Live baby elephant bottle feeding from elephant orphanage project in Zambia!!
Stay tuned as we attempt to bring you LIVE to our GRI - Elephant Orphanage Project in Zambia in about 10 minutes! It's almost evening feeding time for the baby elephants!
One week left to enter! Winning entries will receive a creative artist prize pack and the first 2,000 entrants will also receive an IFAW 2017 calendar featuring artwork from last year’s contest winners!

The IFAW World of Animals Art Contest - WeAreTeachers
IFAW is challenging schools with tiger mascots to imagine a world without them... a very real possibility if we don't act now.

Save Our Stripes campaign seeks to help tigers
Honorary board member Dr. Jane Goodall hosts "Shelter Me: Community Matters," the seventh episode of the inspiring national PBS series that tells the powerful stories of shelter pets and the people who help them. We're incredibly proud of our partnership with Working Dogs for Conservation and our Rescues 2the Rescue team, rescuing dogs who will prove invaluable in saving wildlife, protecting...
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In the past 15 months, Kasungu National Park has reported the loss of only one elephant at the hands of poachers. This is an astonishing improvement over the four to five elephants found poached in Kasungu each month prior to the establishment of the unit.

Kasungu unit records poacher arrest milestones, persevering through floods
Despite fierce opposition, the U.S. Senate caved to special interests tonight and passed H.J. Res. 69/S.J. Res. 18. This is a distressing loss not only for wildlife, but for the millions of Americans who treasure our shared public lands.

URGENT: Help Us Protect Alaskan Wildlife
Less than two weeks left to enter! Share with your favorite teachers and students! [ Link ]
The mental images are tough to stomach. Bears, wolves and other iconic Alaskan wildlife suffering for days in leg traps, slowly suffocating in neck snares, mother bears and wolves slaughtered alongside their young... this is what can happen if the US Senate allows it.

U.S. Senate Must Not Allow Barbaric Methods of Killing Wildlife on Federal Lands
Yarik was only seven months old when he was cruelly shot in in his face by poachers. Luckily, local residents informed rescue teams who set out immediately to rescue the cub and pursue the poachers. The fight for Yarik's life is a daily battle, and one that has great implications for the future of the Amur tiger species - only 500 left.

Shot in face by poachers, a new cub joins three orphans recovering at IFAW supported centre.
Happy Spring! On this evening of the vernal equinox, we're sharing a few great wildlife wallpapers for you to add to your desktop or smartphone. Download and enjoy! (© IFAW / B. Hollweg)
International Day of Happiness is a perfect time for us all to take a step back from our daily activities, express gratitude for the things in our lives that bring us happiness, and recommit ourselves to protecting those things. Join IFAW, our CEO and President Azzedine T. Downes, and #MakeItHappy today!

International Day of Happiness: How Animals #MakeItHappy
Following a surveillance operation, enforcement officials seized cages, snares, nets, falsified marking rings and hundreds of birds from a criminal network. It is time for stronger national and European regulations to protect endangered species.

Hundreds of protected birds freed from traffickers’ claws
Your senator needs to know where you stand! Do you think people should be allowed to kill bears and their cubs while they sleep in their dens? If not, sign your name. Let governing officials know that Alaska’s animals deserve protection!
The future wasn’t looking good for Shams until he encountered the kindness of a few good people.

Injured Saluki recovering from injury
Every time we post about a dolphin stranding, we get lots of great questions about what's going on and why we do the things we do. Here are some of the answers. Have more? Comment below!

Nine things you may not know about dolphins
Satellite collars provide us with essential data that we use to track and anticipate movements of elephants. Take a behind the scenes look at testing this fundamental tool that allows us to increase protections for such an iconic species.

Testing satellite collars for elephant orphans
This is Legolas, a beautiful green-eyed kitten brought to our Mdzananda Animal Clinic after being run over by a forklift. She's now three-legged and missing her tail, but she's alive thanks to the incredibly caring team in Mdzananda.

Saving a kitten makes a vet reflect
Get those paintbrushes, markers, crayons and colored pencils ready! This annual contest for students in grades preK–12 celebrates wildlife and creativity in all its forms. Plus the winning entries will receive a creative artist prize pack, including colored pencils, a sketch pad, an animals coloring book, and more! [ Link ]
March is #DolphinAwarenessMonth and we're reminding everyone that all cetaceans including dolphins are protected species. While it may be tempting to push a wayward dolphin back out to sea, the best thing to do is keep back and call for help. Usually there is a good reason why a dolphin strands. They may need medical treatment or to be moved to a more optimal location before release for the...
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