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One entrepreneur’s first-hand experience with burdensome government regulations.

End Missouri’s hair braiding licensing scheme
We just scored a major free speech victory in a federal appellate court!

Victory for Ocheesee Creamery in Federal Court of Appeals
What are some of the most burdensome or just downright bizarre laws where you live? Let us know and you could score an IJ Swag Bag!

Liberty in Action Listens Contest
BREAKING: Two bills that would drastically reform civil forfeiture have just been introduced in Congress!

New Federal Legislation Would Drastically Overhaul Civil Forfeiture
Exciting news! For today only, if you shop using AmazonSmile, Amazon will donate 5% back to IJ! Go to [ Link ] and make your funds for freedom go even further.
Good news from Mississippi! A new law now requires police get a warrant to seize property!

Mississippi Cops Now Need Warrants to Seize Property
We just launched a new case! We’re defending renters from unconstitutional searches of their homes. [ Link ]
ICYMI: Last month, a Kentucky sheriff told the president that critics of civil forfeiture "make up stories."

In fact, thousands of Americans have had their assets taken without ever being charged with a crime, let alone convicted.

WSJ Op-Ed: Trump Should Be Appalled by Police Asset Forfeiture
A new bill in Congress—backed by the dairy industry—wants to stop almond and soy milk makers from calling their products “milk.”

This bill is grass-fed, consumer-unfriendly protectionism for your breakfast table.

Big Dairy Declares War on Milk
You don't need a license to braid hair in 21 states.

New Hampshire could be next!

New Hampshire House Passes Bill to Deregulate Braiding Hair
This town’s mayor is trying to bulldoze a neighborhood filled with elderly, disabled, and fixed-income residents.
We have an op-ed on civil forfeiture in The Wall Street Journal today!

In less than three years, 19 states and D.C. have passed laws to limit or shine a light on civil forfeiture. Building on those successes, there are now reform bills pending in nearly 20 states.

WSJ Op-Ed: Dozens of States have Enacted, or are Considering, Civil Forfeiture Reform
The Indiana Senate passed a bill to reform civil forfeiture!

Indiana could become the next state to require criminal convictions for forfeiture.

Indiana Senate Passes Bill to Reform Civil Forfeiture
BAY AREA! Join us for an exclusive presentation and book signing by the author for our new book, “Bottleneckers.” Registration includes lunch.

Bottleneckers Event
#TBT Almost 20 years ago, social workers in Texas and Tennessee used government power to bar non-black couples from adopting black children. IJ challenged this practice in court, and we defeated these bans on interracial adoption. Pictured: IJ clients Lou Ann and Scott Mullen with their two adopted sons, Matthew and Joseph.
The money spent came from "equitable sharing," a federal forfeiture program where agencies do not need to secure a criminal conviction, or even file criminal charges, to forfeit property.

Federal Audit: Indiana Agencies Spent $400,000 in Forfeiture Funds on Salaries, Benefits

Little Rock can no longer ban new taxi companies from competing!

Victory Is Now Final for Ken’s Cab
Who are the most influential libertarians? FreedomFest is holding a survey and nominated 3 people from IJ!

50 Most Influential Libertarians: A Newsmax/FreedomFest List Survey
Good news! We’re now one step closer to ending Philadelphia’s civil forfeiture machine!

Federal Judge Certifies Class in Challenge to Philadelphia’s Forfeiture Machine