The only good thing about the controversy surrounding the Administration's executive order is it allows us to correct the myths that have grown up around refugee resettlement. Watch & share the facts about refugees: [ Link ]

These are the biggest myths about refugees coming to the US
10 global crises the Trump administration simply cannot afford to ignore - our latest: [ Link ]

Here are 10 Global Crises Too Big for Trump to Ignore – Witness IRC
In November 2015, actor and IRC ambassador Mandy Patinkin bonded with a Syrian family stranded in Greece's Kara Tepe refugee camp. Over a year later, he went back to Europe to be reunited with them-- this time in Germany, where they are living safely, learning German and rebuilding their lives.

"The whole world should make sure every family has this," Mandy said. All refugees deserve the...
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"We are now one family." <3
Meet an American in Idaho who has become family for a Somali refugee building a new life for her son. This is who we are as a nation: [ Link ]

An American becomes family for a Somali refugee building a new life for her son
YES: "Our empathy is the only way through the fear."
Wise words from our IRC voice Sarah Wayne Callies to our friends at Amy Poehler's Smart Girls!
Conflict and drought have brought millions of people in East Africa to the brink of starvation in what is shaping up to be the largest and most severe humanitarian crisis of our time.

The Trump administration's proposed budget cuts on foreign aid could not come at a worse time. Help us urge Congress to defend the international affairs budget: [ Link ]
From a deadly famine that jeopardizes 30 million lives in East Africa, Nigeria and Yemen, to a brutal civil war in Syria, U.S. foreign aid is needed now more than ever.

Join us. Tell US Congress: don't slash foreign aid. Tell them it's #WorthThePenny. Take action with us: [ Link ]

Tell Congress: Don't slash foreign aid
We are SO proud of Syrian refugee Bothina, whom the IRC resettled to Texas last year, for sharing her story with influential people in Washington, DC a few weeks ago.
Thank you to Congressman Marc Veasey for the invitation and to House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi for joining. Bothina is our #RefugeesWelcome inspiration.
Watch her experience here: [ Link ]

cc: International Rescue...
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120,000 people have now fled from ISIS in west Mosul, Iraq. Desperate, they are fleeing the city despite the danger of rockets, booby traps and snipers.
Amira is one of them. This is her story: [ Link ]

Escaping ISIS: risking their lives…to stay alive
"I needed to get back to the real world – not the fictional world that I work in."
Actor and IRC ambassador Mandy Patinkin on his latest journey with the IRC to meet refugees in Europe, on Mashable: [ Link ]

'Homeland' star mastered WhatsApp to reconnect with refugee family he helped rescue
"Yemen is the worst humanitarian crisis and it's not getting enough attention." David Miliband on Business Insider: [ Link ]

DAVID MILIBAND: Yemen is the worst humanitarian crisis and it's not getting enough attention
Did you know that U.S. foreign aid provided vital nutrition to 18 million children around the world last year alone?

Truth is: Cutting lifesaving foreign aid from the budget endangers U.S. values and interests abroad. Learn why: [ Link ]
Amazing: Resettled refugees are writing a cookbook and sharing their stories. Plus, it also supports the IRC! [ Link ]

Refugees Are Writing A Cookbook Full Of Delicious Dishes & Inspiring Stories
"Just know that there are many people who care about what happens to you."

We asked American children to write letters to Syrian refugees. Here's what they said: [ Link ]


These letters from American children to Syrians show incredible humanity and love – Uprooted
Must-watch video by our friends Amy Poehler's Smart Girls & IRC Voice Piper Perabo on some of the facts around refugees. Watch and share! #RefugeesWelcome

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FACT: Foreign aid accounts for less than 1% of the US federal budget.
It's a lifeline for millions of people and an investment in a safer world for tomorrow. Now is no time to cut it.
Here are the facts you need to know. Watch & share.
YES: We applaud the decision by the federal court in Hawaii to block the implementation of the Trump administration’s executive order, which would have suspended the refugee resettlement program for 120 days.

This is a victory for refugees, immigrants and visitors who would be directly affected by this travel ban! Our statement: [ Link ]

IRC’s Hans van de Weerd on federal judge ruling to block Trump Administration’s second attempt at travel ban
As the Syria crisis enters its seventh year, we invited American children in Idaho to write letters to Syrian refugee children. This is what they had to say.

Truth is: What unites us is far greater than what separates us. Watch & share. #RefugeesWelcome
Today marks 6 years of the Syria crisis: the greatest humanitarian crisis of our generation.
In 6 years, it has left over half a million people dead; uprooted half a country; spurred a refugee crisis not seen since the World War II.
Share this post if you stand with the people of Syria and say – no more. Enough is enough.
Happy birthday to our founder, Albert Einstein!
At IRC, we like to think we’re one of his best inventions… Join us in honoring his legacy today!