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We improve progress and evolve when we step out of our comfort zone. This applies to everything in life. Stretching techniques are no exception. If the old one is not getting you any further, it makes sense to try something new. Sometimes new is different, often too different for a comfortable trans...

Understanding Kinesiological Stretching Techniques: Application of the Butterfly Stretch - Moosin

Tul Tour “Malaysia Inspired” – Day 1 (14-Nov-2016) It has finally begun. The last tul tour (TT) Taekwon-Do & Cultural program for 2016 in the homeland commenced today. A team from Malaysia arrived at Incheon airport. Dressed in dobok, ready for action and welcomed by the TT organizers. After a short...

"Malaysia Inspired" - Tul Tour Program Report - Moosin

The experiment showed that the most powerful kick to the side (en chagi) when it is performed in slip.
May people have asked how to develop the power in a push front kick. Push kick is usually a defensive weapon. However properly adjusted it can be to attack and/or set up other techniques. If used without acceleration, and especially to stop the incoming attack, it relies on “grounding”. This means t...

Teep Push Front Kick Stronger Kick Using Supporting Leg Training - Moosin

Recently in the Republic of Kazakhstan a court case has been resolved in regards to the legitimate use of logos and trademarks and the portrayal of services that may be confused with another traders name as relates to the ITF in that country. It was claimed by the head of regional public organizatio...

Long legal battle for Choi Jung Hwa ITF in Kazakhstan concluded - Moosin

Malaysia celebrated her 2nd National Sport Day on the 8th October 2016. It was an idea from the Minister of Youth to hold a day that the Nation could celebrate a healthy lifestyle through sport. The day brings together all sport activities nationwide at their respective location thereby bringing the...

Taekwon-do exponents gain a place in the “Malaysian Book of Records” for board breaking - Moosin

My journey in the martial arts started when I was 13 in Marietta, GA when I joined a Shotokan Karate school. I studied up until I was 17 when I joined the U.S. Army. I earned my Cho 1st Dan in that art. I was introduced to Taekwon-do during my first stint in the Army.

The True Power of Taekwon-Do - Moosin

The book will be published in Russian version in January 2017, in the English version in March 2017!
The rotation of the pelvis of the body gives the body rigidity and increases the support reaction.