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#ifadsuggestedread:When #sea levels rise rapidly, even a small increase can have devastating effects on #coastalhabitats. As #seawater reaches farther inland, it can cause destructive #erosion, #wetland #flooding, awuifer and agricultural #soil #contamination, and lost habitat for #fish, #birds, and #plants

Sea Level Rise

The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting is starting today in Davos. Alongside the conversations at #WEF2017 will be discussions from #SDGLive! Follow along and learn more at sdglive.org
Recently, #IFAD and #Morocco signed a financing agreement to improve living conditions of the country's rural people living in mountain areas and reduce poverty by 30 per cent by 2030.

The project will focus on areas that are prone to extreme effects of climate change and socio-economic vulnerability and where there are poverty hotspots.

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IFAD to provide $46.5 million to reduce poverty and revitalize mountain areas in Morocco

#ifadsuggestedread: Only 100 Asiatic #cheetahs now survive in the #wild. The #Asiatic cheetah is one of the fastest #creatures on the #planet. It can run at more than 90 kilometres per hour yet, its unique #speed won’t be enough to save this #animal from #extinction.

Asiatic cheetahs are desperately racing toward extinction - LifeGate

It's Friday and time for our weekly #quiz! This time we ask if you know the name of the tree in the picture?
#ifadsuggestedread: The #moringa tree is an exciting and tasty solution to ending #global #hunger and #poverty. For some #farmers, the moringa #tree, is anything but ordinary…..it is considered a #superfood for those who consume it and those that #grow and sell it.

Moringa is known as 'The Miracle Tree,' and its powers are spreading worldwide.

#ifadsuggestedread: A growing number of #farmers in eastern and western #Kenya are now #harvesting and eating #insects like termites to cope with prolonged #drought.

Kenyan farmers develop taste for insects as drought hurts crops

#Ifadsuggestedread: Over the next weeks, BBC News will be looking at how #technology is transforming our #urban #landscapes, now and in the #future. That may mean hailing a #jetpack

Tomorrow's cities: What it feels like to fly a jetpack - BBC News

#ifadsuggestedread: Food manufacturers have been trying to come up with new alternative #sustainable #protein sources to wean us off #meat. #Pea protein, extracted from dried and ground yellow split peas, has made it on to lists of 2017 #food trends.

Give peas a chance: why pea protein is leading the whey

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Women from the Agamso savings group work in their field in Somalia. They are part of the IFAD North-Western Integrated Community Development Programme, aimed at improving the livelihoods of poor rural...
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#ifadsuggestedread: A huge #rift has been forming across #Antarctica's Larsen C ice shelf for months. When it splits off as an #iceberg, it is expected to be one of the 10 largest ever recorded on the #planet

An Iceberg the Size of Delaware Is About to Break Off From Antarctica, and It's Really Bad News

#ifadsuggestedread: The largest-ever destruction of #ivory was the pinnacle of efforts to jolt mankind into stopping the slaughter of #wildlife, while sending a powerful message to #poachers. As 2016 has just ended, awareness of the devastation of #poaching is greater than ever.

The war to save African wildlife heats up - Star2.com

It's Friday and time for the first weekly #quiz of 2017!
Do you know what is this woman holding?
#ifadsuggestedread: The #world is in our hands. If we really think 2016 was a horrible year, this should encourage us to commit to, demand and fight for a better 2017. The #protection of #nature and the #health of our #planet is at the heart of our #mission.

2016 according to LifeGate

Agricultural productivity in the East and Southern Africa region has been increasing. However a number of challenges still remain. What investments need to be made by governments to face those challenges and eradicate poverty by 2030?

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Projections indicate that Africa will remain predominantly rural until about 2035. Rural poverty remains deep and widespread, concentrated among young people and women in the region. About 65 per cent of youth work in agriculture: only 16 per cent have waged jobs in the public and private sectors.

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#ifadsuggestedread: in the Horn of #Africa, #frankincense #trees thrive in extreme #aridity. With the #climate changing so rapidly, this species provides a glimmer of hope for bringing back some of Africa's rapidly-shrinking #forests.

How frankincense could reshape Africa

#ifadsuggestedread: This past year had so many stories involving #humancaused #climatechange – it will be forever in our memories. #Wind, #solar, and other #renewables have been on an incredible run of decreasing costs and creative #financing, which has made them #economically competitive with dirty #fossilfuel.

Climate change in 2016: the good, the bad, and the ugly | John Abraham

The world is changing rapidly across urban and rural areas. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Near East and North Africa region and the Newly Independent States which have been going through far-reaching economic and political transitions.

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Countries of Asia and the Pacific region have experienced rapid growth and poverty reduction over the last 25 years. Both the service and manufacturing industries have provided a large increase in employment opportunities across the region. But in spite of the rapid urbanization , more than half of the region’s population still lives in rural areas, and most are engaged in agriculture.

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