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One YouTuber recreated this thought-provoking optical illusion in just minutes. Can you figure it out before he gets to the final result?

Impossible or Just an Illusion: Engineer Recreates Optical Trick
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With analog displays fast becoming history let's take a look at some cool digital gauge clusters that are knocking around!

Check out These Awesome Digital Gauge Clusters
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Survivalist techniques can be simple while giving users 'modern' tools. This mysterious YouTuber crafts a kiln using an old termite mound.

Watch This Incredible Primitive Kiln Get Sculpted Out of Termite Clay
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Vacuum cleaners are expensive, and are not that complicated. Find out here how you can make one out of a plastic bottle!

How to Make a Vacuum Cleaner from a Plastic Bottle
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Travel can often be difficult. However, have you ever wondered which spots in the world take the absolute longest to access?

Discover the Most Difficult Locations to Travel to on the Planet
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Mining engineering jobs focus on the process of excavating minerals from the earth. Let's take a look at which jobs offer the highest salary.

Top 3 Mining Engineering Jobs with the Highest Salary
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These clippable runners let horses clip-clop in comfort..
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Let’s take a look over the largest cannons ever used in battle. Schwerer Gustav railway gun was developed by the Nazis in preparation for WW2

Hitler's Doomed Schwerer Gustav: Largest Gun Mankind Has Ever Built
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The technology sector has opened its doors to many opportunities, enabling professionals to get access to some of the highest paying IT jobs.

Top 10 Highest Paying IT Jobs in the Technology World
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A young boy used his unconscious mother's finger to unlock her phone before asking Siri to contact emergency services.

Four-Year-Old Boy Uses Siri to Save His Mom's Life
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German Aerospace Centre is using an artificial sun called Synlight to break down water molecules to produce Hydrogen as a renewable energy.

The World's Largest Artificial Sun 'Synlight' Rises in Germany
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A chair you'll never want to leave.. <3
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Engineers love anything that can make their life easier and more efficient. Here are 10 of the best mobile apps that do just that!

Top 10 Apps for Engineers
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Typically speaking, dovetail joints are some of the strongest connections in carpentry. They're also some of the most elaborately made.

Watching These Japanese Joints Fit Together Is So Satisfying
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For lovers of wine, there's little more annoying than those staining drops that travel down the end of a bottle. One man put an end to it.

Wine Drinkers Will Go Crazy for This Drip-Free Wine Bottle
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The Tesla CEO famously told investors he's not creating a prototype of the Model 3. So is this short clip all we'll get before production?

Elon Musk Tweets Out New Video of 'Release Candidate' Model 3
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This gadget lets you brew your own espresso anywhere..
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Elon Musk's solar roof will finally be available for ordering in April, according to the Tesla CEO's Twitter account.

SolarCity Will Start Taking Orders Next Month for its Solar Roof