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It’s the NFL's #MyCauseMyCleats week, and we are so grateful to Kirk Cousins, Benjamin Watson, and Tim Hightower for shining a light on the fight to end slavery! #UntilAllAreFree
Some of the best gifts can’t be wrapped. Shut down cybersex trafficking, rescue slaves, help girls and boys heal. And today only—your gift will be DOUBLED! $25=$50, $50=$100 and so on. Double the gift, double the impact. Shop now! ijm.org/sendrescue

Fight Cybersex Trafficking

Sometimes the most dangerous place in the world for a child is in front of a camera.

Our new short film tells the story of cybersex trafficking of children, and it's one of the most difficult we’ve ever told.
Intro To Cybersex Trafficking and How to Shut It Down
Chatting, shopping, working. That’s how most of us use the internet. But some use it for far darker purposes. The rise of the internet has led to the rise of a new crime—cybersex trafficking, the abuse of girls and boys over a webcam. They lose their innocence, but this is not how their story needs to end.

On Cyber Monday, you’ll have the chance to immerse yourself in their world and help...
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Intro to Cybersex Trafficking and How to Shut It Down

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Today, we will be inundated with sale after sale. Sadly, in the Philippines, another kind of sale is happening. The worst sale ever, because children are the products. Pedophiles pay to direct and watch abuse of children. On Cyber Monday, we’ll share a story about this world. Join us to learn about how you can help. #RestartFreedom
THANKSGIVING RESCUE REPORT: Earlier today, lJM helped rescue 5 girls as young as 2 years old from cybersex trafficking.

In the Thanksgiving morning operation, three girls—aged 6 to 10—were rescued out of their homes in the Philippines. Three suspects were arrested and may face charges for offering these young girls to online customers who would pay to direct live sexual abuse over the...
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Happy Thanksgiving! One, two, three, 100, 1000… we’re counting each one of you as a blessing to the work of justice. Thanks for helping us secure justice for the poor. We couldn’t do it without you. #countingourblessings
The heartbreaking world of cybersex trafficking is one of the darkest places we’ve ever been. The things children have had to face are difficult beyond description. But hope is possible, even in these darkest of places.

Join us on Cyber Monday to learn more about this crime and how you can stop it. You’re invited to an exclusive Facebook Live event featuring an interview with an IJM cyber...
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Intro to Cybersex Trafficking and How to Shut It Down

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Here at IJM, we’ve seen a lot of darkness. Our newest fight is one of the darkest. Girls and boys are abused over the internet. Customers in Western countries pay to watch them be abused.

This crime is called cybersex trafficking.

Cassie is one of its survivors. For nearly five years in the Philippines, she was repeatedly abused for an online audience. Then she was rescued by IJM and local...
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#BreakingNews: Incredible perseverance paid off this week for our team in Cebu: Two traffickers were convicted after 8 years.

The arduous case began in 2008, when a teenage girl and two young women were recruited and ferried to work at a brothel on an island far from their home. When they arrived and realized that they had been trapped and would be forced to provide sexual services to...
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One of the most devastating forms of slavery IJM has ever encountered. It’s real. It hurts thousands of children. And all it takes is wifi.
Thanks to our friends at Dressember for creating an awesome and creative way to fight slavery! Have you seen this, yet? #youcandoanythinginadress

International Justice Mission

Our creative team is in South Asia and has taken over our Instagram. This is one of their recent entries.

Say hi to Tim Landis on our feed! We're so honored to see the world and our work through his eyes! "I've traveled to many places around the world, and when I enter a diverse community, I have a moment of hesitation because of the differences. But when I lean into the diversity in these...
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Trafficking often begins with a lie: that a good job in another city can provide a girl with steady income and a chance at a better life for her family. Isolated from everyone she knows, there's little hope she can find help when the lie unfolds and the violence begins. It's confusing, debilitating and terrifying. And for too many girls, it's an everyday reality of poverty.

Follow along on...
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An important trial starts this week. We are seeking justice in Kenya for the abductions and murders of our colleague, Willie Kimani, and two other friends, which took place earlier this year. You stood by us through that difficult time. Now, we invite you to follow along and pray with us via this LIVE blog.

LIVE blog: Seeking justice for Willie, Joseph and Josephat

Our creative team is in India with good friends Jeremy Snell and Tim Landis over the next few weeks bringing to light the issue of modern day slavery and the fight to end it. They'll be taking over our Instagram and sharing their images and stories.

We'd love for you to follow along with us as we explore the country, meet our teams on the ground, and share the stories of brave survivors.
We're excited to announce a new partnership with One More, a foundation established by Benjamin Watson of the Baltimore Ravens and his wife Kirsten. We're so encouraged by this partnership and what it means for combatting sex slavery around the world!

Thank you Benjamin and Kirsten.

Benjamin Watson’s “One More” Foundation Partners with IJM to Fight Sex Trafficking

"We will not go away until lives, communities, and nations are transformed, until all countries protect all of their citizens." Together with you, we are slavery’s end! And we will never stop #UntilAllAreFree!