Elmo bringing joy and education to Syrian refugees: impossible not to smile!

We're so proud to partner with Sesame Street Sesame Workshop to make a real difference in the lives of refugee children. Learn how: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Syrian refugees Ahmed and Etisal arrived in Seattle with two of their four children on December 14. Their two oldest children were supposed to join the rest of the family days later— but then the executive order banning 7 countries was issued by President Trump.

"It felt like we were dying," said the mother, Etisal. The family was now separated indefinitely.

For days, in deep pain and...
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47% of Syrians who have been resettled to the US were 14 years old and under.

We must never forget: refugees are the most vulnerable population, in dire need of a safe, peaceful and secure home—free of discrimination.

#RefugeesWelcome #ChooseHumanity
What the US has always represented: Meet an incredible family in Boise, Idaho who have formed a special bond with a refugee family from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“Put yourself in their shoes. If you weren’t safe in your own country, would you want people to welcome you with open arms or tell you to stay in your country and get killed?” [ Bit.ly Link ]

New culture, new home, new friends

"Say it loud. Say it clear. Refugees are welcome here." A warm welcome to refugees into your community: our continued inspiration. ✨
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“Before I arrived [in the U.S.], I had a different vision of what it might be like and I was proven wrong. I am excited for my future.” Must-read story on a 16-year old refugee recently resettled to the US, on Teen Vogue: [ Bit.ly Link ]

I’m 16 Years Old and I’m a Syrian Refugee

#ValentinesDay letter from a Syrian refugee we resettled in Atlanta, Georgia to his new country
"To: My New Country USA
From: Me and My Family
We thank people of America from the heart, and we promise you that we will be loyal."
cc: International Rescue Committee Atlanta
"It's not complicated, we know our story. But they try to trick you." What it takes to go from refugee to American, from first-hand experience: [ Bit.ly Link ]

'I don't know how much harder it can get': What it takes to go from refugee to American

Fantastic news: CEOs of Ben & Jerry's, Box & TripAdvisor are among US business leaders telling President Trump "Refugees enrich America."
"As business leaders, we have seen first-hand the positive economic benefits of immigrants and refugees in our communities and firms." Find out more here: [ Bit.ly Link ]

U.S. business leaders to Trump: Refugees enrich America

We are SO honored to partner with Sesame Street (including Elmo!) to give Syrian refugee children the educational support they need to learn, grow, & thrive.
And even more exciting is that we, in partnership, are among 8 semi-finalists of the MacArthur Foundation's $100 million grant award. Learn all about our work here: [ Bit.ly Link ]

The International Rescue Committee and Sesame Workshop: rescuing children's futures

Two weeks ago, Ashley Lavin's 5-year-old daughter Lucy asked her, “Can kids be refugees? Can I be their friend?” “It was this moment of pure empathy and kindness," the New York City mom said. "As a parent you always want to encourage that.” So she launched a kid-friendly Valentine’s Day project, Hearts for Refugees. Take a look -- so cute! (From Metro New York with International Rescue...
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‘Hearts for Refugees’ spreads message of support, kindness

Imagine falling in love for the first time only to have your happiness destroyed in an instant. It happened to 19-year-old Rawan when her first love, Karam, was killed by a sniper in Syria. Although Rawan left the war behind when she fled to Jordan, her crushing grief stayed with her--until an IRC counselor helped her find a brighter future. Rawan bravely shares her story this Valentine's Day....
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International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Very big thanks to Humble Bundle for promoting the work of and raising funds for the International Rescue Committee and other charities with its #FreedomBundle of games and books

The Humble Freedom Bundle

Over a million Iraqis living in Mosul have had their lives turned upside down since ISIS took control of their city in June 2014. Another 200,000 have fled their homes in the last four months as the battle to retake Mosul wages on. The fighting could continue well into 2017, but even when the last of ISIS is driven from the city, the crisis will be far from over.

Urgent needs meet long-term challenges in embattled Mosul

Call your representatives. Send a postcard. Spread the word. Donate.
Here are all the ways you can make a real difference in the lives of real refugees today: [ Bit.ly Link ]

How to help refugees in the United States

Did you know that writing a letter is still one of the best ways to let your representatives know where you stand?

Join us. Tell your elected officials, “I stand with refugees!" Learn how: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Tell your elected officials, “I stand with refugees”

“Wherever men and women are persecuted because of their race, religion, or political views, that place must - at that moment - become the center of the universe.” - Elie Wiesel, Holocaust survivor, writer, professor, political activist, Nobel Laureate... and a refugee.

The US has a long tradition of offering refuge to those fleeing persecution and war. Meet some of the well-known famous...
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On January 27, with just a flourish of President Donald Trump's pen, refugees fleeing war who were on their way to the U.S. -- after going through up to 36 months of already-extreme vetting -- were suddenly "dangerous" and no longer welcome. You may have heard the “alternative facts” about how and why refugees come to America: Now read the truth about refugees and the travel ban.

Enough “alternative facts”: Here's the truth about refugees and the travel ban

Harris worked for the United States as an interpreter for 5 years. Then, as the U.S. presence drew down, his life was in danger.
After nine years in total, waiting in fear but never giving up, his visa was finally approved. "When I landed in Baltimore, I had tears in my eyes. I was finally free." This is his incredible story of resilience and courage: [ Bit.ly Link ]

It’s refugees like me who make America great

Refugees are some of the most vulnerable people in the world. But they're also mothers, fathers, sons, daughters and have lives you would recognize.

Watch this special moment between Game of Thrones' Lena Headey and a Syrian refugee mother this past summer.