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The new 7th Gen Intel processors deliver unbelievable power for immersive gaming experiences on popular releases like Overwatch: [ Link ]

7th Gen Intel Core line-up blooms with desktop, VPro and Xeon CPUs - iQ UK
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Autonomous cars power through 4,000 GB of data per car, per day. The speed of 5G will help them use that data to adapt to the world around them: [ Link ]

5G: The Communications Key to Autonomous Driving - iQ by Intel
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With 3D printing, healthcare experts can tailor treatment to specific patients to improve their outcome, including personalised surgical guides and custom implants to give patients a better fit: [ Link ]

3D Printing Healthcare - iQ by Intel
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What happens when you let a drone pilot loose in an airplane scrapyard?
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With enough storage space for a 12-hour playlist, the New Balance RunIQ smartwatch, powered by Intel, is the perfect running companion. [ Link ]
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Virtual reality (VR) is making all sorts of new gaming experiences possible. Are you prepared to conquer the new battlefield? [ Link ]

VR Tech for 2017 - iQ by Intel
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Are you a runner? Looking for the perfect running tech? Look no further than the New Balance RunIQ smartwatch, engineered with Intel Inside. [ Link ]

RunIQ - New Fitness Tracker Watch - New Balance
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70% of the Earth is water; now we have technology that makes observing and monitoring this precious resource easier: [ Link ] #iQ

Smart Underwater Imaging Aims to Save Endangered Marine Species - iQ by Intel
Poachers be afraid, be very afraid. Conservationists and tech companies are working together to bring sophisticated anti-poaching technology to the savanna: [ Link ]

Anti-Poaching Technology Protects Animals in Africa - iQ by Intel
300 drones flying in formation is impressive, but it’s almost certainly not the only thing they can be used for. The Intel Shooting Star drone system has unlimited potential to revolutionise search-and-rescue, agriculture and more. [ Link ]

All About Lady Gaga's Super Bowl Halftime Show Drones
With greater processing power, graphics capabilities and cloud computing, game developers are creating apocalyptic experiences with greater intensity: [ Link ] #iQ

Cloud Computing is Boosting the Power of Destruction in Games - iQ by Intel
Excellent processing and intuitive features. Working on design projects has never been easier, with #IntelInside your #2in1 device! [ Link ]
Take a flight into the future: Innovation in drone technology is bringing new capabilities and uses for flying robots: [ Link ] #iQ

Drone Innovation Trends to Watch in 2017 - iQ by Intel
From smart devices to servers that manage your company’s data, Intel processors bring fast and impressive performance to every application. [ Link ]
Can healthy food be scrumptious too? Surf through a plethora of delicious healthy recipes and let your Intel-powered #2in1 become your personal cooking assistant. [ Link ]
In case you missed it, here's a breakdown of some of the most innovative tech unveiled at CES 2017: [ Link ]

CES 2017: Tech Pushes Performance - iQ by Intel
Did you know: each autonomous car will generate 4,000GB of data a DAY. That's the data equivalent of almost 3,000 people. [ Link ]

Fully autonomous cars won't work without these three things - iQ UK
Excited to dabble in some virtual reality gaming? Make sure your hardware is up to the challenge with these 5 tips: [ Link ]

VR Tech for 2017 - iQ by Intel
Did you know that 98% of the cloud runs on Intel? From smart cities to the Internet of Things, if it's amazing, chances are it runs on Intel: [ Link ]