This devastating photo shows a tiny bear cub clinging desperately to his dying mother.

We can't imagine the pain that the rescue team must have felt arriving to a scene like this. The mother had been electrocuted by a high voltage wire, rigged up by poachers. She did not survive.

The cub has been taken to the Agra Bear Rescue Facility, which we are proud to fund. With your support we can...
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Our hearts break as we share the sad news of yet another orphaned baby.

We are so sorry to report that a tiny bear cub has had to be rescued in India after his mother was killed by poachers.

The cub was found clinging to his dying mother, who had been electrocuted by a high voltage wire rigged up by poachers. Amazingly the bear cub survived the electrocution and was still nursing from his...
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Our dedicated team, rescuing yet another orphaned baby.

Little Vena is now safely at our centre, receiving the treatment and care she needs. To find out more, visit: [ Link ]

We are currently caring for 108 orangutans - this places a huge responsibility on us in terms of care and cost. We are so grateful for the support you show us everyday.

Thank you.
Our team have just rescued yet another baby orangutan.

Vena is just seven months old and her 'owner' admitted that she had been treating her like a human baby for the past three months.

This is the third rescue of a captive orangutan that we have had to carry out this year - people need to realise that if they continue to capture orangutans and keep or sell them as pets, then the species...
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Please send a donation to help care for baby Ashley at this sad time. To find out more and donate, please visit: [ Link ]

Ashley is a tiny orphaned monkey, currently receiving urgent treatment and care at Nosara’s Refuge for Wildlife. When she was just two weeks old, she watched her mother die.

Her story breaks our hearts and we are proud to be supporting...
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We are urgently appealing for donations to help care for this tiny orphan.

Ashley was only two weeks old when she watched her mother die. She was the only survivor when three monkeys were electrocuted on an uninsulated electrical transformer.

When her mother was electrocuted, baby Ashley slipped from her back and was caught by the rescue team below. Using special tools, the rescuers got the...
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♥ Orangutan Gito loves hugs from his best friend Asoka.

This Valentine's Day tag the person you love receiving hugs from and spread the love! ♥

Adopt an orphaned orangutan online: [ Link ]

Our digital adoption packs are sent immediately via e-mail and make the perfect last minute gift! Give something a bit more meaningful this year - an online adoption will help to support our work caring for these rescued orphans, as well as ensuring that your gift has a positive impact on animals and the...
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Brilliant news - our team in Indonesia have successfully released 20 rescued slow lorises back into the wild.

The lorises (eleven male and nine female) had all been snatched from the forest and were destined to become pets. Thankfully, they were surrendered by members of the community or confiscated by the BKSDA and rescued by our team.

Since rescue,...
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Just a few months ago little Boyna was being treated as a child, forced to wear human clothing. Now, look at her go! We are so pleased to see her adapting so well to life in the trees!

To find out more about rescued Boyna, visit: [ Link ]
We are pleased to share these special and rare images of Canon and her tiny baby with you.

You may remember that Canon was rescued last October as part of a seizure of 34 lorises and gave birth just days after arriving at our centre. Upon rescue, Canon was pregnant and had three air gun bullets lodged in her head, one of which had injured her right eye beyond repair.

But Canon is a fighter...
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When our rescue team found Gito they feared he was already dead. Even our most hardened rescuers were shocked by the state he was in, it was one of the worst cases of neglect they had ever seen.
It took round the clock care and determination from our vets and carers, but they never gave up and Gito made a full recovery. Now, he enjoys spending his time in the...
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We are pleased to share these beautiful photos of rescued orangutan Boyna enjoying her first few days in baby school :)

Boyna’s babysitters report that she is a very active little orangutan who is 'excellent at climbing'. In addition, she is already foraging for food and eating leaves! These are all very promising signs that she will adapt well to life as an orangutan and leave her past as a...
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Baby Boyna has recently completed her time in quarantine after being rescued by our team.

Boyna is a female orangutan of about one year old who had been kept as a pet since she was just a few months old.

The photos below were taken by IAR Vet Assistant Andri at the time of rescue. Boyna was being treated as a child and was even dressed in human clothing.

When questioned,...
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You can virtually adopt one of our rescued animals as a unique gift for someone special. The gift of an online adoption will help to support our work caring for these rescued animals, as well as ensuring that your gift has a positive impact on animals and the environment.

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All the rescued animals below are currently available...
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Every day our teams around the world work tirelessly to save the lives of suffering animals. This year, we are inviting you to play a part in our life-saving work...

If you are passionate about our work rescuing animals, then we need you to turn that passion into action! By joining our family of fundraisers, you become a part of something incredible, part of an end to animal suffering, part...
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Do something AMAZING for International Animal Rescue

Little Vincent is just one of the orphaned howler monkeys being cared for by Refuge for Wildlife, a rescue organisation that we are proudly supporting.

Vincent was only a few weeks old when his mother tragically died after being electrocuted on an uninsulated transformer. Unfortunately, when she died she slumped onto the live electrical current and Vincent was pinned...
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