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An unsuspecting bulldozer operator came upon the gruesome find.

Police: Sex Offender Threw Woman's Dismembered Remains In The Garbage
The serial rapist was actually a popular high school athlete from a prominent family.

Young Woman Accounts Her Brutal Rape And Death Threats In Wealthy Connecticut Enclave
Madonna has responded to the controversy on Instagram.

Could Madonna Be Investigated For Terrorist Threats?
The girls - allegedly caught up in Slenderman’s mythology - are waiting to be tried as adults.

New Revelations In Slenderman Kid-On-Kid Stab Case
When the FBI connected attacks on a university (“un”) and an airliner (“a”), the name “Unabomber” stuck.

Crime History: "Unabomber" Ted Kaczynski Pleads Guilty, Gets 8 Life Sentences
He was known for having injected beer directly into his veins.

What Does Serial Killer Glen Rogers Have To Do With The O.J. Case?
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Meet Warren Jeffs' brother, Wallace. He was raised to believe that Warren would guide people to salvation.
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Back when Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda was just a rookie cop.

Watch A Case From Lt. Kenda's First Year On The Force | Investigation Discovery GO
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70 years later, the Black Dahlia remains arguably the highest-profile L.A. cold case.

Dive Deeper Into The Black Dahlia Murder With Books, Movies, Music, More
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Police struggle to find a vicious killer despite having DNA evidence and a videotape of the suspect.
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One of his Naked Gun Movies was still playing in theaters during the infamous murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

O.J. Simpson, Hollywood Star: 14 Times The Juice Scored At The Movies
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The ultimate ID Addict "To Watch" list.

New Year, New Episodes To Watch Online Now | ID GO