International Delight
03/22/2017 at 16:23. Facebook
I'll take some creamer with my creamer.
Latte Making 101: Press firmly on the One Touch Latte button for optimal party mug potential.
You're in luck!

All you need to make the perfect St. Patrick's Day Milkshake is Irish Crème Café creamer, milk & vanilla ice cream (...and maybe a little Irish whiskey )! Check out the full, festive recipe from The Flair Exchange here: [ Link ]
"Like" for French Vanilla
"Love" for Sweet Cream ❀
Is this what it felt like when sliced bread became a thing?

Without French Vanilla, we don't coffee.
You asked, we delivered!

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I see the "like" and "love" buttons... but where's the "OMG I NEED THIS IMMEDIATELY"button?!
Real Ingredients + Real Flavor =

Caramel, Sweet & Creamy, or Vanilla?!
How To Make A Latte:
1.) Fill favorite mug 2/3 with coffee β˜•
2.) Walk to fridge and grab One Touch Latte
2.) Shake One Touch Latte
3.) Point towards coffee and press the party button firmly for 5-10 seconds
4.) Prepare for your life to be forever changed
How to make coffee better: Make it chocolate.
Two words: Coffee Gamechanger.
Guess what?! We have a NEW Simply Pure flavor! Check out Sweet & Creamy at a grocery store near you! β˜•
Warm up this winter with this extra toasty Mocha Campfire S'mores Dip Recipe from The Slow Roasted Italian!

Check out this simple, 4-ingredient recipe that the whole family will love: [ Link ]
You spoke, we listened! Salted Caramel Mocha is now available year round!
Point. Press. Obsess.

(Make sure to press really hard to achieve optimal party mug potential!)
My morning ritual before One Touch Latte: loathe getting out of bed entirely.

My morning ritual after One Touch Latte: I CAN’T BE LATE TO THE PARTY IN MY MUG!!!! β˜•
No creamer? No coffee.