In the aftermath of Cyclone Komen in Myanmar, women formed all-female work crews to help rebuild communities: [ Link ]
"We should recognize that France is strong and beautiful thanks to its diversity. It isn't too late to praise difference." [ Link ]
Bishnu lives in rural Udaipur, Nepal, where changes in rainfall patterns have affected peoples' lives in different ways, triggering migration. "Due to climate change and floods, our productivity is very low," she says. Via IOM NEPAL.
"This land is more than just our home. I was born here and I will be buried here alongside my ancestors.” [ Link ]
“I was scared when we were on this small boat in the middle of the sea. We were lost.” [ Link ] #Iamamigrant
"My grandfather came to the United Kingdom just after WWII. When he arrived, he worked in a factory making nut and bolts to rebuild the East End. He realised that the food he was used to from India was not available, so he decided to open a shop to sell homemade food." Via IOM United Kingdom.
"The three of us come from very different cultural backgrounds. Hesho was a Kurdish Iraqi refugee. Ellen is the daughter of refugees from Rwanda. Katie came back to the UK from a childhood in Latin America. We are all from different places but it is our differences that make our friendship so strong." Via IOM United Kingdom.
Like much of Europe and the Middle East, Aleppo is experiencing a harsh winter with dropping temperatures. Over 260,000 displaced people have received humanitarian aid from the #UN.
36,000 people are living in a makeshift settlement in Kutupalong, Bangladesh
Europe’s migration situation continues in all seasons but those most impacted remain the weakest: [ Link ]
"We are so excited to have you come to the UK. We can’t wait to be friends, to learn from you, and to be there for you." A heartfelt message for migrants from Wynter and Summer. Via IOM United Kingdom.
Every day, IOM Bangladesh distributes over 125,000 liters of clean water to a remote community in Leda:
More than 2.6 million people are now displaced in the Lake Chad Basin due to Boko Haram:
Shocking. Over 18,500 migrants and refugees have died or gone missing in the last 3 years. [ Link ]
Joki and Bevelyn belong to the last family living on Huene, part of the Carteret Islands in the deep Pacific. The island has been slowly shrinking due to climate change. [ Link ]
A Syrian family lives in a partially incomplete house in Sanliurfa, Turkey. The family has been living in the house for the past 20 months paying nearly $200 each month. [ Link ]
5 years into the civil war in Syria, more than 13.5 million people are still in need of humanitarian assistance: [ Link ]
In 2015, Cyclone Komen caused extensive floods and landslides in several parts of Myanmar, displacing almost 333,000 people. Tin and Naing win now live on a small boat which they travel throughout the Delta region. [ Link ]