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Local volunteers and health workers continue to play a critical role in preventing the spread of HIV in communities around the world. On #WorldAIDSDay, we call for more support to their work in order to end the AIDS epidemic by 2030.
Access to remote communities in #Haiti has been one of the biggest challenges for relief efforts after #HurricaneMatthew. Watch how we’ve mobilised 35 tonnes of supplies, making sure that they reached the people who needed them most.
Abiti Anesi, 65, stands in her millet field in the Chikwawa district of Malawi’s Southern Region. Not enough rain fell during the last rainy season and her crop failed. “This millet never reached maturity and we got nothing,” she says.
Read her story: [ Bit.ly Link ] (Photo: Victor Lacken / IFRC)
"These people have been through dreadful experiences; they need as much support as we can give," says 29-year-old Mahdia, a psychosocial volunteer from theجمعية الهلال الاحمر العراقي - Iraqi red crescent society. Twenty volunteers trained in psychosocial support are working in relief camps around #Mosul, Iraq, providing emotional support to families who fled their homes. Almost half the people...
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Did you know that 2.4 billion people in the world live without adequate or safe toilet facilities?
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In time of conflict, people may experience severe emotional trauma. See how the جمعية الهلال الاحمر العراقي - Iraqi red crescent society is assisting people forced to flee their homes in #Mosul.
In drought-affected Chikwawa, southern #Malawi, the Malawi Red Cross Society - MRCS's school feeding programme is helping children go back to school. Red Cross officer Cecilia Banga explains how.
Red Cross volunteer Pak Un Hye, 37, was made homeless when her home was swept away by the flooding that struck the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea at the end of August. She now lives in a temporary shelter with her 11-year-old daughter, where she also checks on the welfare of other displaced people in her community. Every day, she has to dig a shallow well in a river bed to collect water...
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Meet Leena Railimo-Saares, from the Finnish #RedCross (Suomen Punainen Risti), who is currently working as head nurse at Nea Kavala camp, northern #Greece.
In Greece, Red Cross teams continue to provide basic healthcare for migrants staying in camps. See more photos: [ Bit.ly Link ] (Photo: S. Baltagiannis / IFRC)
In order to meet the needs of people fleeing the fighting in and around #Mosul, the Iraqi Red Crescent Society has established bakeries in #Erbil to provide bread to displaced people in camps. Countrywide, the National Society operates a total of nine bakeries with a total capacity of 32,000 loaves of bread per day.
It's been a month since #HurricaneMatthew struck #Haiti. Check out how we've been assisting people in hardest-hit communities.
In #Iraq, families who have been able to flee #Mosul are starting to reach camps that have been established beyond the reach of the fighting. Many arrive with only the clothes they are wearing, receiving much needed food and relief supplies from the جمعية الهلال الاحمر العراقي - Iraqi red crescent society and other humanitarian agencies working in the camps. Read more: [ Bit.ly Link ] (Photo:...
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We've received these photos from Moline, a very isolated village of southwestern #Haiti where, over the past few days, a #RedCross mobile clinic has assisted communities affected by #HurricaneMatthew and currently have no access to local health services. Last Friday alone, medical specialists have treated more than 160 people for issues such as pneumonia, muscular lesions and infected injuries...
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At Skaramagas camp, an old shipping yard on the harbour in western Athens, Eleanna and Dimitra set up for the winter distribution. They are two of 20 Red Cross volunteers who are helping out here to deliver blankets, sleeping bags, scarfs, hats and other winter items for the more than 3,400 asylum seekers and refugees staying at the camp. Read more: [ Bit.ly Link ] (Photo: A. Dullard / IFRC)
In #Haiti, relief efforts continue in areas hardest hit by #HurricaneMatthew. Today, the Société Nationale de la Croix-Rouge Haïtienne distributed relief items such as hygiene kits, kitchen sets, buckets, mosquito nets, jerry cans and tarpaulins to 300 more families in Anse D’Hainault, a remote area in the southwestern part of the country. (Photo: N. Robicheau / IFRC)
“We have nothing to eat so we cut some branches off the trees that have little fruits." Adália, from the village of Changanine, southern #Mozambique, explains how she strives to cope with the impact of the current drought on communities like hers.

Coping with drought: Adália’s story

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Thousands of families have been left without a roof over their heads after #TyphoonHaima struck northern #Philippines earlier this week. We’ve now launched an appeal to help meet people's most urgent needs, including food, access to safe water, shelter, and cash grants to support communities in restarting their livelihoods. Read more: [ Bit.ly Link ] (Photos: Cheryl Gagalac / IFRC)