It's easy to think of our infrastructure as fixed assets but digital technology is changing this.

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Digital technology is transforming our infrastructure and how deliver it. So how do we make sure this benefits everyone, from designer to user?

Read more from this year's ICE State of the Nation report.

State of the Nation 2017: Digital Transformation
This unusual design was one of the ideas submitted in the 1920s for a bridge to cross Sydney Harbour!

It was apparently only narrowly rejected and the contract was given to John Bradfield whose famous 'coathanger' design celebrated 85 years since opening yesterday. What do you think of it... Good? Bad? Crazy?
Next week we launch our 2017 State of the Nation report on how digital technology is transforming how we deliver infrastructure. Read more in our latest Infrastructure Blog post.

Digital transformation - why as engineers we need to keep pace
3D-printed homes for $10,000. Is this the future of construction?
'Learning is part of everyday life.'

ICE member Nick shares his story of how an apprenticeship helped him build his career. #NAW2017 #NationalApprenticeshipWeek
'I'm the only female in the office in the highways team. But I do feel like my voice is heard and valued which I find rewarding and comforting.'

We're sharing some of our members views and experiences for International Women's Day. Want to share your story? Let us know in the comments below! #IWD2017
'I think in 30 years there will be just as many female engineers in top positions as there are male.'

To mark International Women's Day, we're sharing some of our members' views and experiences of a changing industry. First, student member Susie talks about why there aren't as many women in senior roles and how this could change. #IWD2017
We're delighted to announce some details of our next exhibition at ICE! (Spoiler: It's about tunnels)

We can't wait to share more about the exciting content we'll be featuring in it, but until then you can get involved by posting a #tunnelselfie. Find out more at [ Link ]
Today we're proud to announce a new chapter in the history of our NEC contract series - NEC4.

First launched in 1993, NEC contracts have been at the heart of major projects like the London 2012 Olympics, Crossrail and Christchurch International Airport!

Learn more about NEC4 at [ Link ]
We examine three ways the UK can move to a low carbon energy future, and what needs to be done to get there.

Three routes to low carbon energy
Our Brunel lecture series in Asia has now finished with great success.

Professor Eelco Dijsktra visited Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bangkok and Singapore where we had great turnouts and engaging debates on resilience and emergency management. Thank you once again to our sponsor, Tony Gee.

Brunel International Lecture Series
Ancient ice road truckers? How's this for ingenious engineering!

Even frozen roads have their uses
Don't forget the 'engineering Oscars' this awards season!

Nominate the best people and projects in civil engineering for the ICE Awards.

ICE Awards: Nominations now open
Want to see women in civil engineering recognised in the media? Nominate someone who inspires you for this year's Telegraph Top 50 Women in Engineering poll!

ICE encourages entries to top 50 Women in Engineering poll
How to design the biggest moving structure on earth... over the world's most hazardous nuclear disaster site.

Chernobyl gets a new 100 year tomb
Hear three newly qualified members explain their projects at the 2017 James Rennie Medal final.

James Rennie Medal final 2017
What future trends are the leading voices in infrastructure and engineering talking about?

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