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There's something just beautiful about wholesome traditional Irish baking.

Crumbly and delectable Irish Kerrygold butter scones recipe
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A thousand reasons to love Ireland in one short film - why be anywhere else?

This short film will make your heart swell with love for Ireland (VIDEO)
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The late, great, Seamus Heaney now has a crater on the planet of Mercury named after him.

There is now a crater on Mercury named after Seamus Heaney
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Why even leave your house when you can recreate an Irish pub within your own home?

Build an Irish pub in your home with these Guinness goods
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Do you have an expert knowledge of fake tan? A great ability to sort the fake news from the real news? You could be exactly what Paddy Power are looking for in their new "head of Trump betting."

Irish bookies seek staff to deal with just Donald Trump bets
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Celebrities including Colin Farrell and Jamie Dornan take stand against Irish puppy farms.

Celebrities Colin Farrell, Jamie Dornan take stand against Irish puppy farms
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Looking for a great movie about the Troubles in Northern Ireland?

Read more here: [ Link ]
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The Irish American doctor who led the fight to tackle AIDS.

Dr. Kevin Cahill on his groundbreaking 1980s symposium on the disease and why he decided to take the lead when no one else would.

The Irish American doctor who led the fight to tackle AIDS
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Cormac McConnell's happy tale of as a Mother and Baby from a state-run home are reunited in County Clare.

The happiest end - Mother and Baby from Clare home reunited
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President Bill Clinton had a close bond with Martin McGuinness, built up over the years of working together on the Peace Process.

President Bill Clinton likely to attend Martin McGuinness funeral
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What will become of the west of Ireland if sea levels continue to rise?

Doomsday by 2100 if Climate change continues.

Doomsday by 2100 for West of Ireland if climate change continues
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Martin McGuinness rebel, revolutionary and man of peace, was at center of two most iconic moments in recent Irish history

Martin McGuinness, rebel, revolutionary and man of peace
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One city, 50 people, one difficult question.

What would you say would be your greatest regret?

50 Dubliners asked about their biggest regrets (VIDEO)
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Christopher Columbus oversaw a murderous quest for material riches that resulted in the utter demise of a people.

The sad truths we all forget about Christopher Columbus | IrishCentral
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Malachy McCourt unravels the mystery of perhaps the most popular Irish song ever.

The real story behind Danny Boy, the beloved Irish ballad
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"I think people are hard-wired to react to red as a color and as a species we seem to have a psychological need to judge an 'other' – and if it's not someone with red hair, it's another minority group."

Discrimination against redheads very real, says author
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The roads we travel across Ireland today are steeped in history and mythology.

The ancient history behind Ireland’s roads (PHOTOS)
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Late Late Show host says mistreatment of women doesn’t just belong to the Irish past

The Irish housing crisis, direct provision Ryan Tubridy says “isn’t it easy for us to say why did they get it so wrong? Why did no one shout stop?”

Tubridy says mistreatment of women doesn’t just belong to the Irish past
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Bono calls on Canadian PM Justin Trudeau to invest in women.

ONE Campaign says it is disappointed by lack of funding in prime minister's feminist foreign aid promise.

Bono calls on Canadian PM Justin Trudeau to invest in women
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