Invisible Children
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We will not stop until all communities in the forgotten corners of our world have the safety they need and deserve. Join us.

Give to support programs that are ending violence and helping neglected communities heal.
Invisible Children
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Very cool to see this project using art to address economic inequality kick off in DRC next month!

Can art redress economic inequality? A new white cube museum on a former Congo plantation aims to find out
Invisible Children
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Invisible Children
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Clashes between the military and the insurgents have killed hundreds of people and displaced hundreds of thousands since last August.

Congo forces targeting civilians, denying peacekeepers access - U.N.
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Our Early Warning Radio Network gives community members in some of the most remote corners of central Africa access to the information they need to keep their families safe.

Read more about the program on our website --> [ Link ]
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South Sudan's conflict is spilling over the country's borders. Fortunately, these six children were rescued after being abducted by gunmen.

Ethiopian army frees six children kidnapped by South Sudan gunmen
Invisible Children
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Devastating numbers coming out of South Sudan. As thousands are experiencing famine, South Sudan's government continues to purchase weapons at high rates.

100,000 starve while South Sudan buys weapons, say U.N. experts
Invisible Children
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Most LRA attacks on communities are part of efforts to survive on the run. Attacks like these, while they don't cause physical harm against community members, can be devastating to communities who already have very little.

LRA Group in CAR kills local herder's cows
When Samuel was abducted by the LRA last year, he knew he could escape because of Invisible Children 'Come Home' messages.

Two weeks after being taken from his family, Samuel escaped and is home again today.

Stories of Connection // Come Home Messages
South Sudan is currently experiencing a devastating famine. But food isn't the only thing families there need. Safety is as scarce as food.

South Sudan needs peace as much as food
The LRA is not the only threat to the safety of communities in central Africa.

Check out our LRA Crisis Tracker for more info.

Armed Group Attacks Community in Southeastern CAR
One year after peaceful democratic elections became a major success story in CAR, local communities continue to need protection from armed militias.

Central Africa's transition to peace still elusive
What's changed in the five years since KONY 2012 was released, you ask?

Well, quite a lot. Find out more on our blog.

Five Years After KONY 2012 || How Have Things Changed?
Today, in South Sudan, thousands are facing hunger in large part because conflict cuts off their access to food.

Famine in South Sudan: We know what happens if warnings are ignored
We will not stop until all communities in the forgotten corners of our world have the safety they need and deserve.

Our Liberty Is Bound Together
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
In the five years since KONY 2012, much has changed - including a lot of progress in making central African families safer - but some things stay the same.

Five Years After KONY 2012 || How Have Things Changed?
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So go ahead and treat yo' self today and feel good about supporting safety for vulnerable communities while you're at it.

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