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Are there times that you feel like your marriage is just a little short of some oomph, but you don�t know where to get it from? Even though you can�t solve deep underlying problems in just a few days, you can add some character to your marriage in just one week! [ Link ]

A new marriage in seven days!
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Love is...
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Make him feel good in 5 minutes! No quickie is this short! But there are certainly several other cute ways that you can make your husband�s day and once again make him feel like he is on top of the world! [ Link ]

Make him feel good in 5 minutes!
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TAG the people you want to see smile today :)
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One of the most intimate deeds a couple can do, is praying together. But what do you pray for? What do you pray for in troubled times like experiencing anger, low points and fights? Download this prayer plan for your marriage and use it whenever you need inspiration to deepen your conversations with God, about you marriage. [ Link ]
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Send your spouse something today that you know will make them laugh!
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Here are some great DIY tips to put that spark back in your marriage! [ Link ]

DIY for your marriage
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What about a camping date in your backyard? ;)
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A smile can change someone's day :)
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Ending-up under the sheets after a successful date night is most definitely the cherry on top. By all means, watch some of these movies with your wife and rest assured, the chances of you going to bed without any action under the sheets is minimal. [ Link ]

Ten movies that will guarantee a romantic evening . . .
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Have you locked your lock on the INTIMACY "Love Bridge" yet? The Love Bridge (in Magnolia Valley in the heart of Pretoria) is open to the public . Conclude the event with a nice cappuccino at Huckleberry's. Find out more about South Africa Marriage Week and the Love Bridge by following the link... [ Link ]
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Be that breath of fresh air to your spouse ;)
A love that is relentless doesn't go away on bad days <3
It is part of human nature to fantasise. The question is however: Why do you fantasise about this in specific and what do you do, as a warm blooded Eve, with that fantasy? INTIEM spoke with the international Author, Shannon Ethridge, about the crux of her new book, The Fantacy Fallacy. [ Link ]

Do you fantasise about Bradley Cooper’s buff chest?
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2 Door signs you can download for FREE and cut out to hang on the door when you and lovey want some alone time [ Link ]

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Every thought about your partner or your relationship, will affect you on an emotional level, moving you either one step further or one step closer to your partner. Negative thoughts will pull you away from your partner and positive thoughts will make you feel emotionally closer to your partner. This is why it is so important to consciously choose to think positively about your partner and...
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