Tomorrow is the final day to donate with GoPro! Your support will not only help IFAW and these stunning raptors in China, but you can also enter two GoPro promotions to win exciting prizes!

IFAW rescues wild birds of prey in and around Beijing, China at the Beijing Raptor Rescue Center (BRRC). This bustling city is in the middle of a large migration route - making it a crucial place to...
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What do you think? International surf champ Kelly Slater says a daily shark cull is the answer to the recent shark attack on Reunion Island.

Sharks should not be culled to protect Reunion Island surfers, Kelly Slater
The theme of this Friday's World Wildlife Day is #ListentoYoungVoices and Bria Neff is one young voice that has our ear! A portion of the proceeds from her artwork (sold on Faces Of The Endangered) is donated to IFAW. She's been selected as one of the state finalists in the Google Doodle competition! Congratulations and good luck Bria!

Doodle4Google - Vote
Little known fact on International Polar Bear Day today: Males have significantly longer hairs on their front legs, which increase in length as he reaches 14 years of age. This is thought to attract females, serving a similar function to the lion's mane! Have a great day! YOU can take action now to save our climate and the polar bear's critical habitat ---> [ Link ]
The next step in the journey to the wild for two orphaned elephants. [ Link ]
This film exposes the cruel trade of marine mammals, investigates animal dealer chains in various countries, and tells the stories of the unfortunate animal victims.

Born to Be Free premieres in Moscow
As a member of the CLiC Wildlife Trafficking project group, we are working towards better future for Caribbean wildlife!

A Caribbean-Led Effort to Stop Wildlife Smuggling Takes Flight
This Friday, the world premiere of “Born to Be Free” will open the 2017 ECOCUP Green Documentary Film Festival in Moscow! The film follows the story of 18 beluga whales captured from the wild in Russian waters and targeted for export to an aquarium for entertainment in the U.S. Coming soon to a worldwide audience, attendees will experience the shocking contrast of beluga whales in the wild and...
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Following long-held concerns by the UAE government and global environmentalists about the impacts of construction, desalination and reclamation projects on sea life, a Red Listing Assessment informational workshop was held a few weeks ago in Abu Dhabi.

Sharks, rays, chimaeras assessed in Middle East for Red List priority
Meaning 'sweet' in Spanish, Dulce was only eight months old and in desperate need of care when IFAW-GAAP teams met him. Rescued from the devastating fires in Chile, he was badly burned and visibly in pain. Now, he's recovering both physically and emotionally but there are still many animals in need.

Dulce, horse rescued from Chile wildfires, recovering nicely
Beginning last week, Kenya Wildlife Service - in collaboration with IFAW and other key partners - is conducting an aerial census of elephants and large mammals in the Tsavo Conservation Area and Mkomazi (Tanzania bordering Kenya) region. Ten aircraft and a team of pilots, observers, data collectors and ground teams are engaging in a coordinated exercise and documentation process across the...
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"Above all, what gets me up in the morning is the passion I have for animals and knowing that I am responsible for making another life happy and healthy."

Treating animals at the Mdzananda Animal Clinic
A new study shows forest elephants in Central Africa are facing a devastating decline in numbers. This loss, unforeseen by experts, is considered a huge setback for the preservation of the species.

Forest elephants decline in critical sanctuary
This year's World Wildlife Day theme is Listen to Young Voices. As we approach this holiday, we're listening to young people through creativity! Check out our World of Animals Art Contest to learn how you can get involved!

The IFAW World of Animals Art Contest - WeAreTeachers
We're pleased to share that our domestic violence project in the Netherlands received an incredible award this past week!. The award is presented every year on Valentine's Day to a project that is unique and stands up for animals. The Hague is very impressed by the project and celebrates its connection between animals and people. More on the project below:

Dutch domestic violence project partners with Amsterdam shelter
Celebrating World Pangolin Day today! [ Link ]
Today is #WorldPangolinDay! Feel free to share our fun-fact video with someone who loves pangolins as much as you do! [ Link ]
IFAW’s Communications Rig deployed to Oroville, CA, providing a command station, communications and dispatch support for NVADG during the worsening dam situation.

Disaster response to Oroville dam evacuation
One hour left to join in on our pango-poll on Twitter!
Happy #WorldPangolinDay Eve, friends! How do you plan to celebrate these incredible animals tomorrow? You can start by reading up on them! (photo © S. Hurd)

Celebrate 6th annual World Pangolin Day