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Viewing the world from a fresh vantage point #WHPyoungatheart

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Meet today’s #WeeklyFluff! A cute and curious from Thailand.

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Documentary photographer Daniella Zalcman has her #EyesOn a stolen generation.

Photo of Phyllis Kitching by @dzalcman
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It’s #NationalPuppyDay in the US! If you are thinking about adding a to your life, these quotes will put you over the edge. [via @Bustle]

Quotes For National Puppy Day That Are Proof There's Nothing Better In The World Than An Adorable Dog
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Friends rediscover childhood through a larger-than-life #WHPyoungatheart

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A simple reminder: You’re never too old to make a wish #WHPyoungatheart

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If you’re in Tokyo on Sunday, March 26, head to Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden.

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Playing with waves in the Philippines #WHPyoungatheart

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A herd of deer wandering through the wintry countryside of Hokkaido, Japan, drew Hidetoshi Kikuchi’s attention — and his drone, theirs. #TheWeekOnInstagram

Photo by @hidetoshi_kikuchi
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The goal of #WHPyoungatheart was to capture playful, candid photos and videos showing how life is better when we keep a touch of whimsy in every day.

Follow along as we feature some of our favorite submissions throughout the week on @instagram (, and check out more on our blog:
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“It is a family holiday and spending a while with my family is the best memory that I have from Nowruz.” —documentary photographer Majid Saeedi

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Undeterred by hardship, aerobatic pilot Amelie Windel follows her dream.

Check out our Instagram story to see more from Amelie Windel Aerobatics in the sky. ✈

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Starting today, you’ll have the option to save your live video to your phone at the end of a broadcast. While live videos will continue to disappear from the app when you’re done, this update gives you the flexibility to hold onto your video and re-watch it later, especially if something exciting happens during your broadcast that you want to remember or share.

After your live broadcast ends,...
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“I felt like I was flying over the city of Barcelona." #TheWeekOnInstagram

Photo by @fontarei
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“To me, there is magic in seeing a story that was already happening between objects. I feel the magic, so believe others will too.” —animator Sean Charmatz

Photo by @sean_charmatz
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“The more spontaneous the shot, the better it is.” #TheWeekOnInstagram

Photo by @akhwaf
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Every week, we look back and highlight some of our favorite emerging voices across the globe for #TheWeekOnInstagram. For more photos, videos and news from around the community, visit the Instagram blog: [ Link ]
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“I want to be an artist who builds confidence in my viewers and makes them feel a little less alone.” —artist Grace Miceli #PopRallyxPetra

Photos and videos by @artbabygirl
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“From a feminist standpoint, collaboration is essential to my practice, politically and artistically.” —artist Madelyne Beckles #PopRallyxPetra

Photos and videos by @bellhoox
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“My art practice is born out of working on my bedroom floor with whatever resources are accessible.” —artist Aleia Murawski #PopRallyxPetra

Photos and videos by @aleia