Christianity Today awarded "The Justice Calling", saying it "paints a beautiful portrait of justice and righteousness as inextricably woven into the life of a faithful Christian."

Christianity Today’s 2017 Book Awards
One of our SHORTEST trials in South Asia just ended with one of the LONGEST sentences we’ve seen for slave owners: Earlier this month, our team saw a brick kiln owner convicted for enslaving 12 people and sentenced to 10 years in prison. And because of you, the brave survivors who testified will continue to thrive.

Thank YOU for walking with us until all are free—no matter how long justice takes.

BREAKING: Brick Kiln Owner Guilty for Trapping 12 People in Bonded Labor Slavery
IJM joined forces with CrossFit Invictus in San Diego to host a Reps for Rescue fundraiser. IJM's Gary Haugen, along with CrossFitters from all over raised awareness and funds for families trapped in forced labor, sexual slavery and to protect the poor from other forms of violence.

These CrossFitters were relentless, and we were honored to have them join us in fighting to end slavery!
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Turn your college campus into a rally to end slavery. There are more people trapped in slavery than at any other time in history. Together, we can change that fact!

SIGN UP: [ Link ]
Breaking News: 3 girls were rescued from sex trafficking last week in the Dominican Republic. After being brought to safety, Karla* celebrated her 13th birthday in freedom.

RESCUE: 3 girls are free from sex trafficking
We love how creative people get about raising funds to #endslavery. You can grab a and journey alongside others fighting against injustice with IJM. - [ Link ]

Pacific Northwest - Venture
Roopa and her family were caught in a relentless storm of violence and backbreaking labor. They were slaves.

Roopa and her family were caught in a relentless storm of violence and backbreaking labor. They were slaves.
"When widows turn to the law to battle abuse and property grabbing, the odds against them can be formidable." - National Geographic’s incredible feature on the work you support through IJM to protect widows in Uganda

For Widows, Life After Loss
Put your name on the line for women everywhere! On #InternationalWomensDay, sign the petition to end modern slavery.

Be Bold For Change: End Slavery!
At #GPG17 we've just been praying for our team in Kenya. As many of you know, our team faced tragedy last year with the loss of our colleague and friends during a trial about police abuse of power. Join us live for this meaningful song.
"God sees the lonely, the fatherless, the widow and the orphans, even when we often don't." Abey George at GPG17
Live from DC: What does change look like in Guatemala? Pablo Villeda, VP of Regional Operations, Latin America and Guatemalan Attorney General Thelma Aldana share remarkable stories of what’s happening in this Central American nation. #gpg17
Live from DC: We’ll be sharing live updates from IJM’s annual conference, the Global Prayer Gathering. We'll hear from staff and survivors and pray for the end of slavery together! First up is Abey George, IJM’s Global Director of Church Partnerships, kicking off GPG with a powerful word on this year’s theme: May God Arise, and our theme passage, Psalm 68.
A few months after her husband’s death, Harriet’s brother-in-law showed up at her door, demanding she leave her land. Armed with a machete, he cut down her crops and threatened to kill her on the spot. He wanted the land for himself.

With your support, IJM protected and defended Harriet. Will you send rescue now to widows at risk of property grabbing?

SEND RESCUE: Fearing for her life, Harriet took her children and ran.
"Nothing will happen just because we're aware of modern-day slavery. But nothing will EVER happen until we are." - Gary Haugen

Today, will you put your name ON THE LINE to fund the fight to end slavery? [ Link ] ❌ #enditmovement
Slavery doesn’t just exist—in some places, it is thriving. In fact, it’s estimated that more than 45,000,000 people are held in slavery today. Ending it may seem like an impossible task, but slavery has never been more stoppable than it is right now. ❌ #EndItMovement END IT

We are in it to End It
Together, we’re celebrating the freedom of 24 boys that were once forced to work in brutal conditions on Lake Volta in Ghana. Because of supporters like you, today they are free.

But the road to recovery and healing will be long. The journey to regain their childhood will be hard. Many of them will need care for years for come.

Will you walk with them by giving today? -...
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International Justice Mission
We're still overjoyed that 24 boys were rescued from fishing boats in Ghana! Thank you for your support that made this rescue possible.

Will you help us as we now work to care for these boys? -
#BREAKING: We're overjoyed today, because 24 boys have been rescued from Lake Volta in Ghana!

On the lake, children as young as 4 years old are forced to work under brutal conditions for many hours on end in the fishing industry.

Thanks to the perseverance of the Ghanaian government and many IJM supporters, two dozen boys are now free.