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Intel South Africa
12/02/2016 at 10:34. Facebook
VR headsets are not just for gaming. They're helping surgeons perform intricate, life-saving operations. [ Intel.ly Link ]
Intel South Africa
12/01/2016 at 13:56. Facebook
Love indie games? Wish you could develop your own? Get started with these five tips for success: [ Intel.ly Link ]
Intel South Africa
12/01/2016 at 07:08. Facebook
Flip the switch on how you think about lightbulbs. Data collected from smart lampposts could help you find parking, help with traffic control and monitor air quality in cities: [ Intel.ly Link ]
Intel South Africa
11/30/2016 at 14:33. Facebook
Watch this robot solve a Rubik's Cube in under a minute. What's your fastest time?
Intel South Africa
11/30/2016 at 07:09. Facebook
Prosthetics are not just for humans. Now, animal orthotics are improving the lives of disabled dogs - and the occasional elephant: [ Intel.ly Link ]
Intel South Africa
11/28/2016 at 16:42. Facebook
Intel Core processors and Microsoft Surface Studio. The power for your most brilliant ideas, and the place to bring them to life.
Intel South Africa
11/28/2016 at 12:11. Facebook
Pizza? Check.
Movie? Check.
Intel-powered 2 in 1? Check.
What does your perfect night in look like?
Fancy a flight in this? You'll cruise at over 2,000km per hour at 60,000ft - so high you can see the curvature of the earth. Read more: [ Intel.ly Link ]
7 awesome Windows 10 laptops with Intel 7th Gen Core inside: [ Intel.ly Link ]
Only 42% of people take proper security measures to protect their new gadgets. Are you one of them? [ Intel.ly Link ]
Do you love the movie Tangled? Then you'll love what we're doing with Disney this holiday season. [ Intel.ly Link ]
Less than a year after setting the Guinness World Record title for 100 drones flying simultaneously, Intel engineers set a new world record with a fleet of 500 drones specifically designed for light shows: [ Intel.ly Link ]
With the Internet of Things, in-vehicle computing becomes a car's second engine, helping ensure the safety of passengers and reacting to the environment in real time: [ Intel.ly Link ]
Travel light and take your entertainment with you with the Intel Compute Stick:
The latest 3D printing and CGI technologies are opening new doors for stop-motion animators. Know more: [ Intel.com Link ]
Have an old PC? Don’t let that ruin your gaming experience. Upgrade to an Intel Core i7 and play like the pros! [ Intel.ly Link ]
Who said CGI is only for big Hollywood movies? The 2016 stage production of The Tempest by the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) might surprise you. [ Intel.ly Link ]
We think you need a Turbo boost: Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 identifies your processor's fastest core and directs your most critical workloads to it. [ Intel.ly Link ]
There is no competition for CPU when it comes to streaming. BloodyfasterTV swears by them.