We made a promise to every single bear we rescued. The promise was simple: we will always look after you.

This Throwback Thursday we are reflecting on the amazing recovery Goldie has made since he was rescued back in 2013. Goldie was poached from the wild when he was just a cub and was forced to dance on the streets.

Upon rescue, Goldie was alone and in agony - he was weak with hunger and...
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We are pleased to share these playful photos of rescued orangutan Budi in baby school!

Budi continues to thrive, he is brilliant at foraging and is growing more and more independent each day.

Seeing Budi looking so healthy and happy is a testament to the power of your donations. Thank you to everyone who has supported Budi since the day he was first rescued.

To read Budi's original rescue...
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Our team recently rescued three orangutans in just four days.

The first orangutan to be rescued was a one year old female called Teka. She was being kept as a pet, living in the house like a human child. The owner claimed to have had her for two months.

The second orangutan to be rescued was a male called Untek of about four years old. He had been kept as a pet...
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Today is International Day of Forests...

This video was created by The Dodo using footage of rescues carried out by our team. More and more we are being called out to rescue orangutans that have been driven out of their forest homes as a result of deforestation.

The horror of seeing orangutan habitats wiped out before our very eyes is almost impossible to bear. We must act now to protect the...
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We are delighted to say that we now have all sizes back in stock :)

To get your t-shirt to help expose the truth and support our work, visit: [ Internationalanimalrescue.org Link ]
Meet some of our rescued orphan orangutans available for virtual adoption!

If you live in the UK, don't forget Mothers Day is NEXT SUNDAY! Our virtual adoptions make a wonderful gift and can be purchased as 'online printable packs' as well as postal packs.

Each of these orphaned orangutans have lost their mothers, making a virtual adoption an extra special gift to thank your mum for all her...
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We are so grateful for the kindness and support you have shown Amy. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has kindly donated towards her rescue, care and rehabilitation.

We wanted to share this quote from our vet Uwi, speaking about the moment she rescued Amy (pictured below):

‘I still have a vivid feeling of when she grabbed my hand, so tightly, on the day we rescued her. At first she...
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Today is International Macaque Day – please share this image to help us spread the message that online videos showing macaques being given make-overs, dressed in human clothing and getting haircuts are cruel.

Macaques are wild animals. They belong in the trees, where they are free to express their natural, wild behaviours.

Videos of pet macaques are currently being shared on social media –...
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This is the moment Amy was set free from the chain that had been tight around her neck.

Amy is being cared for at our orangutan rescue and rehabilitation centre in Borneo. Our focus is on getting Amy better and giving her the time and care she needs to recover. She is currently in quarantine and is very traumatised. We are unable to take photos of her whilst she is in this condition, but we...
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One of the last remaining populations of orangutans is under serious threat. Please, help sound the alarm and share this widely.

Don't forget to sign the petition to demand protection for the orangutans (up to 1750) living in this area: [ Ran.org Link ]

If you love orangutans, please help by sharing this far and wide. Thank you.

Alarms raised as timber firm said to pierce one of Indonesia’s last orangutan strongholds


Our team have been called out to rescue a seven year old orangutan being kept chained up in a small wooden crate.

We believe that she has been kept captive for most of her life, completely alone with no one to comfort or protect her.

Please make a donation to help end her suffering:

The chain around her neck was so tight; it has caused a deep wound. She is unable...
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Apparently today is 'National Napping Day' ...

The perfect day to share this peaceful photo of rescued orangutan Budi, taken almost two years ago!

We are currently recruiting a volunteer facilitator to look after the guests who are participating in the volun-tourism programme at our orangutan rescue centre.

As a volunteer you will get to experience new cultures, see some truly amazing places, work alongside passionate people and make lifelong friends, whilst helping to protect some of the most endangered ecosystems on...
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It looks like rescued orangutans Gatot and Boyna have got that Friday Feeling!

Both of these baby orphans were rescued by our team after being taken from their mothers and kept as pets. It is great to see them doing so well and climbing high. Thank you to all our supporters who make these recoveries possible.
A big thank you to Bored Panda for sharing our 'Tickling is Torture' campaign to expose the truth behind the slow loris pet trade!

Our team have rescued over 500 lorises from the pet trade, this cruelty needs to end.

Sign the pledge: and please share.
Rescued orangutan Reva has returned to her home in the forest!

Reva was rescued in January - She was in a terrible state and her condition was critical, her hands and ankles were bound and her body was covered in injuries. She had been shot several times with an air rifle and required intensive treatment.

In spite of all her injuries, after six weeks’ intensive treatment at our centre, Reva...
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Happy International Women’s day to our inspiring female staff who work tirelessly everyday to rescue and care for suffering animals.

This video shows just some of the incredible women at International Animal Rescue who dedicate their lives to saving animals.

Please share this video to give our team of heroes the appreciation they deserve.
The wonderful Sam Baguley Artist is hosting a charity auction to raise funds for our work!

Visit the link below to join the auction and bid on some beautiful pieces: [ Facebook.com Link ]

Thank you Sam!
'We are the generation of people who can still do something about this. But if we don’t act now, it will be too late for many species.'

In addition to our work rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing slow lorises, we use DNA forensic techniques to directly tackle the trade in Indonesia.

So far, we have rescued over 500 lorises, with every medical check we collect blood samples to help us...
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Wildlife Crime Tech Challenge: YIARI is helping protect slow lorises

The Wildlife Crime Tech Challenge rewards science and tech innovations that fight wildlife crime. Slow lorises are adorable, which is why many of them are il...