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It’s International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition - But slavery is not over yet! Watch musician Lindiwe Bungane tell real-life story & join #RememberSlavery campaign bit.ly/LBunganeEN

From ‘Project Fame’ to 50 for Freedom advocate | 50 for Freedom

What does getting to zero in the workplace mean? Workplaces have a vital role to play in #HIVprevention: [ Bit.ly Link ]
"AIDS is not over. With the finish line in sight, we need to keep our foot on the accelerator and reinforce the role of the world of work as a strategic stage in the life cycle approach to HIV," says ILO Director-General Guy Ryder on World AIDS Day. Workplaces can be an integral & essential part of comprehensive & sustainable #HIVprevention & care programmes. Here’s how: [ Bit.ly Link ]

The ILO Code of Practice on HIV/AIDS and the World of Work

In 2010, only 10% of domestic workers globally enjoyed labour protection coverage made available to other workers.

Good practices in labour migration governance for domestic workers

Help us restore hope and freedom to millions of people trapped in modern slavery, sign our petition today: 50forfreedom.org

50 for Freedom | Make a Stand to End Modern Slavery

Join our team to help us promote decent work around the world.

Interested in a job at the ILO?

Young people all over the world are still living in poverty despite having a job.

In which countries do young workers live under the poverty threshold in 2016?

Modern #slavery takes different forms; being trapped in domestic servitude is one of them [ Bit.ly Link ]

I had to do something or die | 50 for Freedom

Long periods of unemployment lead to skills deterioration and disillusionment for young people around the world. [ Bit.ly Link ]

What stands between youth and decent jobs?

Human trafficking and sexual exploitation affect millions of women worldwide: [ Bit.ly Link ] #orangetheworld


"Ending violence against women is about guaranteeing the basic rights of women and liberating us all from the ties of prejudice, misogyny and inequality. The path is clear, and the ILO will continue its work until the entire world of work is free from violence," says ILO Director-General Guy Ryder on the International Day to End Violence against Women! #orangetheworld #16days

Violence against one woman anywhere is a threat to peace everywhere

This interactive map explores unemployment rates per country:

Where is unemployment the highest in 2016 ?

Over 2 billion working-age people do not participate in the labour market.
Explore the interactive map: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Comparing participation rates across the world

Here's an easy way to stay updated with the latest news from the world of work and the International Labour Organization [ Bit.ly Link ]
Learn why decent work is so important to achieving each of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development: ilo.org/globalgoals
It’s #WorldTVDay, find out why it is imperative to avoid using both pity & xenophobic discourse when reporting on #migration issues:

Words matter: Why?

Migration issues are sensitive issues. Rights-based terminology, avoiding both pity and xenophobic discourse, is required.

In tackling today’s global youth employment crisis - characterized by high levels of unemployment and poor quality, low paying jobs – technical vocational education and training (TVET) can help minimize skills mismatches that disproportionately affect young people in developing countries. Join the e-discussion on unlocking the potential of TVET and skills systems tomorrow: [ Ow.ly Link ]

SKILLS FOR EMPLOYMENT - Knowledge sharing platform

Work is central to your well-being.

Work gives our lives purpose and dignity.

Work gives us our humanity.

Learn more about the history behind the Tổ chức Lao động Quốc tế - International Labour Organization and how we work with government, employers’ and workers’ groups to promote decent work for all.
This #WorldToiletDay is about toilets and jobs.
Workers need sanitation to stay well & earn a decent living!
Visit: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Workplace Toilet’s job is to keep people healthy and productive. Let’s get toilets into workplaces to help people earn a living in safety and dignity! #ToiletsWork #WorldToiletDay