Everything you need to know about Agile [ Bit.ly Link ] by the co-creator of Scrum and our Keynote Speaker, Jeff Sutherland
Harvard Business Review
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New on our blog! What are the future trends for Lean Six Sigma?

Future Trends for Lean Six Sigma – The IIL Blog

The best way to stay warm on a day like this is a warm beverage and a good book. Our personal favorite for the month comes from Isaac Lidsky.
Proud of you, Isaac! Keep inspiring us to become the best we can and do more with what we've been given!
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The Common Traits of Exceptional Leaders — A Live Case Study

The Common Traits of Exceptional Leaders – The IIL Blog

#Infographic: Why influencers are important for your online strategy – An analysis of Millennials

The Importance of Influencers In Your Strategy – An Analysis of Millennials – The IIL Blog

Why do Agile or Scrum trainers seem to walk in “off the street” and immediately pinpoint the people problems? Discover the secret to being a great ScrumMaster or Agile coach

The Secret to Being a Great ScrumMaster or Agile Coach: The People Chip – The IIL Blog

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How to shift your marketing into high gear with Agile? Read below.

Shift Your Marketing Metabolism Into High Gear With Agile

You ask, we deliver: Learning something new every day! What would you like our team to research and write about?
What are the common traits of exceptional leaders? A live case study.[ Bit.ly Link ]

The Common Traits of Exceptional Leaders – The IIL Blog

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As market forces heat up and the global economy continues to evolve, every enterprise must continually reinvent themselves to be relevant today. That starts with agile unlearning.

Learning new skills isn’t enough to stay ahead. You must also unlearn old ones

We Simulated Waterfall, Kanban & #Scrum. Which Works Best? [ Bit.ly Link ]