Irfan Makki
03/22/2017 at 19:08. Facebook
Salaam.A new beginning with many possibilities.In sha Allah
IrfanMakki & IrfanChaudhry
Assalamu alaikum. Alhamdulillah great news!!! Irfan Chaudery and Irfan Makki are beginning their collaboration towards a new album. Lotsa good ideas to share with all of you. Plz tell everyone and share and spread the news, In sha Allah!!!
Feedback on the Story Book show and overall concept. We'd love to hear what you all would look for in a children's web series
February 19th was bigger than we even expected. The Story Club took a firm step forward with our event at the Abilities Centre. Thanks to Jawad Jafry, Rukhsana Khan, Nader Khan, Shireen Hayat, Sr.Tasneem, My family, Yusuf Bangee, n all the volunteers and staff. Lastly to all the MOMS from the Whitby area, JazakaAllah khair
Alhamdulillah!!!! Even beyond our expectations
Gonna be lotsa fun with Nader Bhai
We wanna see you all on the 19th of February at The Abilities Centre. Tickets going fast for what will be an afternoon filled with excitement n joy!!!!
It's getting closer.... Hope to see you all there. Share and tell all your circles
Salaam everyone!!! It's not far away, please tell everyone and definitely come and join us
Salaam everyone!!!
I am really excited to announce the dates for The Story Club's first presentation. All the information is in this link, prices, activities, performances, etc. Please tell everyone about this event. Sure to be a day full of fun and endeavours :0
In sha Allah

[ Link ]

Story Club Show
Be there or be square. In sha Allah this will be a day filled with fun and great experiences
In sha Allah come and take part in something that will be fun and educational all at once.
this rumour has feet. It started years ago but people still to this day believe Michael Jackson sang and reverted to Islam. Allah knows best about his reversion but I, Irfan Makki sang this song.It is a little funny how people are convonced that MJ sang this but a little sad at the same time, how people will believe anything just so long as it serves their desires and happiness. :)

Micheal Jackson and last song before he die

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The ten that have been promised Jannah, do we know them? These are the people we should aspire to be like and In sha Allah we could make it out of these problems that our Ummah is facing... Lets share with as many people we can and really try to incorporate these peoples traits and actions into our lives, In sha allah :)

Abu-Bakr (#Love) - The Superstars Series - Omar Suleiman

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My intuition forced me to post these....I feel so hopeless but at least I can pray and I do for our Muslim Brs and Srs. Lets all pray and I know Allah will bring change, please :(

CALLING ALL BELIEVERS! ᴴᴰ - #Gaza #Syria #Egypt - Brother Mohamed Hoblos

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Wake up Muslims!!! Muslims pray for our Muslims at least. Stop attending christmas dinners and parties and attend the masjids and pray for our Muslims that are dying as I type this :( May Allah have mercy on all of us.....

Shaykh Hamza Yusef | Syria | Extremely emotional

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