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IRIS National Fair
12/04/2016 at 10:30. Facebook
The selected young science hotshots are stepping up their game to present their projects at #IRIS2016. We cannot wait for the newest, most innovative ideas to blow our minds. #IamIntel
IRIS National Fair
yesterday at 10:30. Facebook
A US startup pursuing Elon Musk's futuristic vision of insanely fast pod-based transport announced this week that it intends to build the world's first Hyperloop system in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). #IamIntel
IRIS National Fair
12/02/2016 at 15:19. Facebook
One of the greatest scientific inventions of the 20th century is without doubt, computers. Computer Literacy today is one of the most important aspects of Scientific Literacy. Join us in celebrating #ComputerLiteracyDay and impart your knowledge to someone who needs it. #IamIntel
IRIS National Fair
11/30/2016 at 14:27. Facebook
Akshat Singhal was one of the first Indian student prodigies to win a minor planet at #IntelISEF 2003. #PlanetWall #IamIntel
IRIS National Fair
11/28/2016 at 14:57. Facebook
What happens when young, progressive minds come together? Innovation for a better world. #IRIS2016 kick starts this December. #IamIntel
IRIS National Fair
11/27/2016 at 05:30. Facebook
With a sister like Hetal Kanjibhai Vaishnav for inspiration, Ankur Kanjibhai Vaishnav also gained his minor planet after presenting his project with his sister in 2010. #PlanetWall #IamIntel
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A new country called Asgardia could be the first nation ever created in Space. Experts from Canada, Romania, Russia and United States announced the project whose mission will be to mine asteroids and protect our planet from dangerous meteorites, space debris and other threats. #IamIntel
Madhurima Benakareddy came up with an environment friendly alternative to chemical pesticides. She observed that cattle avoided custard apple saplings while grazing and upon inquiring found that these plants were used to treat dandruff and lice. She developed and successfully tested a pesticide from custard apple saplings - a cleaner alternative to traditionally chemical pesticides. #IamIntel
After participating at IRIS National Fair for five consecutive years and winning for three years, Hetal Kanjibhai Vaishnav was rewarded her minor planet at Reno, Nevada for her project Recycled Composite Material Made from Non-recyclable Multilayer Film Plastic Packaging Waste, which illustrated a cost effective process to create composite material using non-recyclable plastic waste. #IamIntel
Swathi Sonam was passionate about the environment and wanted to devise a solution for black spots in vegetables without using chemicals. She soon discovered that Fusarium pallidoroseum fungus could be effectively used to tackle the aphid pest in the cowpea plant and proved that the fungus was safe to other biotic fauna and flora found in the plant’s ecosystem. #IamIntel
Passion for protecting the environment runs deep among many student scientists who have presented their ideas at the IRIS stage. Many have provided solutions that could significantly cut down the negative impact of humans on the environment. On National Environment Month, let's take a look at the ground breaking ideas concocted to preserve the environment. #IamIntel
Vishnu Jayaprakash made his way to our Planet Wall in 2009 for his solution to reduce power costs in India's villages. He demonstrated a microbial fuel cell, operated by cow dung and inexpensive graphite electrodes. #IamIntel
Calling all our alumni to join us and mentor the new breed of budding scientists. #IamIntel
#IRIS2016 is almost here. The biggest science festival for students begins on 21st December at IISER, Pune. #IamIntel
The stage is set. The most innovative ideas, from the brightest young minds are coming up this December. #IRIS2016 #IamIntel
We need to embrace science to make learning more engaging. Because when children are engaged and interested, that's when true learning takes place. #IamIntel
The awards are awaiting distribution to the sharpest minds from schools across the country. #IRIS2016 commencing this December #IamIntel