For IBEW members, family and friends who will be in Washington, DC to attend the Women’s March, IBEW will open its international office (900 7th Street, NW) at 7 a.m. on Saturday morning. Participants will depart the building at approximately 9:00 a.m. to join other union sisters and brothers for the rally. Please comment if you plan to attend and include your local union number and the...
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Lamar Austin was fired for taking a day off to attend his son's birth. Here's what the local IBEW did for this working dad. [ Link ]

Fired for Attending Son's Birth, Local IBEW Steps Up and Offers Working Dad an Opportunity
You won't believe what former employees have to say about Trump's Labor Secretary nominee.

Labor Nominee Accused of Widespread Labor Violations
After an 18-month organizing drive, a majority of Baltimore Gas & Electric's 1,418 gas and transmission-distribution workers voted to join the IBEW on Jan. 12.

Victory: More Than 1,400 BG&E Workers Join the IBEW
VICTORY. Workers at one of this state's biggest utility voted to join the IBEW. Congratulations and welcome brothers and sisters.

Victory: More Than 1,400 BG&E Workers Join the IBEW
Next time someone asks you what unions do, show them this.

Detroit’s ‘Wobbly’ Kitchen: Serving Up a Healthy Dose of Community Spirit
Remembering Martin Luther King Jr., a fighter for working families.
The biggest problem with renewable energy is where to store the extra power when the sun isn't shining and the wind isn't blowing. Problem solved.
A historic construction project built by, who else? Oh and check out the size of that boring machine.
Guess what these Republicans are up to. (Hint: it isn't good)

Kentucky Republicans Call Emergency Session to Gut Union Rights
On Dec. 14 Exelon announced it had posted 400 new job openings at the Clinton and Quad Cities nuclear stations. Just a week prior, those plants were facing early retirement.

Now Hiring: New Life and New Jobs at Illinois Nuclear Plants
Congratulations to the First District IBEW!

IBEW Canada Wins Indigenous Inclusion Award
New Republican governors in Missouri and New Hampshire and an incoming GOP House majority in Kentucky mean big changes are coming for the labor community in those states. And first on the agenda for all three is right-to-work.

State Lawmakers across America are Coming After Your Union and Wages
Guess who's coming after your paycheck and your union come January?

State Lawmakers across America are Coming After Your Union and Wages
Trump's Labor Secretary pick: "a guest worker program would be a real benefit to the U.S. economy, because a lot of those people are going to be looking for jobs in the restaurant industry, construction and agriculture, so I’m sure that would be advantageous to our business.”

Labor Nominee Puzder: Champion of the Low-Pay, No Overtime Workforce. And Do We Really Need Actual Workers?