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Today is 'Winnie the Pooh Day' ... what better way to celebrate than with a gorgeous photo of rescued bear Elvis completely covered in yummy honey!
In the wild, baby orangutans stay with their mothers until they are seven or eight years old. But both Asoka and Gito were less than 5 months old when they were rescued by our team.

When they were introduced, it was the first time either of them had seen another orangutan since being cruelly taken from their mothers. Now, they have a close bond. They cling to each other to try and gain the...
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Nadine raised an amazing $265 by selling her home -made crochet hats at a christmas craft sale. A huge thank you to Nadine!
This Blue Monday we recommend grabbing a friend and hugging it out.

Find out more about our orangutan rescue project: [ Internationalanimalrescue.org Link ]
That Friday feeling...
Friday means ... TREATS!

We love these photos of rescued bear Elvis really REALLY enjoying his honey treat!

Little Elvis was rescued in 2015 when he was just eight weeks old. He was found tied to a tree and trembling in fear. To read more about his rescue, please visit: [ Internationalanimalrescue.org Link ]

To send a 'Pot of Honey' to Elvis and his friends (for a donation of £5/$6/€6)...
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A huge thank you to Wags and Menace Make a Difference Program Foundation who have recently donated an amazing $5,800 to support our work!
Happy International 'Kiss a Ginger' Day from Rocky and Rickina!
“We can’t envisage a bright future for orangutans if their habitat continues to be lost at this rapid rate. The orangutan only stands a chance of survival if people start to take the problem seriously. I just pray it isn’t too late by then.”
- Karmele Llano Sanchez, Programme Director for IAR Indonesia.

The time to act is now. Find out more about our Orangutan Rescue project: [...
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We get the feeling Suri bear quite likes his enrichment ball :)

Suri was rescued in 2007. He was malnourished and the penetration wounds on his muzzle were still bleeding. It is heartbreaking to imagine the agony he went through as a little cub. Now, we are dedicated to ensuring that Suri is given the best life possible (which includes time spent with his precious enrichment ball).

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This week marks one year since rescued orphans Gito and Asoka were first introduced, and they are still inseparable...

If you do not know Gito's story, please take a moment to read about his shocking rescue: [ Internationalanimalrescue.org Link ]
We are all connected ...

In 2017, will you make a resolution to do more to protect the planet?

Join us as we fight to save endangered species and their habitats. Please comment below with how YOU will be making a difference this year, your resolution may inspire others!
Wonderful Patty is currently organising her third fundraiser to support our work!

Last year she organised a fundraiser in her work place on 'International Orangutan Day' as well as a Yard Sale and Raffle. She raised almost $1000 and is currently planning another event to take place in February ... THANK YOU Patty for your continued support and incredible passion for our work!

If you want to...
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A great piece on our incredible three day orangutan rescue operation ...
'Did somebody say watermelon?'

You can send our cheeky rescued bears a juicy treat via a 'virtual gift' from our website: [ Internationalanimalrescue.org Link ]

Thanks to our partners Wildlife SOS for this video :)
Incredible photos showing our heroic team in action as they rescued, cared for, and released a mother and her tiny baby.

For more information, visit: [ Internationalanimalrescue.org Link ]

(Video footage of this translocation can be found in our previous post)
Our rescue team have saved the lives of this mother and her tiny baby.

They were found in a rubber tree plantation, no doubt in desperate search of their forest home. Thankfully,
both mother and baby were found to be in good health, with the mother still strong enough to produce milk for her young baby.

It was decided that they were both well enough to be immediately translocated to an area...
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Baby Paijo was rescued during a three day orangutan rescue operation in which our team rescued a baby, a juvenile and a mother and baby.

Paijo is less than four months old and is currently receiving treatment and care at our centre in West Borneo.

We are not sure exactly what happened to Paijo's mother, but we can be certain that this tiny ape is an orphan. A mother orangutan would never...
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As 2016 drew to a close, our team in Borneo carried out three rescue operations on consecutive days, saving the lives of one juvenile, one orphaned baby and a mother and baby orangutan.

This incredible three day rescue operation took unbelievable strength and determination. The photos below show the rescued baby (named Paijo) who is currently receiving emergency treatment at our centre,...
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With your support we:
- Rescued over 100 animals
- Released more than 70 back into the wild
- Reached thousands of people through our education and outreach programmes
- Cared for over 300 ex-dancing bears
- Delivered a petition of over 188,000 signatures to the Mauritian embassy
- Raised enough to reforest and protect an important area of orangutan habitat
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