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Don’t be shy and take a dive!
A family who travels, stays together.
Spring is coming!
Say yes to #ICsanjuanWeddings!

Beautiful photo by Tuty Feliciano photography. Contact us at for more
Take a break from the sun in one of our cabanas!
Tag the person you would share this seat with.
The best of both worlds.
What a beautiful morning! Wishing everybody a wonderful day.
Clear sky for a day in the pool.
To relax and renew is essential.
Your spot of the day.
Breakfast Buffet is served. Join us every day from
6am to 12pm.
Pool days are our favorite.
Palm trees everywhere.
Happy #InternationalWomensDay to all the hard- working women out there.
Dreams come true. #WeddingDay

Photo by Tuty Feliciano photography. Looking
to celebrate a wedding with us? Contact us at
A well-deserved, peaceful getaway.
Oh, sunny day!
Let the fun begin.