! Wendy shared her story of how Faith pulled her through the hard times. Share your #SourceOfStrength with us today!
All you need is love, and a bit of #Inspiration! Shan shares her #SourceOfStrength with us below! What is your #SourceOfStrength?