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Institute for Justice
01/13/2017 at 00:47. Facebook
The gov't forced this veteran and Christmas tree farmer to stop hosting weddings on his own property.

Town Tells Christmas Tree Farmer No Weddings - Institute for Justice

Institute for Justice
01/12/2017 at 15:10. Facebook
In Florida, it’s actually illegal to buy more than 2 bottle of craft liquor from a distiller at the same time.

A new bill would change that.

Florida Might Lift 2 Bottles Per Sale Cap for Craft Liquor Makers

Institute for Justice
01/10/2017 at 17:11. Facebook
Michigan will no longer require property owners to post a cash bond of up to $5,000 before they can challenge a civil forfeiture case in court, under a recently signed bill.

Michigan Law Repeals Bond Requirement for Civil Forfeiture Cases

This is the behind the scenes video of how IJ won back $53,000 for Burmese refugees.
This is the behind the scenes video of how IJ won back $53,000 for Burmese refugees.
Big news! Ohio is now the 12th state to require criminal convictions for most or all forfeiture cases!

Ohio Now Requires Criminal Convictions For Many Civil Forfeiture Cases

Good news! A major forfeiture reform just took effect in California!

California Governor Signs New Criminal Conviction Requirement For Civil Forfeiture

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175 newspaper and magazine editorials have called to reform--or outright ban--civil forfeiture.

175 Editorials Call For Civil Forfeiture Reform - Institute for Justice

Trump’s attorney general nominee rushes to the defense of civil forfeiture, a.k.a. policing for profit.

The very bad reason Jeff Sessions is ‘very unhappy’

Just in time for Christmas! This photo was taken moments after IJ client Arlene Harjo got her car back from the City of Albuquerque. Police illegally seized her car using civil forfeiture, and kept it for the last eight months. The smiling man on the right is IJ attorney Robert Johnson.
Happy Holidays from the Institute for Justice!
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From the archive.
Colorado campaign finance regulations censor ordinary citizens.

Can't Afford a Lawyer? No Free Speech for You.

We were recently featured on WSJ's #OpinionJournal and spoke about how governments can stop “bottleneckers”—those who use gov’t to keep out competition.

Opinion Journal: Drain the Bottlenecker Swamp

ICYMI: We won! Our client Ken Leininger is now free to start his own taxi business in Little Rock, AR. The government-supported monopoly has finally been broken.

Victory for Ken’s Cab

The LAPD has been arresting hundreds of Uber drivers in undercover sting operations.

And the stings are paid for entirely by the taxi industry.

LAPD should stop stings against Uber