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This baby slow loris is just a few weeks old and doesn’t even have a name yet.

We’re thrilled that our team was able to capture this incredibly rare footage to share with you all.

You may remember that our team recently rescued 34 lorises from the cruel pet trade. They have since been working around the clock to care for them, as well as all the other rescued lorises already in our centre....
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Join our family of fundraisers to raise awareness and important funds for our work :)

For ideas and inspiration, visit: [ Internationalanimalrescue.org Link ]
Our Fundraising Star Deborah is organising a fundraising and awareness stall where over 70 soft toy primates will be available for 'adoption!'.
If you live around the Kent area then please do go along on the 4th December to show your support! Here is the event information:
[ Facebook.com Link ]
A huge thank you to Deborah!
Thanks to our supporters, friendly Chotu has been free from torture for thirteen happy years!

Gone are the days he was forced to dance on the streets. You will now find him happily enjoying his favourite fruits (mango, coconut and melon), head pats and extra helpings of rice krispies!

He is a carefree, happy bear and It is truly heartwarming to see that after all he has been through, he has...
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This Giving Tuesday please consider making a donation to our latest appeal for recently rescued orangutan Bonika.

The chain fastened around Bonika’s neck was so tight that it was digging into her skin. And it was so short that the poor baby could barely move from side to side or climb up or down.

She is now in quarantine at our centre receiving expert treatment and care. To donate and find...
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After 'Black Friday' and 'Cyber Monday' comes an important day of giving - 'Giving Tuesday'.
Please consider making a donation on this day to help us cut more orangutans free:
[ Internationalanimalrescue.org Link ]

With your support we can cut the chains of more suffering orangutans who are urgently in need of rescue. Thank you so much for your continued kindness, you make our life-saving...
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We are the last and only hope for orangutans in West Borneo.

Thank you to The Dodo for raising awareness of our life-saving work,
Little Utat, who was rescued from life as a pet, has recently started baby school and is making great progress!

She has spent the last few months in quarantine getting used to her new surroundings, but she is now ready to hit the trees and meet the other baby orangutans.

At first Utat refused to eat "proper" orangutan food and would only eat rice. So our medical team introduced her to fruit,...
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Congratulations to our Thanksgiving Draw winners:

Lorna Amona
Angie McCarter-Sanchez
Zivar Asemani

You've each won a copy of our Orangutan Rescue book signed by our Chief Executive, Alan Knight OBE. Please send an email to info@internationalanimalrescue.org with the address you'd like it sent to.

Thank you to all of you who took part! If you'd like to pick up your own copy of the book, they...
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During this time of giving, don't forget you can virtually adopt one of the animals in our care - they make fantastic gifts. Select a digital pack if you would like your recipient to receive their adoption pack immediately!

Thank you so much to The Dodo for putting together this lovely video of Gito and Asoka.

[ Internationalanimalrescue.org Link ]

On this special day of thanks, we’re so grateful to the many supporters who nominated IAR for the JustGiving ‘Charity of the Year’ award. We were humbled to be nominated alongside the amazing charities MND Association and Reverse Rett, and so surprised to hear on Tuesday that we had won!

JustGiving put together this film for the ceremony to...
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THIS. You made this happen! Thank you so much for all your support! #charityoftheyear #JGawards
Our UK Fundraising team are off to the JustGiving Awards tonight as we are finalists for "Charity of the Year." Wish us luck!

Thank you all for the continued support - you make each rescue and release possible.

Some Monday Motivation from our rescued bears at the sanctuary in India!

Let's start the week with a smile :)

Thanks to our partners Wildlife SOS for capturing this great moment!
As 'Orangutan Caring Week' is being celebrated around the world, our rescue team have sent this important reminder of how they tirelessly devote every single day to the fight to save this species.

We were sent these heartbreaking photos by the vets at our centre. The sadness and desperation in the eyes of this poor baby is clear to see.

Please be assured that our team cut the tight chain...
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The team in Indonesia have also been celebrating Orangutan Caring Week!

This year we took 35 children from 6 different schools, all from the Sandai region of West Kalimantan. This region has a high potential for human-orangutan conflict so it is important for us to reach out to these communities and get them on board with both orangutan and environmental conservation. The children took part...
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Have you ever wanted to volunteer at our Orangutan Rescue centre in Ketapang?

To celebrate Orangutan Caring Week, The Great Projects are offering 15% off for anyone who books in November!

For more information, please visit:
[ Thegreatprojects.com Link ]
This #transformationtuesday our 'before' and 'after' photos tell a sad story...

Bornean rainforest is being destroyed at an alarming rate. Please share this post to raise awareness of the systematic destruction of orangutan habitat.

To learn about our work rescuing this amazing species, visit: [ Internationalanimalrescue.org Link ]