Could you live like this? No child should be forced to live in conditions like these children trapped in a detention centre in Libya. [ Link ]

#ChildrenUprooted #foreverychild
The rise of Boko Haram has forced more than 2.6 million people to flee from their homes. But there has been humanity amid the horror.

How Nigerians took Boko Haram’s victims to their hearts
Mark your calendars for the UN Orchestra Charity Concert in Support of Vulnerable Migrants. The Orchestra will perform on March 25 at Victoria Hall in Geneva.

Tickets are available here: [ Link ]
“I’m grateful to be alive, but I don’t want to tell my wife what happened yet. She is supposed to give birth any minute now.”

Kono was traveling back to Guinea-Conakry after four months in Libya when bandits started shooting at their car. By the time he reached OIM Niger’s centre, the infection was so spread that doctors had to amputate one leg, saving his life in the process.
Mohammed was born with a leg disability, but that didn't stop him reaching for his dreams. Via OIM Niger.
According to our Director General William L. Swing, "the #LakeChad Region is one of the fastest growing displacement crises in the world." [ Link ]
Boko Haram has forced over 1.9 million people to flee their homes in Nigeria.

This week we attended the Oslo Humanitarian Conference to find other ways to support the #LakeChad region:
"Migration will always be a beautiful thing if we invest in it." [ Link ]

Civil society will convene tomorrow at the Oslo Humanitarian Conference to discuss the serious humanitarian crisis in the Lake Chad region. More: [ Link ]
"I’m glad I had classical music in my life to guide me when I was away from home all these years." [ Link ]

Mark your calendar: on March 25, the United Nations Orchestra will perform at Victoria Hall in Geneva. Proceeds from the concert will be used to help vulnerable migrants in Greece.

Buy your tickets here: [ Link ]
A lotus farmer paddles along the artificial Kompin Poy lake for harvesting. Recent floodings have resulted in a number of nearby villages to go under water and have forced some to move away and find work elsewhere. Thanks to IOM Cambodia for sharing.
After her sister-in-law died, Aicha’s brother left her with his two young children. Since he wasn’t able to support them, her husband left as well.

Alone and without means to support them, Aicha left her village in Nigeria for Niger, hoping to earn a living. Via OIM Niger.
After moving to Belgium, Jaouad learned three languages, adopted himself to the society and became a Taekwondo miracle ranking number one in the world. [ Link ]

Needs in #SouthSudan have reached unprecedented levels as the crisis enters its fourth year.

Some 7.5 million people are in desperate need of aid: [ Link ]
"At the end of the day, I feel at home here. I spent half of my life in France and my friends are here. My wife is French."


Humanitarian needs in #SouthSudan have reached unprecedented levels as the crisis enters its fourth year:
IOM Iraq is expanding the Qayyara Emergency site to shelter more Iraqis displaced by the military operations in Mosul.

With the help of IOM NEPAL, rural communities are now increasingly using organic fertilisers to replace industrial ones.
"I treat everybody. I ease people’s pain, no matter the color of the skin, the background or the religion." [ Link ]