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Do you own wearable technology? We take a look at just how far you can push the physical limits with a sports wearable. [ Link ]
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Most of us use smartphones on a daily basis and have become addicted. Here is why you don't have to be a slave to your phone. [ Link ]
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Ei Wada is a Japanese artist who uses old televisions, tape recorders and electric fans to produce “otherworldly” music, breathing life into technology that would otherwise be considered obsolete. [ Link ]
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Find out how the @PikazoApp uses a special neural algorithm and #AI tech to transform snapshots into works of art: [ Link ]
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Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Data-Centric Tools will Drive Innovation and Empower Customers [ Link ]
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A giant intelligent screen called Wonderwall brings to life computer generated images of autonomous vehicles, smart cities and homes, all connected in harmony by 5G wireless technologies. [ Link ]
Eliza McNitt has a passion for filmmaking, science and new technologies; all three subjects come together in her latest #VR experience at #SXSW, Fistful of Stars: [ Link ]
Find out how the @PikazoApp uses a special neural algorithm and #AI tech to transform snapshots into works of art: [ Link ]
The e-sports movement continues to grow and the devices are getting more and more powerful. Poland is playing a leading role in the rise of e-sports across Europe and the world. #eSports [ Link ]

Poland's European Epicenter for Esports - iQ UK
With excellent processing and intuitive features, design projects have never been easier with Intel inside your #2in1 device! [ Link ]
Shirley Ann Jackson once said, "A pretty sight, a lady with a book." See how she defied gender and racial barriers to become the ultimate role model in science. #WomensHistoryMonth #womenintech [ Link ]

How Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson Became the Ultimate Role Model in Science
Art and technology go hand in hand, which is why Intel created Wonderwall, a giant intelligent screen that brings computer-generated images to life. [ Link ]

Animated Pin Art Shows the Future of 5G - iQ by Intel
Big data and new technologies will give doctors access to a wide array of patient data that will help keep people well rather than just address health needs when illness occurs. Know more: [ Link ]

Will Digital Health Data Lead to Better Care? - iQ by Intel
As more self-driving cars hit the roads, sophisticated communications systems will rely on a fast and reliable networks. Say hello to the data super highway: [ Link ]

5G: The Communications Key to Autonomous Driving - iQ by Intel
New wearable devices are able to monitor your stress levels and suggest real-time meditation exercises to calm you down. Now, who do we give our money to? [ Link ]

Stress Management Tech Keeps Calm - iQ by Intel
Voyage with us to the ocean floor and discover new creatures and landscapes never-seen-before… it's the closest one can get to being an astronaut! [ Link ]

OASIS Scientists Catch High-Tech Ride to the Bottom of the Sea - iQ by Intel
Superheroes, driverless cars and 5G have something in common… Do you know what it is? [ Link ]

What Do 'Superheroes,' Driverless Cars and 5G Have in Common? | Intel Newsroom
Have you tried Pikazo? The app uses Artificial Intelligence to turn photos into works of art. [ Link ]