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Yes, we know that you sometimes think we go on and on about something and you get bored most of the time with the details we find important, but remember: It means the world to a woman if you really listen. You don�t have any idea how? [ Link ]

How to listen to her
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Very true!
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SA Marriage Week is a campaign that focuses on marriage as a holy institution by� Follow the link for a list of the Marriage Week goal! [ Link ]
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While men may like to believe they are in invincible in the bedroom, the reality is that many factors such as emotional and psychological stress, overweight, high blood-pressure, ageing, a decrease in testosterone, and diabetes, can inhibit arousal and performance in the bedroom. Read more: [ Link ]
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Don't allow selfishness to break your marriage apart! #wisdom
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You think you know your boyfriend through and through after having dated him for three years? Think again! It's only after being married that certain topics arise . . . [ Link ]

Ten things you must discuss before your wedding
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Put your vows before your feelings! #marriage
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Your spouse is a gift... remember to appreciate him/her
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It's one of the concepts that often hang in the air without a concrete meaning. What does sexual integrity mean? And is it enough if you promise not to sleep with other men? [ Link ]

Do you have sexual integrity?
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Negative thoughts will pull you away from your partner and positive thoughts will make you feel emotionally closer to your partner. Download your FREE 7 Keys to a fantastic marriage course! [ Link ]

Your FREE 7 Keys to a fantastic marriage course!
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Take every opportunity you can to tell your spouse how you feel about him/her <3
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Never strive to compete but rather to complete!
If her love language is acts of service� [ Link ]

Love languages – Acts of Service
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So many women are exposed to emotional abuse, eventually believing that it's "nothing" or that it forms part of a "normal" marriage simply because their scars cannot be seen with the naked eye. But that doesn't mean they aren't there... [ Link ]

‘I was a victim of emotional abuse…’
Just like a home, a marriage needs quality communication to come into being and to keep functioning successfully. Download your FREE Communication in a Marriage course :) [ Link ]

FREE Communication in a Marriage course
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