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Milo Corcoran, the former President of the FAI, will be remembered at tonight's World Cup qualifying match between Ireland and Wales - when a bucket collection will take place to support his son's Alan marathon swim in his memory and to raise funds for the Irish Heart Foundation Stroke awareness campaign and the Solas Cancer Support Centre Waterford.

Marathon Man's Swim Challenge 2017: Donate what you can
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Did you know it's #saltawareness week? If everyone in Ireland reduced their salt intake by a half teaspoon - this would prevent around 900 deaths each year from stroke and heart attack.

Salt: a teaspoon a day is all you need
For every minute without CPR or defibrillation - the chances of survival decrease by 10% per minute. Knowing CPR can double a person's chance of survival. Would you know what to do?

Video guide on how to perform Hands-only CPR
"I was lucky not to have a stroke due to high blood pressure." Back in 2014 – James was referred by one of our nurses to his local GP and avoided having a stroke. Make sure you pop into Listowel Mart, Kerry for your FREE Heart Health Check.

Early detection is vital – says James McCarthy, Kerry
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Tired of flying solo? Students from UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School are hosting a speed dating event in aid of the Irish Heart Foundation on March 25th at the Trinity Inn, Dublin. Come along - cupid`s arrow may hit your heart!

Find your perfect match and help raise funds
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The people of Shannon were delighted to avail of FREE blood pressure checks at our Mobile Health Unit. But what the heck does 120/70 or 130/80 really mean?

"The nurses spent time answering my questions. I came away really feeling good" - Colette Bradley
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Today we extend our sincere condolences to the family of Martin McGuinness, following his death this morning from a rare heart condition. Amyloidosis is a rare disease caused by abnormal deposits of protein in the tissues which can affect different organs in different people, and there are different types of amyloid.

Hereditary ATTR amyloidosis is a rare inherited genetic condition. This...
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Overindulged this Paddy's weekend? As Hippocrates said, "Walking is a man's best medicine". Every step you take is part of your journey to good heart health.

Slí na Sláinte - discover one of our routes this weekend
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Remember when Paddy’s Day was when you'd break into your stash of Refresher bars or some Meanies during the sweet-devoid days of Lent? Times have changed – today our kids are bombarded by advertising - tailored to tempt them on the run up to Easter.

Join our movement and stop junk brands targeting kids.
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Remember when St Patrick’s Day was a joyous occasion mostly because you could break into your stash of Refresher bars or some Meanies. Times have changed – kids now are tempted by sneaky advertising by junk brands.

Take back control. Sign our petition & tell kids to stop targeting kids.
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Worldwide - eating not enough fruit and vegetables is estimated to cause about 9% of stroke deaths – claims the World Heart Organisation.
54% of parents of overweight children fail to spot that their kids are obese - according to a study by Safefood Ireland. Obese children are likely to become obese adults.
Poor diet to blame for almost half of cardiovascular deaths in the US – reveals the American Heart Association. Checking food labels will help you identify hidden fats, sugars and salt.

Outing the baddies: find the unhealthy fats with our easy food label code
Today 1-in-4 children in Ireland qualify as obese or overweight. Does your child have an unhealthy relationship with food?

"Some blame parents, but this doesn’t stack up," says Chris Macey of the Irish Heart
13 people die of cardiac arrest every day in Ireland

Be prepared. Learn CPR. Save a life.
Get your oats! Porridge contains oat beta-glucan, which can lower cholesterol that is linked to heart attacks and strokes – claims new research carried out by scientists at the APC Microbiome Institute in Cork

“An interesting study that reinforces dietary advice about fibre," says Dietitian Janis Morrisey.
Are you are affected by stroke? Our FREE national Stroke Survivors' Day can help you cope with the aftermath of stroke as you work towards rebuilding your life.

Stroke Survivors’ Day - April 4th in Croke Park.
During the week - a final post-mortem report into the death of George Michael concluded - the singer "was suffering from dilated cardiomyopathy with myocarditis and fatty liver" and died as a result of natural causes.

George Michael death: What is dilated cardiomyopathy?
Who’s feeding kids online? Junk food brands hunt your kids wherever they go....

Should Ireland restrict junk food ads from social media?
"I’m open for business for another while, my heart is pumping well" - P.J Brady of Rialto Mens' Shed. The Irish Hearts Mobile Health Unit offers FREE blood pressure checks to members of the Irish Men's Sheds Association.