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20% of coronary heart disease and 10% of stroke is due to physical inactivity.

Find a Slí na Sláinte route and get your heart pumping.
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Heading to the cinema this weekend? Go easy on the salted popcorn and give your heart a break.

Every gram counts: 70% of the salt we eat comes from processed foods
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Be a lifesaver this February. Host a coffee morning and help raise funds for CPR training.
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Long to run a marathon? The New York City Marathon should be at the top of your list.

Join the Irish Heart team on our New York Marathon Tour on November 6th, 2017
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148 people survived a cardiac arrest in 2015 because someone knew CPR. What would you do if someone collapsed?

Learning CPR is easy, everyone can and should do it.
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Our helpline nurses met with Simon Harris TD at the Carers Conference in Croke Park organised by Acquired Brain Injury Ireland.

Need to talk? Speak to our National Heart & Stroke Helpline Nurses
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Come down to Ringsend today and get your FREE blood pressure check. The Mobile Health Unit is parked outside the church in Ringsend from 10am-6pm today.

Dubliners, Harry Byrne and John Brennan popped in for a FREE Blood Pressure Check
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Obesity or a diet high in fat could trigger an immune response that leads to inflammation in the coronary arteries, increasing a person’s risk of a heart attack - according to a new study funded by our colleagues at the British Heart Foundation

Is your BMI affecting your heart health?
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Help get more ‘Hands on Hearts’ this Valentine’s week!

Host a coffee morning to raise funds for CPR training
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Take Your Health to Heart this #Valentine’s Day!

Seduce with Healthy Recipes - Irish Heart
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Great to see awareness raised today for the action needed on the lack of brain injury rehabilitation services. The Irish Heart supports - ‘We Need Our Heads Examined" - a campaign led by the Neurological Alliance of Ireland (NAI) to tackle the critical shortage.

'We have 56 beds in neuro rehab... but we really need 280'
Take your relationship to new depths this #Valentine’s Day - swim the length of the 'Eiffel Tower' at the reopening of Sports & Fitness Markievicz, Dublin 2 to raise funds for the Irish Heart. All facilities are free for the day – so treat yourself to time-out in the sauna. For more info - tel: 01-2226130 or
Stroke survivor and Paralympian Paul Keogan joined Dr. Kate McGarry for a charity luncheon in Navan to raise funds for the Irish Heart Foundation. Your generosity will help build a new local Stroke Support Group in County Meath.

Dr Kate McGarry thanks you for helping us deliver life-changing and life-saving services
When the Mobile Health Unit arrived in Navan - the town took note! The Mayor Cllr Francis Deane, the Manager of BOI Navan, Des Ryan and our very own - Dr Kate McGarry, President of the Irish Heart - all stopped by!

Mobile Health Unit - Know Your Blood Pressure
80pc of women who have heart attacks under the age of 40 are smokers.

Quit & cut your risk of heart disease in half after a year!
100 new CPR 4 Schools manikin kits are winging their way to schools nationwide to help train post - primary kids save a life! Is your child's school participating?

CPR 4 Schools - Teachers get to grips with video training and new kits
Did you know - women metabolise nicotine faster than men? 80pc of women who have heart attacks under 40 are smokers.

Quit and slash the risk of stroke and heart disease in half after year.
Host a Coffee morning to raise vital funds for CPR training this February -
Caring for someone with cardiovascular disease? Feeling overwhelmed and in need of advice? Our helpline nurses will have a stand at the Carer’s National Conference organised by Acquired Brain Injury Ireland.

National Carers Conference - 15 Feb | Croke Park Conference Centre