What future trends are the leading voices in infrastructure and engineering talking about?

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'We need to accommodate more people, but do it in a way that shapes our world for the better.'

Watch the full video: youtu.be/HsJPIjsrSw0
A new stage in the long and risky effort to decommission Chernobyl has been completed.

Chernobyl gets a new 100 year tomb

Age, gender and disability all affect how likely we are to cycle. So how can we design cycle infrastructure for everyone?

Podcast - How can we provide a safe environment for all cyclists?

Take a journey through the history of bridges! View our bridge engineering exhibition online.

Institution of Civil Engineers

From medieval ice skates to Tudor bowling balls, explore the amazing archaeological finds unearthed by Crossrail tunnelling.

The archaeological legacy of the Crossrail excavations - BBC News

This month our Brunel lecture series visits Asia, sponsored by Tony Gee and Partners. Find out more about this year's speaker Eelco H. Dykstra and how to attend one of the lectures.

Brunel International Lecture Series

From autonomous vehicles, digital innovation to intelligent robots - we look at the future of infrastructure.
Faster than a plane, convenient as a train - how Hyperloop could change our world.

Hyperloop team predict a transport revolution

Starting tomorrow morning, Julian Glover's new biography of the our first President Thomas Telford is BBC Radio 4's Book of the Week. Tune in at

Episode 1, Man of Iron: Thomas Telford and the Building of Britain, Book...

The people's choice... relive the story behind why the Forth Road Bridge was awarded our first ever People's Choice Award this week, voted by the public.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon presents ICE award to Forth Road Bridge

See how Europe's largest construction project is progressing beneath London in these new photos!

In pictures: get a sneak peek inside the new Crossrail stations

An interesting read on what new technologies in our homes, cars and cities will mean for our energy grids.

Charge the car, run the house

We agree!

(Or if you're not in London, you can explore it online here:

See The World's Longest Lego Bridge Here In London

The winner is... the Forth Road Bridge repair and reopening!

When a crack was found below the bridge deck in December 2015, its closure caused a 33-mile diversion for 70,000 vehicles.

Engineers worked around the clock to design, fabricate and install a repair in just 3 weeks and the bridge was able to reopen earlier than planned – just in time for Christmas.

Congratulations to project team...
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We've counted up the votes for the first ICE People's Choice Award – tomorrow afternoon we will be announcing the winner! #ICEpeopleschoice
Plans for 14 new 'garden villages' in the UK give us the chance to completely redesign life in the spaces we live in. So, how do you do it?

From architecture to cultural life: how would you design a city from scratch?