As many as nine #RedCross volunteers remain in critical condition and dozens of others are receiving psychological and medical care after Tuesday's airstrike in northeast #Nigeria.
The Nigerian Red Cross Society is committed to continuing to assist those most affected by the conflict in the region and won't suspend its work due to this week’s tragedy. Read more: [ Link ] (Photo: ICRC)
In central Italy, teams from the Croce Rossa Italiana - Italian Red Cross have been battling blizzards to reach people cut off by snow after Wednesday’s quakes. Over 250 volunteers are currently on the ground in worst-hit areas, providing first aid, emergency supplies and psychological support to affected communities.
New lambs, new hope: In rural #Syria, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent - الهلال الأحمر العربي السوري has distributed 1,000 sheep and 10 tonnes of sheep feed to support returning communities. #DidYouKnow? Read more: [ Link ]
Northern Greece has seen temperatures drop to -15C, with heavy snow blanketing most of the country. Migrants living in reception centres are especially vulnerable, as the weather compounds already poor conditions. The Hellenic Red Cross is providing food, blankets, winter clothing, medical care, as well as helping prepare tents for the winter. Read more about our response across Europe: [...
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In the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Red Cross youth volunteers are using music and performance to promote safe and healthy living in their communities. Watch the full video here: [ Link ]
Dear friends, we’d like to share with you this photo from Greece, where Red Cross volunteers are providing food, blankets, clothing and medical care to homeless people and migrants caught in severe weather.
As sub-zero temperatures continue to freeze Europe, Red Cross and Red Crescent teams across the region are working in worst-hit areas to bring assistance to the most vulnerable people.
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“We were 38 people in a boat that was 10 metres long. About 30 minutes into the crossing, the boat’s engine stopped. Everyone was praying, yelling and screaming. It was night time. I wanted to call my family and say goodbye to them. I was thinking this would be the last night of my life.”
Read about Hamed's journey from Afghanistan to Greece: [ Link ] (Illustration: Karrie Fransman)
Many people who have fled war, persecution and poverty have to rely on humanitarian aid for months, if not years. In Greece, cash assistance is helping thousands of people living in camps make their own choices and buy the things they need the most. Read more: [ Link ] (Photos: P. Henning Nielsen / IFRC)
Thank you for standing with us for humanity and dignity in 2016. We wish you a safer, healthier and peaceful new year.
Fleeing war and persecution is no game. Yet every day, thousands of people like 15-year-old Sharif are forced to gamble with their lives. Thanks Karrie Fransman for helping us illustrate his story.
Watch the full video here: [ Link ].
#ProtectHumanity #StopIndifference
Despite the challenges, volunteers of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent - الهلال الأحمر العربي السوري continue to assist millions of people across #Syria. Join us in thanking them for their courageous work. Please share!
(Photo: I. Mardini / SARC)
Over the past year alone, millions of people around the world have left their homes and embarked on dangerous journeys in search of safer and better lives. For most, the perilous pursuit of safety and sanctuary continues. Read some of the stories of people living in Greece’s migrant camps.
#MigrantsDay #ProtectHumanity

Stories from Kordelio, Greece
“We are coming to the end of the year, and it’s a time when many express thanks for the good things in their lives. I think it is also a good time to change how we think and talk about people who are migrating and fleeing, and how we treat them.”
Hear our Secretary General’s message for children around the world for International #MigrantsDay.
We mourn the death of Yasser Lakmoush, a Syrian Arab Red Crescent - الهلال الأحمر العربي السوري volunteer who was killed while on duty in Idlib, #Syria, yesterday. Here is a blog that he wrote two years ago, about his experience as a volunteer.

Yasser Lakmoush, a volunteer with Syrian Arab Red Crescent
Around 100 volunteers and staff of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent - الهلال الأحمر العربي السوري and the International Committee of the Red Cross are on the ground in east #Aleppo, working to evacuate thousands of people, including wounded and sick. On Thursday, some 3,000 people were evacuated by bus.
The #RedCrescent continues to assist thousands of people living in temporary shelters,...
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"Tomorrow might just be too late” for thousands of people in #Aleppo whose lives hang in the balance. The latest from our colleagues at the International Committee of the Red Cross.
Dear friends, we'd like to share a few recent photos from #Aleppo, #Syria: Here, the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent - الهلال الأحمر العربي السوري are on the ground to help those displaced in recent violence, but needs are huge, and the ongoing fighting makes aid delivery more challenging.
President Konoé has recently concluded a ten-day visit to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, where he travelled to some of the areas that were worst affected by the recent floods. Here are some photos from the communities he has visited. Read more: [ Link ]
Southern Africa is experiencing its worst #drought in 35 years. See how we're assisting local communities across the region.