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NASA Astronaut Peggy Whitson and NASA Astronaut Shane Kimbrough pay tribute to John Glenn, an American hero, from space: [ Youtu.be Link ]
The last cargo delivery of the year has launched and is on its way to the International Space Station. Also, the latest batch of red romaine lettuce has been harvested for the Veggie experiment.
External cameras on the International Space Station captured the launch of Japan's H-IIB rocket as it orbited over the Tanegashima Space Center today.
Japan's H-IIB rocket launched at 8:26 a.m. EST (10:26 p.m. Japan time) today and began a four-day trip to the International Space Station. [ Go.nasa.gov Link ]
Japan's HTV-6 cargo ship is ready for a launch today at 8:26 a.m. EST (10:26 p.m. Japan time). Watch NASA TV coverage beginning at 8 a.m.

Japanese Rocket Fueled and Ready for Launch

Japan is scheduled to launch its HTV-6 cargo craft at 8:26 a.m. EST (10:26 p.m. Japan time) Friday live on NASA TV.

NASA TV to Broadcast Live Launch of Japanese Rocket to Station

Japan is getting ready to launch its H-IIB rocket Friday at 8:26 a.m. EST to the International Space Station

Japan Ready for Launch as Crew Focuses on Space Research

The Expedition 50 crew is training for a Japanese cargo ship’s arrival Tuesday while studying how living in space affects the human body.

More Robotics Training as Crew Studies Eye Pressure

This non-tropical storm system was captured by Space Station Commander Shane Kimbrough today as the station flew 250 miles over the northeast coast of South America.
NASA TV will broadcast the Dec. 9 launch of a Japanese cargo ship and its Dec. 13 arrival to the International Space Station.

NASA TV Coverage Set for Japanese Cargo Mission

The crew measured their arteries and veins today and also trained for the arrival of Japan’s HTV-6 resupply ship next week.

Artery, Vein Measurements and Robotic Training on Schedule Today

International Space Station partner agencies are extending their participation in the program through at least 2024. ESA - European Space Agency will also provide a second service module for NASA’s Orion Spacecraft, the powerhouse that will propel and fuel the spacecraft when astronauts venture beyond the moon as early as 2021.

International Partnership with Europe Extended for Station and Orion

NASA helped develop a fertilizer that is used to grow veggies in space and helps reduce pollution on Earth.

Controlled-Release Fertilizer Takes Root in Fields, Groves Worldwide

On Friday, Astronaut Shane Kimbrough cut some of the "Outredgeous" Red Romaine lettuce leaves he nurtured during the past month aboard the space station.

Could you do it? Try your hand at space gardening with our app! Growing food in space will be critical for a mission to Mars.

iTunes: [ Go.nasa.gov Link ]
Google Play: [ Go.nasa.gov Link ]

Space Science Investigations: Plant Growth on the App Store

The Expedition 50 crew is getting ready for next week’s arrival and capture of Japan’s sixth resupply ship, the H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV-6).

Crew Preps for Japanese Cargo Mission

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency is getting the last cargo mission of 2016 ready for launch to the space station next week.

Japan Preps Next Cargo Mission

A Russian cargo craft was lost shortly after launch Thursday. However, the Expedition 50 crew has good levels of supplies. Meanwhile, the crew studied fluid physics and medical research this week.
An anomaly occurred sometime during the third stage operation after the launch of the Russian Progress 65 cargo craft. As we get updates from Roscosmos, we will provide them.

Anomaly During Third Stage Operation in Russian Cargo Craft