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We've received support from all around the world on #givingtuesday. Do your part too, and make a contribution to a ban on nuclear weapons. Go to to make history with us!
We have a unique opportunity to ban nuclear weapons next year, with negotiations of a new treaty scheduled for March and June. But at the same time, ICAN is facing financial uncertainty as funding for nuclear disarmament work is being reduced worldwide.

The ban treaty negotiations is a historic opportunity that we cannot miss, civil society needs to be stronger and more effective than ever....
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We're ready to ban the bomb in 2017, are you? Do your part to make this world a bit safer and sign up to join our efforts at
The survivors of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki have launched a signature campaign calling for an international treaty to ban and eliminate nuclear weapons. They are doing this in the hope that no one will ever have to suffer from nuclear weapons as they have. Sign the petition here

Join the Hibakusha Appeal for a Nuclear Ban Treaty

The UN will soon crack down on nuclear bombs. In March 2017, negotiations will begin in New York on a treaty banning nuclear weapons -- currently the only weapons of mass destruction not prohibited. It's beyond time to fix this unacceptable situation.
Yep. Negotiations for a treaty banning nuclear weapons will begin at the United Nations in New York on 27 March 2017.
On 27 October 2016, the United Nations adopted a landmark resolution to launch negotiations on a treaty prohibiting nuclear weapons. Here is a video of that historic moment.
Will your country participate in the UN nuclear ban treaty negotiations next year? Urge your government to commit!
Many nuclear-armed states worked hard to persuade governments to vote no to the resolution establishing negotiations of a ban treaty.

ICAN got a hold of one of the letters from the United States to NATO states, urging them strongly to vote no and not to participate in the negotiations next year.

US pressures NATO states to vote no to the ban treaty | ICAN

You asked - we answered!

In this world of acronyms, resolution numbers, endless documents and paragraphs, it's not always easy to keep up to speed with what it all actually means.

We've put together a few answers to the most frequently asked questions about the ban treaty and the UN adopted resolution to start negotiations next year.

Do you have more questions? Don't hesitate to ask us in...
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The ban treaty: You asked, we answered!

BREAKING NEWS: The United Nations today adopted a landmark resolution to launch negotiations in 2017 on a treaty outlawing nuclear weapons. This historic decision heralds an end to two decades of paralysis in multilateral nuclear disarmament efforts.

At a meeting of the First Committee of the UN General Assembly, which deals with disarmament and international security matters, 123 nations...
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UN votes to outlaw nuclear weapons in 2017 | ICAN

United Nations (United States) (AFP) - A UN General Assembly committee on Thursday voted to launch negotiations on a new treaty banning nuclear weapons despite fierce opposition from the world's nuclear powers.

UN votes to launch talks on nuclear weapons ban

Here's a live feed of the First Committee of the UN General Assembly. We're expecting a vote to take place here shortly on resolution L.41 to begin negotiations in 2017 on a treaty prohibiting nuclear weapons!

First Committee: 22nd meeting

We're getting very excited here at the UN in New York about this afternoon's vote to start negotiations on a nuclear weapon ban!
Breaking news from Brussels.

Just hours before the vote at the UN General Assembly, the European Parliament calls on EU member states to welcome the convening of a negotiating conference in 2017 and to participate in such negotiations to prohibit nuclear weapons.

European Parliament calls on EU Member States to prohibit nuclear weapons | ICAN

Today is the day.

This afternoon in New York, governments will decide which side of history they want to be on. Those that want to ban the last weapons of mass destruction or those that want to keep them legal?

Sign up here to get an email with the result as soon as the voting is over. [ Goodbyenuk.es Link ]
Will the force be with us when governments start voting tomorrow? Sign up to be a part of our campaign and our last efforts to get as many governments as possible to vote yes to a treaty banning nuclear weapons, go to to get involved.

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Two days left until governments vote on starting negotiations of a treaty banning nuclear weapons. We are SO close to reaching our goal, will you help us get there? Sign up and tell your government to vote yes on [ Goodbyenuk.es Link ]