We finish this global campaign week with a call to action for all of you around the world. A treaty banning nuclear weapons is about to be negotiated. But for this process to succeed, we need engaged people all over the world.

Sign up at and join the campaign that will once and for all ban nuclear weapons.
Anti-nuclear campaigners accuse Australia of turning its back on the UN and ‘taking orders from the Trump administration’

Australia to boycott global summit on treaty to ban nuclear weapons

Congratulations Ambassador Elayne Whyte of Costa Rica, who today was elected President of the upcoming negotiations of a treaty banning nuclear weapons.

We look forward to working closely with her to achieve a historic prohibition treaty! If you want to get involved, check out and sign up for our campaign!
There are nine states that possess nuclear weapons. Five additional NATO states (Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Turkey) have nuclear weapons stationed on their territory. Together, this accounts for about 14,500 nuclear warheads.

The failure of the nuclear powers to disarm has heightened the risk that other countries will acquire nuclear weapons. Although the leaders of some...
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Donald Trump shouldn’t have his finger on the button—but neither should anyone else.

Nuclear Weapons Don’t Belong in Anyone’s Hands

It is sometimes argued or even just assumed that the probability of an accidental detonation of a nuclear weapon is very low. Indeed the notion that nuclear weapons are “safe” is fundamental to the theory and practice of nuclear deterrence. The fact that nuclear weapons haven't been used in conflict since 1945 is also put forth as a sign that this theory works.

Unfortunately, as it turns...
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Too Close for Comfort: Cases of Near Nuclear Use and Options for Policy

One last Valentine's Day post for you. It's time we get out of the toxic relationship we have with nuclear weapons. It's time to ban the bomb! Thank you ICAN Romania for the great image.
Check out this wonderful love letter from PAX to the Dutch Foreign Minister.

Deciding to participate in ban treaty negotiations is the best valentine's present we can think of.

PAX: A special love letter


It's Valentine's Day and we want to share our love for all the fantastic organizations and people around the world that are working tirelessly for a treaty prohibiting nuclear weapons.

Together, we'll ban nuclear weapons!
7 days... 7 facts about nuclear weapons. Here's number 5 on the question of a effective humanitarian response to a nuclear weapon detonation:

Nuclear weapons eradicate the social infrastructure required for recovery from conflict. Communications and transportation systems, fire-fighting equipment, and hospitals and pharmacies would all lie in rubble throughout a zone of complete destruction...
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The true extent of the environmental consequences of nuclear weapons is immeasurable, but what we know for sure is that the effects will be with us for many generations to come, regardless of whether the next weapon is detonated in war or by accident.

In Unspeakable Suffering, Felicity Ruby writes, "Each environment has unique conditions and is inhabited by different creatures and plants. If...
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For Day 3 of the Global Week of Action, let's look at the agricultural effects of nuclear weapon detonations.

Nuclear weapons are the only devices ever created with the capacity to destroy all complex life forms on Earth within a relatively short period.

In addition to causing tens of millions of immediate deaths, a regional nuclear war involving around 100 Hiroshima-sized weapons would...
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Each day during the ICAN Global Week of Action, we’ll highlight some of the facts around nuclear weapons. For Day 2, we’ll look at the immediate blast effects of a nuclear detonation:

The temperature of the ball of fire created by a nuclear detonation is between 1 and 100 million degrees Celsius. A third of a nuclear bomb’s energy is released as a heatwave, traveling at the speed of light,...
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Our Global Week of Action has started, and ICAN campaigners are organising events and actions all around the world.

Each day, we'll share a great cartoon that highlights why nuclear weapons need to be banned by Jenny Jordahl. And each day, we'll share some facts and information about what the humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons are.

Feel free to share the images and information,...
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Great video about the global week of action from our Norwegian partner organisation "Nei till atomvapen"!
Nuclear detonations emit huge amounts of ionizing radiation, which kills or sickens those exposed, contaminates the environment, causes birth defects and has severe long-term health consequences for those who do not die right away. The health impacts are disproportionately grave for children and women, being 40% more likely to develop radiation-related cancers.

Subsequent generations can...
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