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VetTogethers Coming Up! » Iraq And Afghanistan Veterans Of America (IAVA)
BREAKING: IAVA Members Witness History at 58th Inauguration Events

IAVA Members Witness History At 58th Inauguration Events » Iraq And Afghanistan Veterans Of America (IAVA)
"In tough times, tough people are needed. And we are those tough people that America needs. Now more than ever." - Paul Rieckhoff, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America

Statement From IAVA Founder Paul Rieckhoff On Inauguration » Iraq And Afghanistan Veterans Of America (IAVA)
"On the campaign trail, candidate Trump pledged to make veterans a priority in his administration and put forward a 10-point plan for veterans. We have reviewed and rated his plans based on our own Policy Agenda and Member Survey, and we look forward to working with his administration on the aspects of that plan that would improve the lives of post-9/11 veterans."

Inauguration: Standing Ready To Work With The New Administration And Fight For Our Principles » Iraq And Afghanistan Veterans Of America (IAVA)
I think we can all learn something from this #veteran:

"It doesn't matter whether he voted for that person or not, Davis said, he goes to each ceremony out of a "sense of duty — an obligation I feel in my soul. I didn't die for my country," he said, "but I'm living for it." - NBC News

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This Army vet has never missed a presidential inauguration since Nixon
Join Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America on Monday, Jan. 23rd as IAVA's Steven Padilla goes live during the Q/A at Remind The Nation event at the Sundance Film Festival. He will also be doing interviews through out the night so STAY TUNED. #VetsRising

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BREAKING: IAVA fought for law to end in-vitro fertilization prohibition; move by Obama Administration gives veterans new option for starting families.

Veterans Break Through Barrier To Vets Starting Families » Iraq And Afghanistan Veterans Of America (IAVA)
Check out our latest blog to find out who will be representing Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America at Inauguration Festivities! #VetsRising

IAVA Joins Inauguration Festivities » Iraq And Afghanistan Veterans Of America (IAVA)
Wishing this #veteran a safe trip on his #VetsRising journey to raise awareness for PTSD! Thanks for what you're doing brother!

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Local veteran to take on 'PCT 4 PTSD' hike
Aspiration believes in more than just profit, they have a social mission too & understand that #veterans are a smart investment!

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Ain't nothing better than a big tough dude making you cry like a little baby! What a great way to celebrate a true American hero Dwayne The Rock Johnson

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A Surprise From The Rock Left This Combat Veteran In Tears
Near Joplin, MO? Come on out on 2/4 for a #VetTogether with Compass Quest Joplin Regional Veteran Services. Learn more about their organization and area resources over some coffee.
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Event: Compass Quest VetTogether - myIAVA
#VetsRising to make beer that honors our #veterans -

The Foundation was started by Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. Their mission is to help everyone remember our fallen warriors. Each can of 'Legacy Lager' has a dog tag of a different veteran.

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A beer that gives back: Dog Tag Brewing Foundation's Legacy Lager sold in CNY
One #veteran in San Diego is rising in the community to help his fellow vets with PTSD heal through MMA:

"Members say P.O.W.'s combination of physical release and peer support has changed, and even saved their lives." -Military Times

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Video: Army combat vet teaches MMA for PTSD
Check out our latest blog about how we were able to help our #veterans make it home for the holidays!

Southwest Airlines & IAVA Brings Veterans Home For The Holidays! » Iraq And Afghanistan Veterans Of America (IAVA)
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General Kelly's response was to find out what it was! Task & Purpose

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Gen Kelly Had The Perfect Response When Someone Suggested He Wear An American Flag Pin
"Thousands of veterans injured in combat could soon be able to recoup taxes erroneously collected from their disability severance pay due to a new law signed by President Barack Obama."
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New Law Allows Injured Vets To Get Refund On Taxes They Were Never Meant To Pay