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Did you know that the Icelandic horse often plays an important role in our historical sagas? Join Iceland Academy tutor Sirrý as she takes you through them, on horseback of course.

See more of our Iceland Academy [ Visiticeland.com Link ]
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Learn about the beautiful Icelandic horse and the famous Sagas with Iceland Academy Tutor Sirrý, live!

After the class, enrol in Iceland Academy here and you could win a trip to Iceland.
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This afternoon we will be hosting another Iceland Academy Facebook Live class.
Stay tuned to learn about our Sagas and the magnificent Icelandic horse.
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Welcome to winter in Iceland. What we lack in daylight we make up for in fun things to do and the region of Reykjanes is no exception. From Ice fishing to glacier tours there’s heaps of options, just make sure you pack warm layers!

Find out more here: [ Visitreykjanes.is Link ]
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Iceland Airwaves 2017 will now also be held in Akureyri, North Iceland.

Icelandair in cooperation with Air Iceland will offer traveling packages for guests so they can start their stay at Akureyri and end it in Reykjavík with direct flights to Akureyri from Keflavik Airport.

Festival tickets will go on sale Wednesday February 1st 2017.
See you there! [ Icelandairwaves.is Link ]
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Proof that you don’t have to risk your life for the best photo; these guys got it spot on. Thanks for sharing your safe selfies with us - you go to the top of the class!

Visit [ Visiticeland.com Link ] to enrol in Iceland Academy and you could win a trip to Iceland.
"The trappings of modern life have yet to reach this unspoilt, barren outpost of the world. It’s all the better for it.”

Discover Iceland’s wild side; East Iceland.

Iceland’s really wild side | Welcome to East Iceland

The unusual light in Iceland can make you feel like you’re viewing the world through a filter - some could say there’s no better place on Earth for a selfie. But people can get so wrapped up in capturing the moment they forget to hold onto their senses. Watch our guide on how to take the safest selfie, which looks as good as it feels!

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Winter is upon us, and what better way is there to spend a cosy evening by the fire than by brushing up on your Icelandic knowledge? From horses and sagas to safer selfies you can graduate from Iceland Academy this year with everything you need to know for the perfect trip to Iceland.

Enrol here: [ Visiticeland.com Link ].
A great way to travel further in Iceland is to take a domestic flight. Air Iceland offer flights all year round so you can meet the locals in every region whenever you travel, if you really want to get to know us.
Happy Icelandic Language Day everyone. We thought we would look back at our good friend Guðmundur of the West explaining the longest word in our language.

Can you pronounce: Vaðlaheiðarvegavinnuverkfærageymsluskúraútidyralyklakippuhringur

Let us know how you get on!

The longest Icelandic word | #AskGudmundur

Some people say the sun lives in the little fishing town of Garður on the Reykjanes Peninsula. How did it get to be there? We don’t know, but the beauty of the sunsets can’t be denied.

Find out more about the region here: [ Visitreykjanes.is Link ]
Lots of people miss out on the Westfjords as the traditional "ring road" bypasses the region, travellers who make it up there are usually of the more adventurous variety, does that sound like you?

Discover some of the adventures and Iceland Secrets that await you in the Visit Westfjords – Iceland Bestfjords blog: [ Westfjords.is Link ]
Live from Iceland Airwaves Music Festival, our friends Icelandair have put on a special gig from Of Monsters and Men for their customers, and you get to see the whole thing live! Enjoy
Does whale watching, ahem, float your boat? Speak to our friends Elding Whale Watching Reykjavik to book an adventure on the sea for your next trip to Iceland:
What’s your festival persona? Tap to find out then screenshot and post your result in the comments so we can see how many Iceland Airwaves 2016 rockers and ravers there are out there!
Can’t attend Iceland Airwaves Music Festival this year?
Iceland Naturally have got you covered with a live stream of all the events from KEXP. [ Bit.ly Link ]
On this day in 1975 the women of Iceland made a stand against lower pay and the low value placed on their work by taking a day off. This iconic moment has helped propel Iceland to the forefront of the fight for equality. The world’s first democratically elected female president Vigdis Finnbogadóttir, who remembers this life-changing event, and Of Monsters and Men singer Nanna Bryndís...
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Today is the first day of Winter in Iceland. In the days of old, we celebrated with religious services and plentiful feasts. Parties went on well into the night as people prepared for the dark days ahead. Things aren’t actually too different today!
Do you see adventure everywhere you go? The first annual Explorers Festival is being held today in Húsavik, North Iceland. Hear talks from NASA astronaut Scott Parazynski and explorer Mike Dunn as they recount the most extraordinary stories.
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If you are in the area check out North Sailing for your own expedition!