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It's Friday and #quiz time! This week we are asking if you can name this fruit?
#ifadsuggestedread: #Globalwarming is not the only environmental change that is being wrought by rising #emissions of carbon dioxide. This gas, acidic when dissolved in water, is also lowering the pH of the world’s sea water—a phenomenon known as #oceanacidification.

Ocean acidification: a natural experiment

“Siempre ha sido duro, pero desde hace unos diez años no deja de empeorar. Aquí siempre se ha practicado una agricultura de subsistencia basada en la papa y el cereal, parte del cual se utilizaba para alimentar pequeños rebaños de ovejas, llamas y alpacas. Ahora casi no da ni para eso”.

En este enlace pueden leer el artículo publicado ayer en "El País" acerca de cómo proyectos financiados por...
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Bolivia: en la frontera del cambio climático

A workshop to improve the capacity of project and IFAD staff to collect, analyse and report on the achievements of IFAD-funded projects is being held in Lima, Peru, 1-2 December.

Organized by the IFAD Andean Sub-regional Office, the workshop on Strengthening Monitoring and Evaluation and Knowledge Management Systems in Rural Development Public Programmes, aims to share tested innovative...
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#ifadsuggestedread: "In the years all of the #satellites have been flying they’ve taken millions upon millions of high-definition images, which #NASA and the U.S. Geological Survey (#USGS) have collated and assembled into something of a flip book that reveals the slow but steady alteration of our #world."

Stunning Satellite Images of Earth | TIME.com

#ifadsuggestedread: "Many consumers would be appalled to contemplate the notion that their garment they're wearing could be the product of human trafficking"

INTERVIEW-Is your T-shirt clean of slavery? Science may soon be able to tell

La semana pasada, el Presidente de la República Dominicana, Danilo Medina, entregó fondos por 116 millones de pesos dominicanos (USD 2,5 millones) a 40 organizaciones rurales beneficiarias del Programa de Desarrollo Económico y Rural en las Provincias Centrales y Orientales (PRORURAL), financiado por el FIDA. La entrega se efectuó durante un acto en el salón Las Cariátides del Palacio...
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En este vídeo podéis asistir al coloquio sobre la situación de los pueblos indígenas en El Salvador y América Latina que emitió días atrás la emisora de televisión salvadoreña Gentevé. Junto con el Gerente del Programa del FIDA para El Salvador, Glayson Ferrari, participan como invitados Betty Pérez, Coordinadora del Consejo Coordinador Nacional Indígena Salvadoreño (CCNIS), y Jorge Alberto...
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Gentevé Opiniones


#ifadsuggestedread: "I want to show to fellow girls that we don't need to sit around or limit ourselves. Any career is possible - even aerospace."

Teenage Girls Have Built Africa's First-Ever Private Satellite

Join us tomorrow for a new session of #agtalks: Whassup with Agriculture? Young innovators tell their stories.

You can join us via webcast: [ Ifad.org Link ]
#ifadsuggestedread: "We are very happy about saffron cultivation because it has paved the way for women to find jobs"

Spice of life - Saffron harvest offers jobs, opportunity in Afghanistan - World | The Star Online

It's Friday again and time for our weekly #quiz. This week we ask: Do you know the name of this fruit?
Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

Gender equality has been key to IFAD’s work for many decades. Empowering rural women economically can help reduce their vulnerability to abuse and strengthen their independence. Find out more: [ Ifad.org Link ]

#orangetheworld #16days #globalgoals

Protecting women’s rights in the face of domestic violence in India and Burundi

A 10-member delegation of IFAD’s Executive Board -- Angola, Argentina, China, Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria, Norway, Saudi Arabia and Switzerland -- is in Brazil this week to see first-hand the achievements of the Viva o Semiárido (Long Live Semiarid) project in the state of Piauí. Accompanying the delegation are: IFAD Secretary a. i. Cheryl Morden; IFAD’s Independent Office of Evaluation...
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#ifadsuggestedread: "I think of algae as providing food security for the world. It will also provide our liquid fuels needs, not to mention its benefits in terms of land use. "

Marine microalgae, a new sustainable food and fuel source

"I thought about leaving for the city too," said the 30-year-old. "But with all the training and equipment we have received, the situation is more stable for young people here, our quality of life is better, and I don't think about going anymore."

Story via Thomson Reuters Foundation

#globalgoals #adaptnow #youth #agriculture

FEATURE-Olive business roots young farmers in drying rural Morocco

Con el apoyo de, entre otras instituciones, el FIDA, la Fundación Activos Culturales Afro (Fundación ACUA) ha publicado el libro "Saberes & sabores del pacífico colombiano", dedicado a documentar y recuperar las prácticas y recetas culinarias tradicionales de la población afrocolombiana, mayoritaria es la costa pacífica del país. El vídeo "Mujer, tradición y vida en la cocina guapireña" es un...
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Mujer, tradición y vida en la cocina guapireña 13:12

Este documento fué desarrollado por el Ministerio de Cultura en el marco de la politica para el conocimiento, la salvaguardia y el fomento de la alimentación...

#ifadsuggestedread: ".. Results show that rates of climatic niche change among populations of plants and animals are dramatically slower than projected rates of future climate change,"

Climate changing 'too fast' for species - BBC News

#ifadsuggestedread: "Indigenous people and non-Indigenous settlers co-occupy place, and yet they do so in ways that are rarely common with each other and often fundamentally different”

Can Indigenous culture ever coexist with urban planning?

"Insofar as smallholder farmers are managers of agricultural landscapes, their choices have widespread impacts on the integrity of ecosystems. Since they’re often located in marginal or degraded landscapes, involving them in adaptation solutions can make a crucial difference in restoring biological diversity, and in some cases bringing these areas under sustainable agricultural production....
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Smallscale farmers need the spotlight now: Africa Food Prize winner Kanayo Nwanze speaks out at COP22