Inspired by Iceland
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The annual music festival started with a bang on Thursday. Great artists crazed the packed Harpa music hall. But SÓNAR is just warming up for the weekend. Don´t miss out. Follow the action at [ Link ]
Inspired by Iceland
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Photographer Prasit Chansareekorn shares stunning footage from his trips to Iceland. Great locations all over the country and cool drone action lifts up our spirits and gives us the urge to pack our bags.
Inspired by Iceland
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Take the time. Turn up the sound. Go full screen. Get goosebumps.

The work of Henthorne is exceptionally inspiring. Unique.

Ocean & Earth - ICELAND
Can you hear it calling you? Can you feel it pulling you?

Meet Sorelle Amore. It´s hard not to be inspired by her infectious enthusiasm for Iceland. As we do, Sorelle welcomes you to Iceland.
Why "slow” lifestyle in The East is exciting.

“Local tour companies will not offer activities popular elsewhere in the country that do not already exist within the region’s lifestyle. East Iceland will remain a unique destination… one that’s worth slowing down and pulling over for.”

This Is the Slowest Place in Iceland
Just in case you haven’t realized; This actually happens in the Northern Lights Season.
When is this season? We hear you asking. September through April is the answer. (Yes, you got time)
How can I get there!? We hear you shouting. Check out: [ Link ]
Steamy windows in February

The weather can be extremely unpredictable in February; from snow storms to magical still nights with the northern lights blazing in the sky. So while the outdoors might get tricky sometimes the INDOOR ACTION heats up. Culture gets real momentum in February. Music, concerts, theater and various arts thrive in this season all over Iceland. Get ready to leave your...
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"In Iceland we defend human rights: equality of the sexes, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of travel and last but not least freedom from fear."
- Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, President of Iceland

Icelandic President invites Syrian refugees to his official residence
With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility - To Enjoy It!

A lot of the things that attract people to Iceland are a result of Iceland’s ability to power their homes with clean, renewable energy. Whilst the clean air and the geothermal pools are well known and documented, there are many lesser know secrets behind Iceland’s sustainable way of life. Discover our secrets in this video about the...
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Hello Darkness; My Old Friend

The annual Dark Music Days festival brightens the mood and lifts our spirits during our dark days of winter. Founded in 1980 by the Society of Icelandic Composers the festival is a platform for performing and getting to know new music with an emphasis on new Icelandic performers. With events starting today and finishing on Saturday there is something for everyone!

Ed Sheeran too hot in Iceland.

Now topping the charts globally, Ed Sheeran appeared on the Graham Norton Show last Friday. He told the audience about his love for Iceland and some grizzly details from his last visit, when he stepped into boiling geothermal water after going off the guided path. A truly bad idea he admitted. If only he had graduated from The Iceland Academy in safe travel, he...
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The Graham Norton Show S20E14 Matthew McConaughey, Ed Sheeran, Christina Ricci, Josh Widdicombe

The Graham Norton Show S20E14 Matthew McConaughey, Ed Sheeran, Christina Ricci, Josh Widdicombe On Graham's sofa are Oscar-winning Hollywood star Matthew McC...

Arctic surfing. All the cool kids are doing it. Check out this amazing trailer for an upcoming documentary about Icelandic surfers. Yes, you read that right. And don't miss the great images, a longer trailer and write-up about the project in Surfer Magazine: [ Link ]
Meet Heiða, a sheep farmer at Ljótarstaðir in Skaftártunga in South Iceland. She keeps 500 sheeps and it can take a few days to shear them all.
Today we celebrate the last day of Christmas here in Iceland. Traditional festivities on this day include bonfires and fireworks. According to folklore, this is a magical day when elfs and trolls mingle with humans and extraordinary things can happen. So, keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary. You never know...
Watch as Head of Iceland Academy, Stína, surprises one unsuspecting Inspired By Iceland fan with a whirlwind trip. Antonella, one of our lucky Iceland Academy graduates, became our Student of the Year and was whisked away to collect her Academy diploma and uncover the secrets to becoming Iceland’s most enlightened traveller.

For your chance to win a field trip to Iceland, visit [...
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Couldn't make it to Iceland this New Year? Check out Iceland Naturally's live stream tonight. Happy New Year Iceland fans!
Gleðilegt nýtt ár! Happy New Year!
We look forward to 2017 and welcoming more of you to Iceland on you travels.
Celebrate New Year’s Eve in true Icelandic style.
A few fireworks wouldn’t hurt!

NYE timetable: [ Link ]