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"My parents saw me play and listened to my music for the first time when I played at Webster Hall. There were upwards of 1,000 people there. They were kind of like, 'What is happening? Who are all these people?'"


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"Writing starts out sonically, not melodically or lyrically. I hear a texture or sonic signature in my head, and I try to re-create that."

Dana Wachs

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"The mermaid is like a beautiful, sad monster."

Polish director Agnieszka Smoczyńska discusses her feature debut #TheLure

Teenage Dream
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"I always get asked that question: 'Did Harry Potter hold your back? Was it a help or a hindrance?' And I always feel like it's been a help—it's up to me to redefine it."

Evanna Lynch discusses Harry Potter, her new film My Name Is Emily, and more with her friend Bonnie Wright

Special thanks Big Sky Studios

Evanna Lynch
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"Viewers are never quite sure if what they're seeing is absolute or a clever distortion of reality."

Watch Lushlife's new video #TotallyMutualFeeling exclusively here

Exclusive Video Premiere: 'Totally Mutual Feeling,' Lushlife ft. Khruangbin
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"I feel like this record is better, so hopefully other people think that... No one wants to repeat themselves."

UK quartet Temples is back with a second album. Watch the new music video for #StrangeorBeForgotten

Temples' Return
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"We both have a lot of the same fears ... We're constantly thinking there's no way that this shit will last much longer. But luckily, it has."

Electric Guest

Electric Guest
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"I don't think inspiration just comes from the sky...sometimes it's really hard and sometimes things come easier, but really you have to show up, you have to get to work, and you have to have determination."

Artist Tara Donovan discusses her new show at Pace Gallery

Tara Donovan's Decks
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Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, and Stella Maxwell at Versus Versace; Jamie Bochert at Mary Katrantzou, Lily Donaldson at Topshop; and Lineisy Montero Feliz and #AdwoaAboah everywhere... a few highlights from London Fashion Week

LFW FW 2017: The Highlights
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"I wrote this during my first real breakup. Sometimes when I write I chip away at it until I get to a place that feels real, but this just kind of spilled out over a day or two."

This week's #trackoftheweek is courtesy of former Interview contributor Chapman, XHOSA, and vyle.

Exclusive Track Premiere: 'There,' Alex Chapman ft. XHOSA & Vyle
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"I'm very proud that we play heavy music—but equally proud that we don't think like a heavy-metal band."

#FBF to this 1999 Lars Ulrich/ Metallica interview

New Again: Metallica
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"I think the big question that everyone is asking themselves, or what they should be asking themselves, is what role has the media played in not just missing a certain part of American society that wanted to vote for, say, Donald Trump, but in dehumanizing other people."

An interview with photo-journalist Peter Van Agtmael

America's Frontlines
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"As long as I'm confident with my style, that's all that matters."

6 Shore Road by Pooja's #PoojaKharbanda for #TheArtofThrowingShade

Pooja Kharbanda
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"I saw my first Broadway show when I was six, Les Misérables, and I was mesmerized."

Dear Evan Hansen's Laura Dreyfuss discusses her introduction to theater.

Discovery: Laura Dreyfuss
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"I was nine when I started recording...the content was very mature; I was writing about break-ups—obviously I'd never had a boyfriend—and my voice was this squeaky little mouse voice."

Rodes Rollins

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"I needed some time to write, read, create, get lost with monkeys, and get beat up surfing."

Listen to Julietta's new track #BeachBreak exclusively here:

Exclusive Track Premiere: 'Beach Break,' Julietta
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Wrapping up #NYFW

NYFW Fall/Winter 2017: The Finale
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"It's about clothing as opposed to fashion."


Martine Rose
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"It's really a piece of art."

An exclusive glimpse at the 1,700 hours it took to make Dior Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2017 look 22

Dior's Celestial Couture