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02/18/2017 at 21:45. Facebook
3D-printed body? Check. Custom water-transfer paint job? Check. Soldering last-minute upgrades? Check. Drone pilot Colby Curtola brings only his best to FlightLab: Mojave Boneyard. [ Link ]
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Flip out with drone pilot Zoe Stumbaugh as she brings her patented 3D inverted aerial action to the wilds of FlightLab: Mojave Boneyard.
Intel Canada
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Ready to race? Strap in and hold on as Conrad, Colby, and Zoe battle it out for drone racing glory in #FlightLab: Mojave Boneyard. [ Link ]
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Speed demon Conrad Miller fears no flight plan. So Intel put this top-notch drone pilot to the test in the unforgiving airplane scrapyard of FlightLab: Mojave Boneyard.
No guts, no glory. Drone pilot Colby Curtola pushes his stunts to the limits. See his big tricks and bigger wrecks on FlightLab: Mojave Boneyard.
Change your reality. Intel is pioneering amazing Virtual and Merged Reality experiences. #CES2017
A visual feast is unleashed on the stage of #RSCTempest with the help of over two dozen projectors and Intel technology. [ Link ]
Intel’s technology powers #RSCTempest, turning Shakespeare’s limitless imagination into a one of a kind live theatre experience. This is puppeteering for the 21st-century. [ Link ]
This holiday season, Intel’s Shooting Star drones light up the night sky and warm the hearts of guests at Walt Disney World. See how the magic came to life at [ Link ]
See how Intel technology powers the live performance capture that controls every move of Shakespeare’s terrifying harpy. #RSCTempest [ Link ]
Intel’s drone tech meets the magic of Walt Disney World in one amazing light show. [ Link ]
400 years in the making, Intel technology is giving the creative minds behind #RSCTempest the freedom to imagine Shakespeare like never before. [ Link ]
When you wish upon a star this holiday season, you just might be wishing on an Intel Shooting Star drone. See our technology light up the night sky at Disney Springs. Learn more at [ Link ]
Intel technology is helping Shakespeare’s imagination become a 21st century reality. We partnered with @theRSC to perform his most magical play—the results are amazing. #RSCTempest [ Link ]
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The Tempest was written 400 years ago. Now it comes to life like never before. #RSCTempest [ Link ]
400 years ago, Shakespeare wrote in The Tempest, “What’s past is prologue”. That past—his imagination, meets the present, and is finally set free. #RSCTempest [ Link ]
It’s a pair of Oakleys. It’s a coach in your ear. It’s #OakleyRadarPace. Powered by Intel, these sunglasses track your progress, respond to your command, and give you a better way to train. Learn more at [ Link ]
There’s a better way to train. See how #OakleyRadarPace coaches you in the moment to help you meet your goals.[ Link ]