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New legislation could make IBEW apprenticeships useless.

Ontario Legislation Could ‘Make My Apprenticeship Useless’

A behind the scenes look at how the IBEW organized a major factory in the right-to-work south.

Southern Organizing Strategies

This is how you convince nonunion contractors that the IBEW is the way to go.
What this IBEW brother does off the the job will warm your heart.

Volunteer Work Earns California Lineman National Honor

These brothers and sisters are honoring our IBEW fallen the best way they know how.

Annual RENEW Event Honors the Fallen

Happy Veterans Day
“To the extent that President-elect Trump is serious about working toward growing the middle class and providing real opportunities for working Americans, we’re willing to work with him. On issues like trade, infrastructure, jobs and outsourcing, there can be common ground between us, and I’m committed to finding it.

“But building an economy that works for everybody and restoring the shared...
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Post-Election Message from IBEW International President Lonnie R. Stephenson

Today's Election Day. Do your duty as a citizen and vote! And then share to let your friends and family know.
“We can’t as a nation keep our energy grid secure while reducing our carbon footprint without nuclear.”

The Uncertain Fate of Illinois’ Most Reliable Energy Source

You might have heard this about your pension. But it isn't true.

Fact Check: Busting an Old IBEW Pension Myth

Cool costume (Thanks to Andie Cook)
Clinton: “I’m going to say no to right-to-work. It’s not right for workers and it’s not right for America.”
Trump: “I like right to work better.”
Happy Halloween
(Thanks to Trinity Vicenti from Local 53)
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Inspiring video about how IBEW generosity helped this girl beat cancer