“We have a duty to our people and to the force. The public are all watching and expect us to carry out our day to day work fairly.” Assistant Police Commissioner Joanne Clarkson addresses fellow officers from the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary during the opening of our workshop on international policing standards and human rights at Buka Training College in November.
Severe drought in Somalia has left millions with little food or water.

We’ve provided urgent aid to 240,000 people and are scaling up our response to reach more people in need.
Meet baby Rahaf. Born in Greece, Rahaf was a refugee before she took her first breath. Her mother Nour learned that she was pregnant as she was on the road – fleeing Syria in search of safety. What does their future hold?

Join us this week on Instagram as TIME shares their story: ow.ly/hiuv309oYwX
At 13 years old, Bolki has witnessed more than any child should ever see. Forced to flee from fighting twice, she was shot in the foot while selling pastries to support her family. We’re helping her to recover at a hospital we support in Diffa, Niger.
"My hands were trembling as I was helping out with the triage. This hospital was hit by fighting in the past and we were scared this might happen again."

As violence escalates, doctors and nurses at Kodok hospital in South Sudan work around the clock to save lives.
In war, attacking civilians is a crime. These principles are enshrined in the Geneva Conventions – the laws of armed conflict. We believe the same rules should apply in places affected by tribal fights in the Papua New Guinea Highlands. What do you think?
Because water is life Last year, we helped millions worldwide gain access to clean water, like these children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Ever wonder what an airdrop looks like? In South Sudan, it's sometimes the only way to get food to those who desperately need it.
“Sometimes I feel I’m nobody, I’m useless in prison, but when my family comes I’m overjoyed. Sometimes I don’t know what to say, I just feel like crying tears of joy. When our family is here we feel no pain.”

Stanley (left) is a detainee at Kerevat Correctional Institution in Papua New Guinea's East New Britain Province. In November, he received a visit from his family from across the sea in...
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Amidst Aleppo's rubble, 12-year-old Ahmad plays a game of hopscotch with his friend.

Syria’s children deserve better.
Keen to understand how the law protects in war? Our new website has over 300 real life case studies you can explore. Take a look: [ Casebook.icrc.org Link ]
How we deliver aid might’ve changed, but our mission remains the same.

Today, we mark 154 years of bringing relief to those who need it most.
К дню рождения МККК глава нашей региональной делегации Магне Барт дал интервью "Известиям". Как развивается сотрудничество с Россией и какие проблемы стоят перед нами в оказании помощи жертвам войн? Читайте по ссылке.

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«Россия — важный партнер в решении мировых гуманитарных проблем»

“I miss my old home.” In a tribal fight last year in Pilikambi in Papua New Guinea’s Enga Province, Michelle’s home was burned to the ground with all her possessions. Her family is one of more than 500 that received relief kits during our first ever distribution in Enga Province earlier this month. Each kit consisted of things needed to help families get back on their feet: kitchen items,...
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That moment when a mother sees her children after three years apart.

We ❤ this video from our colleagues in northern Nigeria.
Thousands of people, over 50 countries, 1 message: Aid workers and volunteers are #NotATarget.
On Valentine’s Day, a few of the countless love letters we’ve helped exchange across front lines over the years ❤
Graduate architect Dianne Oki is proud to be the designer of a new Family Support Centre for survivors of gender-based violence at Mt Hagen General Hospital in Papua New Guinea. “I supervise the builders and ensure they build to my design’s expectation. I’m excited to see my first baby come into shape,” Dianne said of the project, which our Mt Hagen team is supporting. The structure has been...
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Last week, we lost colleagues in Aleppo. They were killed while doing their job. Today, our team Syria stands united with one message: We are #NotATarget