Companies, individuals and society win when they are inclusive of people with disabilities: [ Link ]

The win-win of disability inclusion
More than 200 million young people are either unemployed or have a job but live in poverty.
Learn more about global employment trends for young people and what stands between them and a decent job:

What stands between youth and decent jobs?
Millions of children perform work that harms their well-being, safety & health. The consequences of child labour: [ Link ]
“Illegal migration had crossed my mind several times. I was jobless and idle.” says Farah Abukar Hussein an apprentice at Danwadaag Fishing Company. Here’s how Youth Employment Somalia Programme has changed his life:

Employment Opportunities through Apprenticeship scheme for Youth in Bosasso
The ILO was founded on the belief that social justice is essential to universal and lasting peace. On World Day for Social Justice, ILO highlights the important role of #socialjustice in the pursuit of universal and lasting peace: [ Link ]

About the ILO
An ILO project in Egypt is addressing the three most pressing issues facing the region: youth unemployment, renewable and efficient energy sources, and pollution.

Renewable energy production boosts hope for job creation in Egypt
In a country with youthful population, the need to create employment for young people has become more and more necessary. The ILO, FAO, UN Women and UNIDO join forces to implement a programme on youth employment in Tanzania.

Youth Employment in Tanzania

Increasing the number of young women & men in productive employment.

Unemployment & #DecentWork deficits are the main root causes of migration in #Africa

World Employment and Social Outlook
Self Employment and small business remain a critical livelihood opportunity for young people. Find out how youth move to work in rural communities [ Link ]

New Evidence: How Youth Move to Work in Rural Communities
Women's stories in the radio are too often tied to tragedy. Let's hear about empowerment too! [ Link ] #WorldRadioDay
Five facts about informal economy in #Africa

Five facts about informal economy in Africa
Why was the International Labour Organization created? Take an interactive journey through our story:

InfoStories: Laying the foundations of social justice
“To end modern slavery, we must fight to change minds and hearts,” says actor Wagner Moura.
Join him and help us end slavery:

The Face of Modern Slavery, a blog by Wagner Moura | 50 for Freedom
Women and men should receive equal remuneration for the same work or work of equal value: [ Link ] #EqualPay

Tackling sex discrimination through pay equity
The Global Goals for Sustainable Development are a universal call for social justice, addressing poverty and inequality to leave no one behind. Here's how the ILO's work relates to each goal: [ Link ]

Why the 2030 Agenda needs decent work
The Future of the World of Work is set to change drastically in the coming years. The debate is shifting to whether there will be work or not. Is Africa ready? “In the future, a lot more will be produced with less workers so there will be a need to continuously upgrade skills of workers, to encourage self-employment” says ILO Assistant Director General and Regional Director for Africa, Aeneas...
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ILO, Nedlac meet to debate "The Future of the World of Work"

The Future of the World of Work is set to change drastically in the coming years. The debate is shifting to whether there will be work or not. This means tha...

Happening now in Johannesburg, South Africa:
A National Dialogue on the Future of Work hosted by NEDLAC with the support of the International Labour Organization and with financial contributions by the Government of Flanders. The South African national dialogue is part of the Future of Work Initiative leading up to the 100th anniversary of the ILO in 2019!
Explore the many linkages between jobs, water and sustainable development

What does water have to do with work? In Malawi, plenty
Research shows income inequality traps people in poverty and concentrates political power in the hands of the few

What do we really know about income inequality?