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Can you find the among the ?

#WWIM15❤ from Ural Federal University, Russia

Photo by @alex_akimenko via @egoorushka
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"I am all that I need." ❤

Yogis wrote love letters to themselves after a free yoga class celebrating self-kindness at Vancouver's Girlvana Yoga InstaMeet. #WWIM15❤

Photo by @girlvanayoga
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In sync with sea and sunlight off the coast of Brazil #TheWeekOnInstagram

Photo by @pepesilva_
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Every week, we look back and highlight some of our favorite emerging voices across the globe for #TheWeekOnInstagram. For more photos, videos and news from around the community, visit the Instagram blog:
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Motocross champ Vicki Golden has one motto: never quit.

Photo of @vgolden423 by @matt_cordova
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Washington, D.C.'s Sebastian Loves Luna spent a blissful day with dogs and humans supporting humane adoption at the US National Arboretum. #WWIM15❤ #igdc_wwim15

Photo by @sebastianlovesluna
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❤ from Japan, where @yamato1226 organized a riverside InstaMeet in Tokyo. #WWIM15❤

Photo by @wwim15_tokyo
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It's time to spread kindness in your community! Worldwide InstaMeet 15 starts right meow. #WWIM15❤

Photo of #wwim15khv by @garonika
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“In wheelchair fencing, you can’t move backward — you can only attack. This is the same thing that you have to do in life, and I always do.” –Paralympian Beatrice Vio

Photo by @bebe_vio
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A cool cat’s curled tail in action = our #BoomerangOfTheWeek

#Boomerang by @volkancatikkas
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It’s time to spread some kindness. #WWIM15❤ is this weekend, March 25-26.

Photo by @thiagolbrito
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“To honor and find love and compassion for your body is much more fruitful than being at war with yourself.” —Girlvana Yoga Alex Mazerolle

Photo by @allymaz
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Ready for #WWIM15❤ this weekend? Find Instagrammers near you and do something kind for the community. [ Link ]

#TBT video by @matiaspentos via Instameet Chile

Instagram post by Instameet Chile ???????? • Nov 30, 2016 at 8:54pm UTC
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“Any act, no matter how big or small, has the power to change a person’s life in a profound way. It’s about celebrating our shared humanity.” #WWIM15❤

@theembassyofkindness photos by @toffyinc and @legojacker
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“If I could take my 10.4 million followers out for pizza, I would … (as long as one of them paid for it).” —Liza Koshy

Photo by @lizakoshy
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Connecting past, present and future in Catalonia #WHPyoungatheart

Photo by @valleklau
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Last September, we made a commitment to the community to keep Instagram a safe place for everyone. This year we will continue to act on that commitment and also focus on fostering kindness within our community.

The first step is to celebrate the kindness our community is already known for. On March 25 and 26, Instagrammers will come together for the kindness-themed Worldwide InstaMeet 15....
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Viewing the world from a fresh vantage point #WHPyoungatheart

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Meet today’s #WeeklyFluff! A cute and curious from Thailand.

Photo by @hamstermarry
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Documentary photographer Daniella Zalcman has her #EyesOn a stolen generation.

Photo of Phyllis Kitching by @dzalcman