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#IONQuoteOfTheDay: "Just when I think I've done everything, there's always one more thing I can do. And it's waiting for me. I just have to find it." -Alex Reid
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A ruffled dress and an oversized clutch - that's South Florida fashion for you! #BurnNotice #SoFlo [ Link ]
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Hey girl...
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Woot Woot! "White Collar" is coming to ION Television next week! [ Link ]
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#IONQuoteOfTheDay: "Some mistakes time erases and some it does not." -Frank Reagan
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Ahhg, such a great episode! Who else will be watching tonight? [ Link ]
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Jack: Ask me how I sleep at night.
Connie: How do you sleep at night?
Jack: Like a baby.
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When the kids won't stay in bed and you're starting to reach your breaking point. [ Link ]
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For Derek Morgan and Spencer Reid concentration is always the key to success! [ Link ]
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When your world is upside down, just relax and watch "Psych!" [ Link ]
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#IONTrivia: Which one of these characters was a high school soccer star? [ Link ]
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What's been your favorite "Leverage" episode so far today? [ Link ]
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Me trying to flirt... [ Link ]
She'll stop you right in your tracks. #YOLO #YouObviouslyLoveOlivia [ Link ]
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#IONQuoteOfTheDay: "Some things, you can put them behind you... But they do change you." - Olivia Benson
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Calm down!! "Saving Hope" is coming up in just a few hours! [ Link ]
When last year's life decisions come back to haunt you... #BurnNotice [ Link ]
Frank Reagan’s still got it [ Link ]
Families that eat together, stay together
Let's hope Shawn uses his psychic powers to win this game! [ Link ]