You can’t go wrong with a good recipe for chocolate brownies.

These are perfect for St. Patrick's Day.

Recipe for chocolate brownies with Bailey’s Irish cream topping
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"As we look to negotiating how Ireland’s border with Northern Ireland will function if the UK leaves the EU, it is time to set the record straight once and for all that the country 'Southern Ireland' is what President Trump’s administration would call an 'alternative fact.'"

People need to stop calling themselves “southern Irish”
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Did you know it was an Irishman who captured Abraham Lincoln's assassin?

The Irishman who captured Abraham Lincoln’s killer John Wilkes Booth
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Diageo, the owner of Guinness, has announced that they will be launching a brand-new premium blend Irish Whiskey named Roe and Co., scheduled to be released across Europe in March 2017.

There’s a new Irish whiskey coming from the owners of Guinness
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Calling all Irish ale lovers! How much do you know about your favorite #beer? (via VinePair)

What Is the Difference Between American, Irish, and Flemish Red Ale?
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Professional gambler Johnny Murphy, along with accomplices William Moyer and David Gibson, shot down notorious Irish gunfighter James Leavy in front of the Palace Hotel in Tucson, Arizona Territory, on June 5, 1882.

Irish-born cowboys were the fastest guns in the west once upon a time
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Driver: Can you tell me the road to Connemara?
Local: Ah sure, no need, everyone knows the road to Connemara.

Eight ways not to ask for directions in Ireland
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“Growing up in Ireland, St Patrick’s Day was always a welcome reprieve from Lent, one day when depending on how concerned your parents were about your soul, you would be allowed to break the promise to give up candy, chocolate, or chips for just 24 hours.”

St. Patrick's Day during Lent: Can Irish Catholics eat meat and be merry?
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An Irish woman has been charged with the murder of her fiancé after he died from a stab wound to the neck at their home in Sydney, Australia, on Saturday morning.

In brutal crime, Irish woman murdered her fiancé, Sydney police say
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Video: Lisa Lambe’s hauntingly beautiful version of W.B.Yeats' "16 Dead Men."

Irish singer’s hauntingly beautiful version of WB Yeats' "16 Dead Men" (VIDEO)
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Starlings put on their own dance show in the sky just outside Carrick on Shannon.

Irish dancer in Leitrim captures magic of birds in murmuration (VIDEO)
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Moving to Ireland?

A practical guide on what you should bring with you when you move to Ireland and what you don’t need to pack.

Things we wish we’d brought when we moved to Ireland (and what we should’ve left behind)
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A historic photo of Fulmoth Kearney, President Obama’s Irish ancestor from Moneygall, Co, Offaly, was discovered at the end of 2014.

Historic photograph of Obama’s Irish ancestor discovered
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Irish dwellings that lie abandoned – some for decades, others for centuries.

A glimpse inside Ireland’s historic ghost villages (PHOTOS)
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A pink teddy bear that was lost in Cork Airport has finally been reunited with its grateful young owner.

Teddy bear lost in Cork Airport reunited with two-year-old owner
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Ryanair accused of trying to leave crying wheelchair passenger behind

Ryanair asks wheelchair user to walk up stairs, leaves her crying at the gate
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Ireland’s capital can be heavenly cheap – as long as you know where to go!

Doing Dublin on the cheap - wine, dine and make merry (PHOTOS)
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Carlow teen Shauntelle Tynan is sick with multi-system histiocytosis x (LCH) - a highly rare form of cancer. She’s been unsuccessfully treated five times, and according to doctors, her only chance now lies in Texas. But healthcare in the U.S. isn’t cheap, and if she goes the family will need to pay $527,000.

Sick teen crowdfunded over $500k for life-saving US cancer treatment